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  • Name: Pelagia ( Pelagia Khans )
  • Date of birth: 14 July 1986.
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: the Russian singer, founder and singer of the group «Pelageya»
  • Marital status: Married Ivan Telegin

    Pelageya: biography

    Singer with an amazing voice Pelageya Sergeevna Khanova — native Siberian. She was born in the summer of 1986 in Novosibirsk. With its birth in the sky of Russian culture flashed a bright star, strange, and unlike any other.

    This girl at first, everything was unusual: the name of rapid growing up, a surprising tone of voice. At first Pelagia was named Pauline. So I decided registrars, who believe that Pauline is derived from the «legacy» name Pelagia. Later, when it’s time to get a passport, Pelagia has corrected the error. His old name she cherishes, because that was the name of her grandmother. And khans last name inherited from his stepfather, his own father the girl remembers.

    Musical ability and stunning voice Pelageya Khanova has inherited from his mother, jazz singer. Meanwhile, the mother whose singing career was tragic (Svetlana Khanova lost his voice after a long illness), has invested in the daughter of his heart and soul. Seeing that girl in the cradle started to show extraordinary musical abilities, the woman made every effort to develop her talent.

    Already in infancy Pelagia tried to repeat the mother who sings her a lullaby, the whole musical phrase. In 3 years the girl was surprised all the others that already knew how to read. Read her first book was the satirical novel «Gargantua and Pantagruel».

    With a stage Pelageya Khanova met in 4 years. It happened in St. Petersburg. Mom took the little daughter to the exhibition of avant-garde artists. Debut made a lasting impression on all those present, including the young singer. She ever fell in love with the stage. Continued performance in the kindergarten native of Novosibirsk, where little Pauline regularly gave «concerts» on all holidays.

    In 8 years Khanova went to musical school in Novosibirsk, which operated at the Conservatory. She was the first singer in the history of the institution. Here 9-year-old star first heard the leader of the musical group «Kalinov the bridge» Dmitry Revyakin. He invited parents to bring their daughter to the capital, where she will be able to participate in the contest «Morning star».

    The rise

    The Council Revyakin was correct: Pelageya received the title «Best performer of folk songs in Russia in 1996». Participation in the «Morning star» was a watershed event in the life of a little performer. From this point Pelageya Khanova made a rapid career rise. Soon the unique voice of the Siberian heard not only compatriots. Jacques Chirac called the young singer «the Russian Edith Piaf». She applauded Hillary Clinton, and Boris Yeltsin with tears in her eyes, called «a symbol of Russia’s revival.»

    In 9 years Pelageya Khanova – scholar of the Fund «Young talents of Siberia». She participates in the International programme «New names of the Planet». Russian romances performed by Siberian applauded in the Kremlin Palace and GKZ «Russia». During one of the talks in the Kremlin Pelagia met with Patriarch Alexy II and received his blessing for further work. On this most Patriotic performers could only dream of.

    In 1997, 11-year-old girl appeared on the stage of KVN. She has played for the team of Novosibirsk state University and created a furor. Pelageya is not only a performer of the musical numbers, but a full-fledged member of the team. We can safely say that for the audience the star by name «Pelagia» was opened KVN.


    The relevance and continued participation in various concerts and competitions cause the migration of Pelagia in the capital. The girl moved to Moscow with his mother. Here they rent an apartment. R Khan goes to study in music school at the Gnessin school. At this time, she recorded their debut album «Lubo!».

    Vocals does the girl’s mother. An amazing range of 4 octaves is an obstacle for many eminent teachers: they are afraid to engage with young talent, not to spoil a unique natural data Pelagia. Under the leadership of Svetlana Honowai the young singer mastered difficult Belcanto singing.

    Living in the capital, Pelageya Khanova becomes a permanent member of various official events. It applauded songs at the ceremony of awards «Nika» and «Golden mask» at the concert «Easter in the Kremlin» and the summit of heads of France, Germany and Russia. It is noteworthy that at the last event that has national significance, solo concert Pelagia was the only cultural event stipulated in the Protocol.

    In the spring of 1998, has aired the issue of «Anthropology» Dmitry Dibrova involving Pelagia. The girl was 11 years old. And the following year she took part in the prestigious music festival in the Swiss Evian. An invitation to the festival the girl received from the Mstislav Rostropovich. Galina Vishnevskaya has not stinted on praise for the Russian stars, calling it «the future of a World Opera scene».

    In the same 1999 Pelageya Khanova sang at the international folklore festival in Scotland, featuring low cut sophisticated viewers of Edinburgh. Her performances have been broadcast on a huge screen in a London Park. She received an offer to record a new album in Switzerland and met with the Manager of the legendary Jose Carreras. He suggested that Hanaway to take part in the world premiere of an Opera singer in 2000, which she took.

    The Group «Pelageya»

    At the age of 14 Pelageya Khanova becomes a student RATI. Here in 2005, she graduated from the pop Department and received a diploma. In the same year the Siberian folk-singer started his musical group, which was named «Pelagia».

    The first concert was held in celebration of the 300th anniversary of Saint-Petersburg and was very warmly received by the audience.

    At the moment, Pelagia recorded 6 albums. She is working on the 7th, which will be known as «the Cherry orchard».


    Pelagia, until recently, was a rare guest on TV. In 2004, she debuted as an actress in the TV series «Esenin», and in 2009, the singer became a member of the 3rd season of the popular show «Two stars», where she sang with Darya Moroz. Then between the project leaders and Pelageya was a misunderstanding, which was actively discussed in the media. At the request of the organizers of the show, the singer unjustly refused to go on stage in a few programs, thus summing Darya and the project.» Pelagia replied that in fact the contract was only on a couple of issues because of health problems, but after a couple Pelageya-frost became the leader, the organizers decided to leave the singer in the project, however, she was not ready.

    In 2012, fans of the talented singer has seen her in the show «the Voice.» Pelageya appeared as a mentor. R Khan worked as a mentor in three seasons of «the Voice», her room was always astonishing arrangements, costumes and depth of the works. Fields, as they called her colleagues on the show Dima Bilan, Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin, earned the love of millions of viewers, becoming one of the best and emotional mentors in the history of the project.

    In 2014, the audience noted that Pelagia is much thinner. Some hardly recognized 29-year-old folk singer, noting his unusual and somewhat painful. R Khan admitted that he really radically reduced weight.

    Many fans noted that along with the pounds are gone and the charm of the performer. After a while Pelagia found «your» weight, gaining a couple lbs. More dramatically change the appearance of the singer is not ready.

    Personal life

    Personal life Pelagia rarely becomes a subject of discussion in the press: the singer does not like scandals and never did not appear in them. In 2010 Pelageya Khanova was married. Her lover was the Director of «Comedy Woman» Dmitry Efimovich. Folk singer even took her husband’s name. But after 2 years the marriage broke up.

    In 2016, the press became aware of the novel Pelagia and hockey player Ivan Telegin. Rumors and gossip fueled the joint occurrence of the pair in public. The singer was spotted at the 2016 world Cup of hockey in Russia among the wives and girlfriends of the hockey team.

    Note that Ivan Telegin broke up with his common law wife, who gave him a son. Three months after the birth of the boy, the athlete left the family, giving vent to rumors about the role of Pulaski in family drama.

    16 June 2016 Pelagia and Ivan Telegin, according to the magazine «StarHit», got married in Kutuzovsky registry office of Moscow. The ceremony was attended by only relatives and friends of the couple. Wedding Pelagia and Telegin are not publicized. After the wedding the couple went to the restaurant, and then flew to Greece.

    Photo: StarHit

    21 January 2017 Ivan Telegin and Pelagia became parents. The couple had a daughter Taisiya.

    Discography (albums)

    • «A pleasure!»
    • «Pelagia»
    • «Single»
    • «The damsel of the song»
    • «Siberian drive»
    • Paths



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