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  • Name: Pavel Kabanov ( Kabanov Pavel )
  • Date of birth: 21 April 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Dzerzhinsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: the player of KVN, the Russian film and theater actor, entertainer, impersonator, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Kabanov biography

    Star impersonator Pavel Kabanov went in the late 1990s. that’s when the screens out Comedy series «33 square meters», where the most colorful and vibrant character was a wonderful mother-in-law Clara Zakharovna.

    Pavel Kabanov was born in April 1964 in the Ukrainian Dzerzhinsk. There were no signs of emergence in the family of the future artist. Rough country miners, the hard work of parents, it would seem, did not give any chance to grow a creative person. However, Paul was definitely drawn to show business. Although in his early years he didn’t realize it.

    After high school, Pavel Kabanov went to a serious profession. He entered the Moscow mining University and hoped to become, like his father, an engineer, a miner. At the University the young man started playing at the local KVN team, which was called «Mamba». On stage Kabanov understand what this lesson is its real vocation.

    But after graduation the young specialist still went home. Here he began work in a coal mine. Patience was enough for the year. Metropolitan life, with its millions of lights and Jolly fuss Manila and called back. Kabanov returned to Moscow. Here some time he worked in construction management and moved into the dormitory. But on his way he met TV presenter and producer Alexander Akopov, which a trained eye assessed the young man and encouraged him to try yourself in the role of the artist.


    Biography of Pavel Kabanov has started in «dashing 90-e». Many actors, including many well-known, looking for work. Probably the only niche that is «embedded», was a humorous show. It is in this transfer Akopov and invited Kabanov. It was called «Once a week». Here found a place to former colleagues of Paul for the WHC. But Kabanov has managed to outshine them all.

    After a successful debut, he appeared in other television projects. The most funny and popular «12 cents», «to Spite of records!» and «A. S. P.-Studio». A recent comic project was particularly successful. The show was famous for subtle humour, its Reprise and come up with jokes off the cuff and not insulted anyone.

    In one of the issues the artists parodied in Vogue series. The parody was called «33 square meters». Here the audience met for the first time kabanovskaya the Clara Zakharovna. This character soon became so popular that Pavel Kabanov has started to learn on the street even without makeup and a wig.

    I must say that the female role came from the artist particularly well. He explains that the female soul is a labyrinth in the dark. And walking through these winding tunnels is quite fun.

    As if there was not, but soon the image of Clara rice Zakharovna loved appeared in advertising, a well-known chain stores. And the peak of the popularity of Pavel Kabanov and his «mother in law» occurred in 1998. The Comedy series «33 square meters» was held in the top most popular designs for several years. Even in 2005, its ratings fell.

    Not lowered actor hands and then when the transfer has outlived its time. For many people it was an incentive to seek something new and to develop. To find new images helped a wonderful burlesque talent and «males» slang, which comes from the harsh mining region possessed in perfection.

    Many viewers liked the parody of Paul Kabanova at Phillip Kirkorov, Dmitry Gordon and flamboyant singer Shura. On the screens appeared the series-the comic strip called «Super-duper». But many projects proved to be «ephemeral». In order to survive and stay afloat, the artist took up any job. He even voiced the cartoons. And began acting in films. Today, his filmography is small, but there is such striking projects as «Zaitsev+1», «While fern blossoms» and «Cool school».

    In 2013, the screens out Comedy sitcom «Studio 17», where Pavel Kabanov has played a film Director.

    Today the artist is popular. He acted in films and decently earns, organizing corporate events in Moscow.

    Personal life

    The artist has long been a resident of the capital. All of his close-knit family also lives in Moscow. Personal life Pavel Kabanov is probably the only topic that it is almost not covered. It is known that the actor long ago married and has two children. The eldest daughter took her first steps in the profession – she graduated from the University and has assumed responsibility as the producer in one of the film companies. Perhaps this is what you told Pavel about yourself.

    As for his Hobbies, the more likely it is the travel. Kabanov claims that this is the best of pleasures that people can get for the money.

    Showman visited dozens of countries. He plans to see Australia, and Peru.


    • «33 square meters»
    • «Jumble»
    • «Code of honor»
    • «Matches»
    • «While blooming fern»
    • «Cool school»
    • «Studio 17»
    • «Zaitsev+1»
    • «Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country»


    Pavel Kabanov

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