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  • Name: Peter Brancheau ( Petr Barancheev )
  • Date of birth: 9 June 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Bolshevik, Serpukhov district,
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Peter Barancev: biography

    Peter Brancheau — Russian theater and film actor, star of television series «Curious George», «Daughter father», «Three of a happy woman». The childhood of the future actor was held in the village of Bolshevik Serpukhov district, Moscow region. One of the relatives of Peter had nothing to film, and he himself in his early years thought about a similar path.

    After school Barankeev went to Kaluga, where, in the town of Tarusa enrolled in art school to the sculptor. However, the guy stayed there for a few months, and then took the documents and returned home. In Serpukhov he began to study at the vocational technical school course furniture makers cabinetmakers. Work on a specialty to find Peter failed, and he worked there, too.

    In the end, a creative streak made itself felt. Barankeev went to Moscow and entered the directing Department of the Institute for the Humanities. During the three years of training the student mastered in the capital and learned some of the Moscow teachers are more in demand. So when the famous Oleg Yefremov announced an additional set of male entrants in his workshop in the School-Studio of MKHAT, the Pyotr Brancheau did not hesitate for a second.

    He throws his directorial direction, and is transferred to Ephraim. With him on the course were engaged in such future stars as Aleksandr Arsent’ev, Pavel Vashchilin and Elena Polunina. After the Studio art Director all graduates, including Peter, enlisted in troupe of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, which then led to. There he performed until 2003. But after the death of Oleg Nikolaevich theatre headed by Oleg Tabakov, and Barankeev went to Moscow drama theater On Malaya Bronnaya», where he performs to this day.


    In the movie Peter Brancheau debuted in 2000 in the adventure melodrama «Border. Taiga novel». There he got the role of officer, which instantly formed the main role of an actor is brutal man in uniform. Almost all his most famous paintings, he plays or investigator, or military, or guard. Even in small roles in the popular television series «father’s daughter» and «My Prechistenka» it depicts the major and the security officer, respectively.

    The first popular Barancheeva gave melodrama «Women’s history», and following the visible picture was a historic Saga «Rusichi». Then there was the Thriller «the life of captain Chernyaeva,» the Christmas Comedy «Operation «Righteous», criminal drama «the Mistress of taiga» and the detective «Keeper». Very highly appreciated by the audience, the military drama «No room for error», and the village history the «boss» gave a new round of popularity of Peter.

    More about the actor talking after the demonstration of ironic detective «Curious George» in which he collaborated with Elena Yakovleva. In this series of Barankeev starred in for two years. Then there was the TV melodrama «waiting for spring», «Happy route», «Late bloomers» and «Cold calculation.»

    Recent work of Peter Barancheeva clearly distinguished crime drama «Daughter of the father,» romantic Comedy «Three happy women» and romance «Thresholds». In 2016, the screens there are two more pictures with the actor – family-history «Senior wife» and love drama «the blind Date».

    Personal life

    Peter Brancheau, despite his profession, quite a private person. It is known that he married and his family brought a little daughter, which came to light in November 2012.

    Wife Barancheeva has no cinema, no theatre, no show-business in General irrelevant, but other information about his family the actor does not.


    • 2009 — the life of captain Chernyaeva
    • 2009 — Operation «Righteous»
    • 2010 — No room for error
    • 2012 — waiting for spring
    • 2012-2014 — Curious Varvara
    • 2013 — Happy route
    • 2014 — Late flowers
    • 2014 — Cold calculation
    • 2015 — the daughter of the father
    • 2015 — Three happy women


    Petro Of Barankeev

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