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  • Name: Pavel Tabakov ( Pavel Tabakov )
  • Date of birth: 1 August 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Pavlo Tabakov: a biography

    Pavlo Tabakov – a young Russian actor, son of a legend of Russian cinema and theatre Oleg Tabakov and his wife Marina Suginoi, known to audiences for his many films and performances, including the title role in the melodrama «Valentin and Valentina». Paul has a little sister Mary, and half brother and sister Anton Alexander from his first marriage of his father.

    In childhood, the boy often went backstage and even at the age of 12 first appeared on the stage of Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov in the play «beast on the moon». Then he was fond of playing musical instruments — piano, flute, guitar. But, nevertheless, the long career of the actor were not his. Paul is much more interested in entrepreneurship, planned to continue their education in one of the Metropolitan business College.

    But after 9th grade, the young man suddenly parents said that he was going to go to drama school. And not just anywhere, but specifically in the Theater of Oleg Tabakov, to develop professionalism and skills under the guidance of his father. Came to School Paul on a General basis, withstood a difficult test before the strict Commission. Oleg Tabakov has repeatedly said in interviews that to have a dad like he is the big test, not an advantage. The son, a student he treated even stricter than for other students. Therefore, Paul had to work doubly.

    In 2015 at the end of the School-Studio, where the young man not only graduated, but also gained stage experience in productions of «Wii», «Biloxi Blues» and «the Year when I was born», Tabakov, Jr. joined the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow art theater.


    On the silver screen Pavlo Tabakov debuted in 2014 in the romantic Comedy «the Star», where she played 15-year-old student, who goes against the opinions of others. For the actor absolutely everything was new, he tried to do his best in every episode, for which he received praise from impartial criticism of the father. The picture has collected the whole bouquet of awards at various film festivals.

    The next film, «Orleans» was filmed in an unusual format: a mixture of Thriller and Comedy of the absurd. This picture allowed the viewer to see Pavlo Tabakov with the new angle of vision, to see in it not the son of a famous father, and a promising actor with good potential.

    In 2015, came another film story involving Tabakov-Junior – family-romance «Happiness is…» in which he again got the image of a romantic lover boy.

    Soon viewers will be able to get acquainted with the works of the young actor: drama «Duelist» and the 2-Surinam film «Sofia Paleolog,» about the life of the last Byzantine Princess, where Pavlo Tabakov plays Tsar Ivan III in his younger years.

    Personal life

    Pavlo Tabakov, like many young people, had a few romantic relationships. In school, he met classmate Lisa Kostyukova, the daughter of a well-known modelersha Victoria Andreyanova. Then among his friends was Victoria, the niece of the head of the famous choir of Michael Turetsky and star of the youth series «Devchonki» Taisiya Vilkova. Recently, on secular parties Pavlo Tabakov appears with a new girlfriend – an actress of theatre of Nations Maria Fomina.

    It is worth mentioning that with his elder brother Paul Anton maintains a good friendly relationship and see it every time he comes to Russia. He also gets along great with little Masha. But with the half-sister Alexandra, they almost do not communicate, as Paul says – not on his initiative.

    Most of the journalists who spoke with Pavel Tabakov, note that it does not impress the son of the star father and kept quite simple. For example, he still does not own a car and rides the subway, and while in College lived in a Dorm.


    • 2014 Star
    • 2015 Orleans
    • 2015 – Happiness is…
    • 2016 Wins
    • 2016 Sophia Palaeologus


    Pavlo Tabakov

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