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  • Name: Pyotr Buslov ( Petr Buslov )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Khabarovsk, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: the Russian film Director, screenwriter and actor
  • Marital status: married

    Pyotr Buslov : biography

    In his 40 years Peter V. Buslov took place in three forms: as Director, writer and actor.

    Pyotr Buslov was born in the summer of 1976 in Khabarovsk. Actors are people or other art form in the family Buslov was not. Apparently, in the world of beauty was related only to mother: she taught Russian language and literature at a local Polytechnic Institute.

    When Peter Buslova was 14 years old, the family moved from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok. As the town lies on the coast and is a port, a lot of guys, among whom were Peter, dreamed of the merchant Navy and far wanderings. Nothing about the directing, nor the acting career Buslov then thought. He didn’t visited drama and was not involved in the initiative.

    At the age of 17, after graduating from school, Peter Buslov somehow gave up the desire to become a sailor. He was drawn to the capital. In Moscow guy two years looked closely at the life around him, trying to feel intuitively your place in it. The thought of acting came suddenly. Siberian decided to enroll in drama school. A small adjustment has made a friend who turned out to be a Director. He advised Buslova «kill two birds with one stone». Then have a go at directing Department, where he will be able to obtain the acting and directing profession.

    Peter followed the advice and joined the film Institute, where he first studied at the workshop of the famous Karen Shakhnazarov, and then completed his studies under the guidance of Vadim abdrashitova.


    Bright creative biography of Peter Buslov started on 2nd course of University. Directional debut was the film made together with the operator Daniel Gurevich. He was called «the Hard work of the old moir».

    Next year Buslov made his debut as an actor. Ilya Hotinenko entrusted him with the starring role in his film «Umnyak, or Odyssey 1989». Unfortunately, the film never appeared in theaters, but we watched the tape a well-known producer Sergei Chliyants. He immediately realized that before him a talented young man with a fresh perception of the world and innovative thinking. Chliyants suggested Buslova to make a film «Bumer». 27-year-old Director became interested in the proposed scenario and undertook its realization.

    «Boomer» was released in 2003 and was, in fact, the debut of a young Director, because it was his first feature film. The success was stunning. The picture immediately became a cult and was showered with numerous awards. The main characters of the drama Sergey Gorobchenko, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Andrey Merzlikin, Maksim Konovalov and immediately became stars. Pyotr Buslov was played in the episode of the picture. Surprisingly, Bumer – thesis novice Director. The success was so how could be the envy of eminent Directors.

    After the release of «Boomer» career of Peter Buslov rapidly started to grow. Producer Sergey Chliyants suggested talented Director to take on a new project – the Thriller «Antiterror». Painting, too, was a success, but it was commensurate with the glory of «Boomer».

    In 2004, Buslov played her first big role in a Comedy-adventure film Ilya Hotinenko «Call me Jinn!». The image of the fairy tale of the Genie came to fame. Comedy has demonstrated that the talent of Peter Buslov multifaceted.

    Next year Buslov again took up directing. He removed the sequel to «Boomer». But this time Peter V. and wrote the script for the new project.

    Work acting and directing alternated on and on. As an actor, Pyotr Buslov has appeared in several wonderful scenes, the most vivid of which «Short circuit» and «Urgent repairs».

    Another high-profile success for Director Buslov – a film «Vysotsky: thank God I’m alive». Biopic about the five tragic days in the life of the bard and poet Vladimir Vysotsky was the event of 2011. About the film argued, one liked him, others criticized him, but looked all the drama, and not remain indifferent. A stellar bunch of actors starring in the film, was wonderful. On a film set gathered Sergey Bezrukov, Oksana Akinshina, Maxim Leonidov, Sergei Shakurov, Andrei Panin, Ivan Urgant and other stars of the movie.

    In 2015 the filmmaker has made a new big project picture «homeland». The shooting took place on the Indian Goa.

    With regard to the work of Peter Buslova as a screenwriter, the success of «Boomer» here can add a humorous sitcom «Studio 17». Buslov appeared in this tape, as many stars of the film, in cameo roles.

    Personal life

    This aspect of the life of an actor, screenwriter and Director completely closed from prying eyes and ears. The private life of Petr Buslov’s never discussed, because he says nothing on this topic and never comment on rumors.

    It is known that the wife is Buslova Evgeniya, Evseenko, costume designer. The pair often appears at social events and parties.

    Filmography (actor)

    • «Boomer»
    • «Odyssey 1989»
    • «Call me Jin»
    • «Studio 17»

    Filmography (Director)

    • «Boomer»
    • «Antibuker»
    • «Boomer. The second film»
    • «Our Russia»
    • «Short circuit»
    • «Vysotsky. Thank you for living»
    • «No need to rush»
    • «Close»
    • «Fatherland»
    • The four seasons


    Peter Buslov

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