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  • Name: Pavel Lobkov ( Pavel Lobkov )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Sestroretsk, Russia
  • Activities: journalist, anchor, reporter
  • Marital status: not married

    Pavel Lobkov: biography

    Pavel Lobkov was born in a small suburb of Leningrad, Sestroretsk. After graduating from the local high school in 1983, he enrolled at the prestigious Leningrad state University, biological faculty, where he majored in botany.

    After 5 years of diligent training and receive a diploma with honors, the young man got into grad school, developed a scientific project and even interned at the research center in one of the Dutch national universities. Also worked at the Leningrad Botanical Institute. However, the thesis Pavel Albertovich to protect did not, because by that time became interested in journalism and decided to try it myself.


    His career as a journalist Pavel Lobkov began as a correspondent. First, he gathered information for a Single television news service of the state broadcasting company «Petersburg», including appeared on screen in the popular program «the Fifth wheel».

    After 3 years he moved to the independent television channel NTV and became Director of the Petersburg branch, but pubic hair is not only supervised by the staff, but he wrote the news, collected information material. In 1995 he moved to Moscow and began shooting scenes for were very popular news show, «Today», «recently» and «Outcomes». In parallel with two other famous journalists Leonid Parfenov and Dmitry Kiselev has created and led a socio-political program format talk show «hero of the day». Through this program, in 1998, Pavel Lobkov at the annual television award «Taffy» was awarded the title «Best reporter».

    When, in April 2001, the NTV television channel took a hostile takeover and forced the change of leadership, Pavel Lobkov, like most other employees, voluntarily left the TV station and for some time cooperated with TNT. But very soon the journalist returned to her native place of work and created a new project «Plant life», which professionally told me about the flora of our planet, based on the knowledge gained at University in their field.

    Also Lobkov same time he was correspondent for other programs a 4-channel, mainly choosing the political direction of the news. But after the release in 2003 in the program «Namedni» his satirical story about the General Director of NTV Nikolay Senkevich who caused the big public resonance, a journalist for a long time, it has moved away from informational and political activities.

    From 2006 to 2008 worked with the TV channel TRK «Petersburg — Fifth channel», where he led the programme «Progress with Paul Pubic».

    NTV Pavel Lobkov worked until January 2012, but was dismissed for prepared, but never aired the story about mass falsifications in the parliamentary elections in December 2011. This video was posted for public viewing on the Internet.

    From February 2012 found a job at the independent TV channel «Rain», where he works as a TV presenter of the program «Go home» in a duet with the writer and journalist Sasha Filipenko.


    In August 2008, Pavel Lobkov began filming documentaries for channel NTV. It was a scientific detectives, in which the author is a journalist talked about various discoveries in biology, medicine, physiology, the history of the prohibition of genetics in the USSR and similar scientific and pseudo-scientific facts.

    The wide resonance was received by films such as «Genes against us», the «dictatorship of the brain», «the power of the dream», «anti-aging Pill», «the Empire of the senses,» and many other documentary films. Just before the dismissal from the NTV Pavel Lobkov managed to remove the 14 scientific and educational programs.

    He also removed several programs descriptive, such as «Profession — reporter», «Central television», «Ntvshniki».


    In a live program «Hard Days Night», which took place on 1 December 2015 on the TV channel «Rain», the theme of the discussion was devoted to the world day of fight against AIDS. The guest of the TV show was doctor of medical Sciences academician Valentin Pokrovsky, who raised the urgent question about a catastrophic state of Affairs in Russia in the field of recognition by the authorities of the seriousness of the situation with the sick «plague of the 20th century». According to Pokrovsky, the number of HIV-infected close to a million.

    Then Pavel Lobkov made a startler: it appears, he himself is a carrier of HIV, since 2003. Now journalist and broadcaster takes special medication and feels quite normal. The main problem, in his opinion, lies not in the field of treatment and in the bias and ill treatment of such patients not only from others but even from doctors. Lobkov said that the first infectious diseases doctor, who was diagnosed with HIV at Pavel Albertovich, announced the terrible information is quite detached and without the necessary participation. Moreover, he took his patients from the program of voluntary medical insurance.

    And only academician Pokrovsky, who became a doctor Pubic, able to adequately analyze the situation, develop a program slowing the progression of HIV and moral support to the person who is in a terrible situation.

    Later in the radio station «Moscow speaking» Pavel Lobkov said he confessed to a terrible illness, to free people from the fear of HIV.

    Personal life

    Paul Lobkov have never been married. About his homosexual, he publicly spread, though not concealing her.

    In February 2013 prepared a video message for the project «Be strong», which spoke out against homophobia and the oppression of sexual minorities.

    Favorite hobby of Pavel Albertovich – gardening and floriculture. He practically spends all his free time at his dacha, where devotes himself to favorite plants.


    • 2009 — Genes against us
    • 2009 — the dictatorship of the brain
    • 2009 — the Infection: the enemy within
    • 2010 — the anti-aging Pill
    • 2010 — Formula of love
    • 2010 — Life without pain
    • 2011 — Gene of absolute power
    • 2011 — Strange sex
    • 2011 — the Great illusion
    • 2011 — Empire of the senses


    Paul Lobkov

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