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  • Name: Petar Zekavica ( Petar Zekavica )
  • Date of birth: 8 October 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Belgrade, Yugoslavia
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor of Serbian origin
  • Marital status: divorced

    Petar Zekavica : biography

    About this actor say that he has Serbian blood, the American school, Russian history and the universal sadness.»

    Petar Zekavica was born in October 1979 in Belgrade. The work of the father at that time was closely associated with frequent and long overseas business trips. Zekavica Sr. was often in Russia. It was here that he and his family found the war raging in his native country. The head of the family did not dare to return home. And not only in fear for his life and family, but that he did not want to fight on the side, considering Croats, and Bosnian brothers.

    Home the family returned after the war. But Petar Zekavica decided to stay in Russia, in a country that has become a second home, loved and dear.

    Choosing for himself the profession of an actor, Petar decided to get a good education. Theatrical school graduated in America, in the Hawaiian Islands. Later in an interview with Zekavica shared that the theatre at Hawaiian high school theater was struck by his sincerity, but at the same time disappointed with the level of professionalism of local actors: they are «not up» to the skill of their Russian colleagues.

    After training in Hawaii, Petar Zekavica went to new York. In this city he worked for some time. With his colleague Jack Digicam filmed the work of William Shakespeare «Richard III». But in 2002, the actor decided to return to Russia.


    In the first year after moving to Moscow Petar Zekavica debuted on television. Together with the journalist, Director and producer Alexander Baranovym he was able to open on the channel Ren-TV new popular show, calling it «Cherche La Fan». It is a musical entertainment program, quickly gained a high rating.

    But employment in television has not prevented the Serbian actor to star in a movie. Thus began a cinematic biography of Petar Zekavica. He made his debut in the popular TV series «Dear Masha Berezina», «Goddess of Prime-time» and «Not born beautiful». The debut was more than successful, because the Directors asked charismatic artist offers to act in their projects. Petar worked tirelessly. In 2002 he was awarded for his role in the film «Allen’s Rule» with the audience award at the International film festival «Without Barriers».

    After 2 years, Zekavica was awarded the medal for contribution to development of Russian science and culture.

    Each year 2-3 new project with the talented actor. In 2009-2010 came out wonderful movies with Petar «Russian cross,» «On the Sunny side of the street» and «the Kremlin cadets». But the audience was the most memorable 2 drama war film «Stalingrad» and «the Interpreter», where there are magical Serb.

    And in 2013, Petar Zekavica won a new prestigious award – the prize of the Ulyanovsk International film Festival for the best male role in the film «I leave you love» Yegor Grammatikov.

    At the moment in the Bank this wonderful bright artist more than 20 roles in the movie. One of the most prominent recent projects — series «Spider» where Zekavica played diplomat Jim.

    Known Petar Zekavica and his theatrical designs. Theatergoers remember him in a production of «Glinka» which premiered in 2005 at theatre of a name of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

    Nowadays Zekavica can be seen at the Taganka Theatre, where he is involved in the play «the Storm of 1812».

    Not long ago, the actor made his debut in the role of producer. His first job is painting «All inclusive».

    Personal life

    The actor doesn’t like talking about intimate. The private life of Petar Zekavica securely hidden behind seven locks. According to various sources he was married to a girl named Catherine. In this marriage he had two wonderful children – a daughter, Sofia in 2008, and son, Zach in 2014.

    If you believe in the reliability of some media, the couple divorced. In an interview, Peter half-jokingly said that he was a fickle and amorous. But maybe it’s just a joke. Although the army of fans of this very talented and beautiful artist is very significant.


    • «Dear Masha Berezina»
    • «The goddess of Prime-time»
    • «On the Sunny side of the street»
    • «Allen’s Rule»
    • «Stalingrad»
    • «Translator»
    • «Bounty hunters»
    • «Duhless 2»
    • «I leave you love»
    • «Spider»


    Petar Zekavica

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