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  • Name: Pavel Shuvaev ( Pavel Shuvaev )
  • Date of birth: 25 April 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 197
  • Activities: actor, vocalist, guitarist and organizer of the group «Oddiss»
  • Marital status: not married

    Pavel Shuvaev : biography

    Pavel Shuvaev was born in April 1977. He is a native Muscovite. About his childhood Paul reports that until the 4th grade, while living with his mother, was a diligent boy scout and brought good grades home from school with a literary bent. Everything changed when Shuvaev, Jr. moved to live with her father. He began to attend a regular school. But the lessons were soon abandoned, and studious boy became a truant.

    At the age of 11 Pavel Shuvaev fell out of a tree and suffered serious spinal injury. This was the reason that the guy managed to avoid service in the army. But he went to the Federal security service, where he signed a 3 year contract and worked in the division «the alpha-the auspices». Shuvaev — reservist.

    After the service contract Paul under the pressure of parents went to higher education. He first enrolled at MSU, where he chose law school. But the study there seemed Shuvaevo too boring. He left the University and went to the Institute of physical education. The decision of the son is very upset parents, so he had to change the profile»: he again became a student of Moscow state University, this time studying at the faculty of Economics. After graduation Pavel Shuvaev went to the Moscow state Conservatory named after Peter Tchaikovsky. Here he studied under the vocal.

    During this period, woke up long-standing desire of Paul to try his hand as an actor. Appropriate appearance and significant growth has contributed to it. Shuvaev was enrolled in drama school Alena rozhenko. Upon graduation he was accepted into the troupe of the theatre «New Adam» and acted in the show of Sergey Mikulski.


    A cinematic biography of Pavel Shuvaev began in 2002. A tall handsome man appeared in several TV series, including the drama «House of fools» Andrey Konchalovsky and crime drama «Silent witness».

    But the real success came to the actor in 2007, when the domestic screens out crime-detective television series «Track». Paul Shuvaevo here got a starring role: he appeared as the charismatic major of special troops Sergey May, increasing the army fans several times. The tape is broadcast on the First channel, and instantly attracted the attention of millions of viewers. Shuvaev – one of the favorite characters of the project.

    In 2009 they released an 8-episode detective Igor Romashchenko «Cruise». The film tells about the owner of a large Italian holding company, which opened in Russia its the shipping company. He invites friends to celebrate this event on a ship that goes on a cruise on the Volga. Here on the ship, and there the detective events and love drama. Pavel Shuvaev played close in spirit to the role of musician and leader of the ensemble Eugene.

    In addition to acting Paul Shuvaev has another hobby: he is the lead singer and guitarist of the rock group «Oddiss». Paul is the Creator and mastermind of the project. In 2008 he released the album «Odessa» under the name «Young gods». Presentation of the album took place in St. Petersburg.

    Personal life

    Personal life Pavel Shuvaev is not yet arranged. The actor and musician claims that is looking for the one that will share the rest of my life.


    • «House of fools»
    • «The lawyer»
    • «The game»
    • «Understand, forgive»
    • «Silent witness»
    • «Cruise»
    • «Trace»


    Pavel Shuvaev

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