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  • Name: Pavel Kuzmin ( Pavel Kuzmin )
  • Date of birth: 11 November 1985.
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Russia
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Pavel Kuzmin: a biography

    Pavel Kuzmin – Russian film and theater actor whose talent is celebrated by the critics and audience. He was born on 10 November 1985. In his youth, like many boys, he was fond of sports: gymnastics, karate, kickboxing. Training tempered the character of the boy, made him determined. Paul grew up a gregarious guy, easily find common language with people helped natural artistry.

    After school he decided to enroll in the Schepkin theatre school, he applied, successfully passed entrance exams and became a student. During his studies, Pavel Kuzmin took part in several performances. For example, in the play «barbarians» on the play by Maxim Gorky, «Wolves and sheep» by Alexander Ostrovsky and «a month in the country» by Ivan Turgenev.

    After drama school Kuzmin got a job working at the Moscow drama theater. After working there for several years, the actor went to the Theater of the Nation, which stands today.


    Her first role in a movie Kuzmin played in 2009. He made his debut in the historical drama Andrei Eshpai «Ivan the terrible». Then was the role of Bones in the TV series «Love on demand». After these two projects, the Directors offered Pavel Kuzmin main role in the project «Melody of love».

    Pavel Kuzmin starred in nearly 20 projects, mostly inviting him in melodramas and soap operas. In recent years, the number of roles the actor has increased significantly. Audience is familiar for the TV series «Father Matthew», «Tatyanin night», «Payback», «Beautiful life.» The actor also starred in «Queen of bandits», «holiday romance» and «Foreign wings».

    In the film «the tango butterfly» by Pavel Kuzmin played a major role. The plot is the story of a girl-Anna the medic that throws first husband, then she loses a child. But misfortunes do not end here – the roommates want to take her room. Pavel Kuzmin in this film a negative character. He was able to accurately convey the character of the hero in front of the camera, although the actor himself is the complete opposite.

    One of the latest projects of the actor – detective series «Meteorite», which premiered in January 2016.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Paul Kuzmin – closed issue. He, like youth sports, loves to play the guitar.

    It is known that the actor was in a relationship with actress Alla Yuganova. They met at the Schepkin drama school, where both studied. Alla Paul is older than three years. 21 may 2012 Alla Yuganova gave birth to Pavel Kuzmin daughter. A girl named Anna, but her parents did not legalize their relationship and not live together.


    • «Right to love»
    • «Melody of love»
    • «Spa mist»
    • «The tango butterfly»
    • «And the ball will be back»
    • «Sniffer season 2»
    • «Strange wings»
    • «The bandit Queen 2»
    • «Suicide»
    • «Syndrome Of Chess»


    Pavel Kuzmin

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