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  • Name: Pavel Sanaev ( Pavel Sanaev )
  • Date of birth: 16 August 1969.
  • Age: 47 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: Writer, screenwriter, Director, actor
  • Marital status: married to Elena Paninoj

    Pavel Sanaev: the biography

    Pavel Vladimirovich Sanaev, who gained fame as an outstanding writer and Director, born in Moscow in 1969-m to year. The family, which formed the character of Paul, was a dynasty of professional artists movie theater. His grandfather, Vsevolod Sanaev V., was a prominent Soviet actor, who implemented their creative potential in the genre of socialist realism, who starred in more than eighty films, including «Volga-Volga», «they Have Rodina», «Your son and brother», «Forgotten melody for flute». Mother of Paul V., theater and film actress Elena Sanaeva Vsevolodovna, I remember the audience many characteristic starring in such works as «the adventures of Pinocchio», «Scarecrow», «the adventures of Ali Baba and the forty thieves». Pavel Sanaev is always gratefully talks about his father as a man who gave him life, but a real relationship of father and son in his life with his stepfather, the great Soviet actor Rolan Bykov, who had the greatest influence on character formation of the future writer.

    Pavel Sanaev: «Bury me behind a plinth»

    With the advent of Rolan Bykov as a stepfather is associated twist in the biography of Pavel Sanaev, subsequently found indirect expression in one of the most striking of his works. Mother of Paul and Rolan Bykov grew close during the joint work in the movie «Docker». The young actress immediately attracted the attention of Roland Antonovich, we can say that the feelings between them broke out at first sight. Soon, when his Alliance with Elena Sanaevoj was legalized, Rolan Antonovich insisted that young Paul lived with them. But, unfortunately, didn’t want Elena’s parents. Vsevolod Vasilyevich claimed that he «stole the daughter, and Elena’s mom, Lydia Sanaeva, called Bykov only as «dwarf-bloodsucker» who will destroy the life of her daughter and grandson. In fact, the boy was forcibly held away from the mother and stepfather to protect them from the «corrupting influence». So Paul Sanaev spent in his grandmother’s house from 4 to 11 years. Having lived a very difficult life, going through the death of his child and the horrors of war (firstborn Sanevich died in 1942, the year measles), grandmother of Paul distinguished by the character of strong, prone to despotism and domestic violence. Later, Paul recalled that, at times, felt a grandmother’s love, but, mostly, its appearance was more like hatred. This is the plot of the story «Bury me behind a plinth»: a many-sided person and wants to give love to their loved ones, but, under the influence of past conflicts in life, his character broken, and all his best intentions, in practical implementation, can get ugly shade of hate. The story tells us about eight-year-old boy named Alex Savelyev, who is forced to live with grandparents because his parents are very bad people, to trust them with the upbringing of the child. The plot of the book, the grandmother continuously adjusts the grandson against his mother against his stepfather. The boy all the forces opposed to her power and makes desperate attempts to free themselves from domestic tyranny. Indeed, those manifestations of love, who is the grandmother described in the pages of this novel, is most similar to the desire to own a person as a thing. Soulless, all submissive doll that you can teach, to praise, to punish, to bathe and treat… In the first place, such an attitude is beneficial for the grandmother, who realizes thus, the sense of self-importance, fueled by constant thoughts about how the world is unfair to her and callous, ungrateful people around. All the characters are taken by Paul canevin from real life. However, details in the story by depicting his own family, the author still insists that one should not confuse the literary characters with real people. The plot of this work has deeply touched readers. Many people wrote in reviews about the book that experienced this in my life, only place grandma had fathers, mothers, uncles, etc… of the same his grandmother, Lydia Sanaevoj, Paul never showed this piece, rightly judging that her mind cannot accept such a view. Moreover, passed through the prism of literary generalization.

    Pavel Sanaev: career

    Even as a child, Paul appeared in the film «Scarecrow», the Director who was his stepfather. Successful debut brought the young man a few more sentences, and by the end of his training Paul has already managed to play in four scenes. After graduating from VGIK in 1992-m to year in the class of Alexander Alexandrov, the young man prefers not to pursue an acting career. Came the nineties, and many friends of Paul were engaged in «black marketeering» that allowed you to earn big money. At this time, the future writer is gaining popularity by recording translations of foreign films, often not published in the CIS legally. According to the memories of Paul, all his work at that time was limited to «small videopretty» with the aim to earn money and to feel on equal terms with friends, changed for more than one car thanks to activities of the rapidly developing market economy. Only the authority of his stepfather forced young Paul Sanaeva to stop this activity. In spite of the attempts of the grandmother in every way to denigrate Rolan Antonovich, Paul their relationship evolved in the best way. Paul was very important to get the approval of his stepfather. And to earn such an honor could only be brought to an end. It Rolan Bykov persuaded Paul Sanaeva to write the first book. The story «Bury me behind the baseboard» was printed in 2003 year, and despite the fact that no special advertising, the company was not, the book became a bestseller. Today released a Deluxe edition and translated into several languages. Paul regrets that this book was not disclosed to the role of stepfather, Rolan Bykov, in his life. Thus, in order to correct this omission, Paul releases in 2013 year, the first part of the novel «the Chronicles of gouging», which many tend to perceive as a continuation of the famous novel. The author identifies this work as an independent, and is traditionally asked not to consider it autobiographical.

    Pavel Sanaev: the Director and screenwriter

    In the mid-nineties Pavel Sanaev working on official translations for many Hollywood movies. His entire career he has voiced over fifty paintings. This work gave the young writer the idea of his own movie. The film «Kaunas Blues» becomes a debut of Paul Sanaeva as a Director and screenwriter. To date, Paul has embodied on the screen five of his own scripts. Two of his most recent work, «the game» and «game 2» also on the theme of cruelty, but in the context of video games and virtual reality. The author is interested in and limit on-screen violence, where the viewer realizes that the characters crossed a certain conditional line and ceased to distinguish living people from the graphical models in games. At the moment Pavel Sanaev completed work on the Comedy «Full transformation», which will be the debut film in this genre.

    Pavel Sanaev: personal life

    In 2009, the year Pavel Sanaev married Elena Paninoj. Alena is a successful Russian model and interior designer. Despite the difference in twenty years, the couple are very happy together. In 2012, the year in Sayevich was born a daughter whom parents named Veronica. Couple prefers not to publicize the details of his personal life.

    Pavel Sanaev: filmography

    • Stuffed
    • Three lamp
    • A Bridal umbrella
    • First loss
    • Kilometer zero
    • Kaunas Blues
    • Last weekend
    • On the game
    • In game 2. New level

    Pavel Sanaev: photo

    Pavel Sanaev

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