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  • Name: Pedro Almodovar ( Pedro Caballero Almodovar )
  • Date of birth: 25 September 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Calzada de Calatrava, Spain
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Spanish film Director, film producer, screenwriter, writer and singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Pedro Almodovar : biography

    Pedro Almodovar is rightly called a classic, a legend and even an icon of European cinema. The famous Spaniard was able to achieve in directing unprecedented heights, giving the world real blockbusters.

    Pedro almodóvar Caballero was born in September 1949 in Castile. In the town of Calzada de Calatrava, Pedro lived with his family up to 8 years. Then the boys moved to the South-West of the country. Here the boy attended two Catholic schools. Faith in the family played a crucial role, therefore the religious education of a son the parents put into education.

    Probably, this way of life did not suit inquisitive and creative young man, because after a few rebellious stock, he fled to Madrid without a penny.

    In the Spanish capital 16-year-old Pedro almodóvar has taken any job to survive. He worked as a collector of waste paper, a pizza delivery boy and a waiter. In the end, the young man found work on the soul. For 12 years he was in the TV company «Telefonica». Here Pedro Almodovar and took the first steps to the profession, studying the latest technology and its capabilities. And he is seriously interested in music and discovered myself a writer: sang in the band and wrote stories that were published in various anthologies.


    One day the Director came to the theatre. This new form of art was so impressed by the young man that anything else he could think of. Soon Pedro was accepted into the troupe of the theatre «Los Goliardos» and debuted on stage as an actor.

    Work in «Telefonica» helped Almodovar to understand technical devices, and he bought a little Super 8 camera. Working in the theater and the availability of devices for shooting pushed Pedro to the creative process. The novice Director for his short films did not have to seek actors and costumes: all this was at hand. Scripts for his films he wrote himself.

    In 1979, the screens out the debut picture of Almodovar’s «Pepi, Lucy, BOM and other girls». The money for the play gave friends. Equipment Director borrowed. The filming process was carried out at weekends, as the weekdays went on stage. So the first film novice master was done for 14 months. But the result exceeded all expectations. In Spain, only that overthrew the dictator Franco, an avant-garde tape instantly became a cult.

    So loud has helped the popularity of the Director to enter into several profitable contracts. He did not rest on their laurels and immediately undertook the following projects. 5 years later, in the mid-1980s, Pedro Almodovar made a quick career and has turned into a cult Director in Europe. His painting «why me» «new York times» called «magnificent black Comedy» and «a small masterpiece».

    In 1985, Pedro almodóvar, along with his brother created his own production company «El Deseo». Since then, his Director’s career was even more successful. After a year on the basis of «El Deseo» was released the film «Law of desire». In addition, the company was able to earn a lot of money by releasing pictures of the other Directors.

    International recognition came to the brilliant Spaniard with the release of his masterpiece «Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown». The film brought the Creator of nearly 50 awards in the country, the prize «Felix» in Europe and a nomination on «Oscar». This painting is called the first film of almodóvar. Here in starred Antonio Banderas.

    Cherished statue of Pedro Almodovar received in 1999, when the world screens out the picture «All about my mother». Seemed to surpass that success is impossible, but after 3 years the master again surprised everyone. His film «Talk to her» earned him another Oscar. This time for best screenplay. To enumerate dozens of other awards does not make sense.

    At the same time relationship with the film Academy of Spain, Pedro Almodovar has escalated to the limit. The movie «Talk to her» was nominated for the main prize and not the home country. And in 2005, when the Director gave the world its another brilliant film called «Bad education», the Spanish Academy did not give the Director any of the award «Goya». Protesting against injustice, almodóvar resigned from the Academy.

    In 2011, the meter gave the world his new creation – a picture «the Skin I live in», where the main role once again went to Banderas. And after 2 years released the long-awaited film «I’m so excited».

    In addition to the aforementioned Banderas «darlings» of the Director are Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. Almodovar fundamentally takes on the role in his paintings only Spanish actors.

    As for literary works of the great Almodovar, he just released a book called «Patti Diphusa». This philosophically naturalistic prose is now translated into dozens of languages and also is sort of a literary masterpiece.

    Personal life

    A master of world cinema does not hide that he was gay. Personal life, Pedro Almodovar is closed from prying eyes. Who is his «soul mate», nobody knows. As for the female half of humanity, then one day Pedro confessed that the only woman with whom he’d like to have children, it is his favorite actress Penelope Cruz. But the romance between her and Almodovar never was. Pen argues that the set of all extraneous things other than work, goes far into the background.


    • «Pepi, Luci, Bon, and other girls»
    • «Tie me up»
    • «Kika»
    • «The flower of my secret»
    • «Living flesh»
    • «All about my mother»
    • «Talk to her»
    • «The return»
    • «Broken embraces»
    • «The skin I live in»


    Pedro Almodóvar

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