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  • Name: Pavel Lungin ( Pavel Lungin )
  • Date of birth: 12 July 1949
  • Age: 67 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Lungin: the biography

    Writer and Director Pavel Lungin, a native Muscovite. He was born 12 Jul 1949 in an intelligent Jewish family. His father was a famous playwright, a mother no less well – known translator, she specialized in literary translations. In the family Longing grew up two sons, Paul and his younger brother Eugene. They lived in an apartment on the Old Arbat, in the house, which was built by the grandfather of the future Director in 1926.

    Paul fondly recalls his childhood. Their house was always full of guests – interesting, creative people: they often stayed for a week or more. Lungin-senior living is easy and fun, although much of the wealth in the family initially was not. When He had to remove the tonsils, the house was not a teenage boot. Resourceful boy went to the hospital in mom’s shoes.

    By educating children nanny Motya: stern in appearance, but kind-natured. Growing up in such an atmosphere, it is not surprising that Paul decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents. They tried to dissuade him, understanding the complexity and unpredictability of the profession.

    Paul, as he says, came to work the winding path. After school he entered the philological faculty of Moscow state University in 1971, graduated and worked briefly as a sociologist. Then moved to the Department of «Literary newspaper», but the work seemed boring. Then Lungin entered the Higher courses of scriptwriters and film Directors, and in 1980 became a certified Director.


    His debut in the movie took place in 1976: Lungin wrote the scenario of the film «brother». Two years later, in his script filmed «the End of the Emperor taiga», and in five years — «Napadeniyu».

    His first film he did when he was 40 years old. It was a melodrama «Taxi Blues». The plot – two different people whom fate has brought together. One taxi driver, another drunken musician. At the Cannes film festival in 1990, the film was awarded the prize for best Director. In 1990 Pavel Lungin moved to live in France. For domestic cinema, it was a difficult period. Only 15 years later, Pavel Lungin returned to Russia. In one interview he said that over the years spent in another country, a Frenchman, he did not.

    After returning to Russia, he directed the TV series «Case of «Dead souls»» in which he used fragments of Gogol’s works. In 2006, he released his next film «the Island», where the Director touched on the subject of God, sins, crimes and tried to tell the audience how hard and painful to be human. The picture was a great success and received several prestigious awards at film festivals.

    In spring 2012, the premiere of a new masterpiece Lungin’s «Conductor». The following year he released his film «Queen of spades» based on the eponymous work of Alexander Pushkin. The film’s budget was $ 11 million.

    Personal life

    Pavel Lungin was married twice. With his first wife he met in College. In 1971 they had a son Alexander. He went in his father’s footsteps – first as a writer, then began to shoot and produce films. Unfortunately, the student’s marriage was fragile.

    With his second wife, Elena, Lungin met when he was 26 years old. Elena at that time was only 17. Soon they had a son Ivan.

    Elena says that in France, at first, they lived hard, but to this country, she and son used faster than Paul. When Ivan was 12 years old came to school, he didn’t know a word of French, the classmates looked at him with surprise. When Helen and Paul back in Moscow, Ivan was grown up, but he also decided to move to Russia. Ivan is an artist, exhibitions of his work are both at home and in Paris.

    Have Longing have an apartment in the capital and the house with sea view in Montenegro. Elena says that their house is filled with love. And her husband likes to sit and watch the ever-changing and never the same landscapes.


    • «The Queen Of Spades»
    • «King»
    • «Life line»
    • «The poor relatives»
    • «Luna Park»
    • «The island»
    • «Drawing»
    • «Christians»
    • «Alice Fox»
    • «Invincible»


    Pavel Lungin

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