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  • Name: Paul Mogilevets ( Paul Mogilevets )
  • Date of birth: 25 January 1993.
  • Age: 24 years
  • Place of birth: Kingisepp
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: single

    Pavel Mogilevets: biography

    The Russian team is composed of guys come from different corners of Russia — from Karelia to the Far East. But the second largest of its natives in the team after Moscow, strange as it may seem, belongs to the city of Kingisepp in the Leningrad region. Here born Ions, Kerzhakov and Mogilevets. And they owe their sports career 65-year-old Vasily Ivanovich Butakov — coach-taught, who put God, and others, the technique of possession.

    Remembering God, Butakov characterizes his words «red, stubborn, workaholic». According to him, Mogilevets loved football «insanely».

    Nine-year-old Pasha took to the football school «Change» in St. Petersburg, which is the base for the reserve team of «Zenit». The first «Change» coach Pasha Andrey Gorlov says that the boy he liked from his football technique, good plasticity and extraordinary thinking. Mother, instead of taking the boy every day for 130 miles, rented an apartment and found a job near the school. Can be said to have devoted his life to the future of his younger son.

    At school, Pasha has continued to give the football to oblivion. Deservedly to train in Chelsea sent him. And as a natural result — after school enrollment in the reserve team of «Zenit».

    Andrei Arshavin in «Zenith»

    18-year-old Paul started playing for «Zenit-M» and played a whopping two seasons.

    Anatoly Davydov, who led the then «zenitovskoy» Junior, says that Paul noticed a number of characteristic movements on the field enough to guess his great potential. Coach forced Paul to actively move, attack even without the ball. As, for example, it is possible to Roman Shirokov in the last stages of the attack or Constantine Following.

    Over time, God has come to the attention of Luciano Spalletti, who over a period of four years coaching at Zenit went through a lot of young, but Mogilevets was the only one captured in the first team.

    Pavel Mogilevets:

    Since the end of February 2014 Rubin rented a Mogilevtsev to the end of the 2013/14 season. From Rubin just went to the eminent players who were replaced by young Russian football talents. The God already had some experience. He played several times in the first team «Zenit» and even a little pocapital in Junior Russian national team. But any illusions about the possibilities firmly to get the Foundation of the club, which included stars such as Konstantin Zyryanov and Anatoly Tymoshchuk, he didn’t feel.

    However, the young St. Petersburg midfielder really liked Rinat Bilyaletdinov is the new coach of Kazan. And although Zenit did not agree to rent a player, «Rubin» managed to say Paul just minutes before the transfer window closes. According to one of Kazantsev, participant of the negotiations on the transfer, they «literally ripped out Paul’s «Zenith».

    The bottom line is quite clever agreement regarding the lease is that the promising midfielder, the second half of the 2013/14 season conducting in Kazan from «ruby» rights until the summer to sign him. But, in the coming winter the tie allowed the return of Mogilevets back if they overpaid by 1 million euros will be spent in Kazan.

    Pavel Mogilevets has played their 1st match in «Ruby» in Makhachkala, which was lost to citizens of Kazan with the account 0:1, but were won personally by God with his Mature beyond his years playing center field, which brought him the recognition of the best player in the team with the first match. Fun Bilyaletdinov from the actions of his support of the midfielder after the game was impossible to hide. He even promised that he would take Mogilevets on the bench after the comeback of his rival on the football specialization Yann m’vila. And kept their promise, so the rookie is now one of the rods, which keeps the team, and he soon became the author of the first goal for Rubin, hitting the gate «Volga». Soon Pavel Mogilevets has scored a goal-handsome in Samara in the gates «wings of the Soviets».

    Personal life Pavel Mogilevets

    Pavel Mogilevets has always lived a modest life, until recently, only rode on the subway. Paul doesn’t like to throw words, while being open and sincere person. In conversation with him, feel that this young guy hidden durable inner moral core, and not inherent in the appearance of humility. And even today he has not changed. Helps parents. And the fact that he as a person does not change in the presence of a definite success in life, is very pleasing to his many friends.

    Pavel Mogilevets in the Russian team for the 2014 world Cup

    The results of the season 2013/2014 for the Mogilevets was a good — it was included in the list of the Russian team, composed by Fabio Capello before the Brazil 2014 world Cup. Debut in national team games held in the friendly match against Slovakia on may 26, 2014.

    According to football experts, very welcome it was getting such a young guy like 21-year-old Paul Mogilevets, in the extended list of the national team. The fact of the inclusion of God in the list of the Russian national team is an advance given to him for the future.

    Recall that the outcome of the friendly against Morocco head coach of the Russian national team, Fabio Capello was informed that instead of Roman Shirokov, who could not recover from injury at the 2014 world Cup will go Mogilevets. As we all know, God transferred from the injured Shirokov and his 15th number. Let’s hope that Paul will carry it in his bosom with the same success as its famous predecessor.

    Pavel Mogilevets: photo

    Pavel Mogilevets: video

    Pavel Mogilevets has scored a goal in the match «the ruby» — «Volga»

    First interview of Pavel Mogilevets «Rubin TV»

    «Ruby’s kitchen» with Pavel Mogilevets

    Paul Mogilevets

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