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  • Name: Will Paul ( Pavel Volya )
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Penza, Russia
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, entertainer, presenter, comedian, singer
  • Marital status: married Laysan utiasheva

    Pavel Volya biography

    Pavel Volya was born in Penza on 14 March 1979. At school was fond of literature, history and other humanitarian subjects. Teachers recall that he was actively involved in the social life of the school, organized discos and even in school he started to play in the WHC, which in the future determined his life.

    After graduating from high school with a silver medal, Paul Will he enrolled in the Penza pedagogical Institute named after V. G. Belinsky, the faculty of Russian language and literature. At the Institute he continued to play in the WHC, speaking for the team «Valeon Dasson», the participants of which were also Timur Rodriguez and Leonid Shkolnik. In its composition, he won the First League of KVN won the right to play in the Premier League. But the team took off immediately after the first game and practically ceased to exist

    However, the majority of participants «Valeon Dasson» settled in Moscow. Not an exception and Will Paul, who moved to the capital immediately after graduation in 2001. While still a student, Will worked as a DJ of «Russian radio — Penza», so in Moscow was able to get a radio «Hit FM».

    Future career Pavel Volya was only up the hill: he voiced Masyanya in the famous show «Muz-TV», wrote scripts for the transfer of Igor ugolnikova, and was the leading program «Night flirt» MTV.

  • »
  • Comedy Club»
  • A springboard in the career of the artist became comic show «Comedy Club». Presentation of the program in TTS «atrium» was opened by Pavel Volya, whose performance secured him the image of a «glamorous geek» who built his speech on offensive jokes. Then his first victims were the journalists standing in the VIP area. The performance was so successful that he continued the format in the future.

    Almost every star who came to «Comedy Club», was the target of a cynical, and sometimes really rude jokes Paul «Snowball» Will. Some tried to fight back «glamorous scum», and even fewer people did it. Widely known, the conflict between Paul and the Will of the late Roman trachtenberg. Then attempt to play a joke on the comedian ended for the resident of «Comedy Club» in tears – he has become the object of ridicule.

    Often Paul Will he performed his own monologues. Among the best of them should be noted «Map of Russia», a series of monologues «talking About women», as well as reviewing textbooks found in bookstores.

    Paul Will also participated in other Comedy projects of the channel TNT and Comedy Club Production. Together with Vladimir Turchinskiy he led Comedy show «Laughter without rules» and «Lethal League», where he also allowed himself to make fun of the participants.

    In memory of Turchinsky on TNT goes Comedy show «Comedy battle», the leading of which is also a Paul Will.

  • Songs
  • Music Pavel Volya began in 2004, but then all his performances were held in the framework of the «Comedy Club», later he began a serious music career. So, from 2007 to 2012 came the albums «Respect and Uvazhuha» (2007), «Miracles happen» (2009), «Hot Summer/ Cold Summer» (2010) and «New» (2012).

    A special love of the audience won singles «Everything is awesome» music video for the who a few months kept in the top positions of the television charts, «Advanced cities» for the show «Our Russia» and «Mother», the video for which starred almost all the known participants of «Comedy Club». Remembered for the singles «I’m dancing!», «All paid», «Rainbow song», «Stop the planet».

    Together with a group of «Multi -» Will Paul performed in the cities of the Baltic States and Moscow’s fashionable clubs. In recognition of the actor, he talks more to music than singing. However, his singles have gained more popularity.

    In 2010, Will began to play Live sets and regularly performs at various music festivals, including Winston Freedom Music and Kazantip.

    In February 2016, Paul Will release a new Studio album, «Thoughts and music», which features 11 songs.

  • Movies
  • Her first role in a movie Pavel Volya played in the youth series «Club» in 2006. Then he voiced Chick ja in the cartoon «surf’s up!», and in 2008 played the role of townsman tima Milan in the film «best film». In the same year in rolling out the film «Platon» Vardan Hakobyan, where Will played a major role. The picture, though, and got very reserved critics, but with a budget of 2.5 million dollars grossed 5.1 million dollars, which can be considered a success.

    Among the other works in the filmography of Paul Will be marking «Bride at any price» (2009), «Love in big city 2» (2010), «Office romance. Our time» (2011) and «happy new year, moms!» (2012).

  • Personal life
  • For three years Paul Will have lived in a civil marriage with Maria Kravtsova, leading MTV, known under the name of Marika. They met on the set of «Comedy Club», where she was invited friends. The pair predicted the imminent marriage, but in 2010 they broke up.

    Then Paul Will began to meet with Laysan Utyasheva. They for a long time hid their relationship until the spring of 2013, media was not impressed by the news of her pregnancy. As it turned out, the couple married in September 2012 and 14 may 2013 they had a son Robert. Two years later the couple had a second child — daughter Sophia.

    Paul and Rosie met in the company of friends in common and occasionally seen at film premieres and exhibitions. Brought their grief: when Rosie’s mother died Zulfiya, that Paul Will gave her his man’s shoulder and helped to get through this difficult period. Currently, the young family lives in his house in the suburbs.


    • 2007 — Respect and Uvazhuha
    • 2009 — Miracles happen
    • 2012 — New
    • 2016 — Thoughts and Music


    • «Best film»
    • «Plato»
    • Club
    • «Bride at any price»
    • «Univer»
    • «Kiss through the wall»
    • «Happy new year, moms!»
    • «Office romance. Our time»
    • «Galygin. RU»


    Pavlo Will

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