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  • Name: Peter Dinklage ( Peter Hayden Dinklage A )
  • Date of birth: 11 June 1969
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Morristown, USA
  • Height: 135
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Peter Dinklage biography

    Peter Dinklage was born in Morristown, which is located in the state of new Jersey. His father, John Charles was an insurance agent, are often without work, and his mother, Diana, worked as a music teacher in elementary school. Also the family has another son, younger brother of Peter Jonathan.

    About a year after I was born, Peter was diagnosed with a form of achondroplasia. From the disease the boy’s limbs were disproportionately developed body, leading to dwarfism. Reaching 135 centimetres his height didn’t change.

    In elementary school, «Delbarton» Peter was often attacked by classmates and other peers. Did the boy introverted, short-tempered and quite aggressive. But as a teenager, when he moved to the high Catholic school for boys, Dinklage was able to learn to treat your mind to a certain degree of irony that influenced the attitude of others. There he participated in theatrical productions, doing art and drama club.

    After high school, Peter Dinklage decides to connect his life with the acting profession in 1991 exams in Leningradsky art College. In the Studio the young man worked harder than their classmates, which was noted by all teachers of the College.


    Immediately after graduation, Peter Dinklage debuted in a small role in a low-budget non-profit drama «living in oblivion». Then there was such little known films as «Safecrackers», «Never again» and «Pigeon nest.» He also starred in small roles in the TV series «the Street» and «Third shift», the Comedy «Just a kiss» and «human nature». The big role went to Peter in the mystical Comedy «Thirteen months.»

    But the real success and worldwide fame came to the actor after the release in 2003 of the independent drama «the Station agent» where Dinklage plays a major role of FINBAR McBride, trying to redefine my life. For this role the actor was nominated for 9 various film awards and received a prize at the independent film festival in Ourense, the critics award in new York and the main prize of «Satellite».

    After this success, the actor starred in the melodrama «Little fingers» the Christmas Comedy «Elf», the romantic Comedy «the Baxter,» from the series «body Parts», the Comedy «death at a funeral» and «the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian». In these paintings Peter does supporting roles, but in such films as the Comedy drama «find me guilty», a Comedy fantasy «Penelope,» the romantic Comedy «I love you too» and children’s fantasy comic-Comedy «Underdog» on account of his Central role. He has also played a major role Kay si Semolina in the criminal Comedy «Pete Smalls dead.»

    A new round of popularity expected of Peter Dinklage after the yield on the screens of the first season of the popular fantasy series «Game of thrones». For the role of Tyrion Lannister, the actor received the award «Golden globe» and twice the main prize of the film award «Emmy». Every year he is nominated at various film festivals for the prize for best actor the second plan in this series, which is removed still. In addition, Peter was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards as the best film villain for participating in the filming of the superhero action «X-Men: Days of future past».

    In parallel with the shooting in the series, the actor took part in work on the black Comedy «Knights of badassdom» and the drama «This morning in new York.» The last full-length film of Peter Dinklage at the moment is a fantastic Comedy directed by Chris Columbus, «Pixels», in which he plays a fan of computer games.

    In addition, the voice of Dinklage talking animated characters in such animated films as «Skrat and continental kink 2», «Ice age 4: continental drift» and «Angry birds.»

    Personal life

    In 2005, Peter Dinklage married Erica Schmidt, who is a theater Director. Erica has a standard height, but it is absolutely not complex next to a small man. In late 2011, the couple have a daughter Zelig.

    Peter adheres to a strict vegetarian diet, with 16 years of not eating meat products.


    • 2002 — Thirteen months
    • 2003 — the Station agent
    • 2006 — find me guilty
    • 2006 — Penelope
    • 2007 — Underdog
    • 2008 — The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
    • 2010 — Pete Smalls dead
    • 2011 — Game of thrones
    • 2014 — X-Men: Days of future past
    • 2015 Pixels


    Peter Dinklage

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