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  • Name: Pavel Globa ( Globa Pavel )
  • Date of birth: 16 July 1953
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activity: Astrologer, historian, scientist, writer, broadcaster
  • Marital status: Not married

    Pavel Globa: biography

    Pavel Globa a Russian astrologist of world renown, known in the modern society with their predictions and horoscopes, which predict the coming of important events on the planet. The accuracy of the predictions of a soothsayer is very high, and the content always causes wide resonance. Due to this, many consider him to be a Russian Nostradamus of XXI century, and his numerous scientific works studying the most modern astrologers.

    Born Globa Pavel Pavlovich July 16, 1953, in Moscow in the family of noble origin. His father Pavel Filippovich was a creative landscape artist who was part of the Union of artists of the USSR, and his mother Nina Ivanovna involved in healing and treating people by the laying on of hands. The fascination with astrology was passed on to Paul in his childhood from his grandfather on the maternal side of Ivan Nikolaevich Gantimurova, who was an astrologer, physician and person of encyclopedic knowledge. It was his grandfather Globa considers his main teacher as he gave his grandson all his knowledge and antique books on astrology, of which Pavel Pavlovich and today draws information.

    From early childhood young Paul dreamed of becoming a scientist, so not hanging out with peers, and all the time devoted to study. For him, education has always been in the first place, so the knowledge of him easy. In that period the science of influence of stars on people’s lives and world events seemed usually fun, but in adolescence the predictions of Globa increasingly coincided with real events. These coincidences made him carefully examine inherited from his grandfather’s priceless library that was old and rare books about the stars and sacred manuscripts written by the ancient astrologers-Zoroastrians.

    After school, Pavel Globa decided to get a good degree, so he entered the Moscow historical archives Institute. Becoming a certified «historian-archivist», the astrologer worked for several years in the Central historical archive of Moscow, and unofficially began to lecture on astrology in the capital’s universities.

    In Soviet times, this initiative was punishable as dialectical materialism was at the time the only valid worldview in the country. Then the predictor was not only dismissed, but also brought to administrative responsibility, after some time in the detention facility for educational purposes.

    From 1985 to 1988 Pavel Globa has completely devoted himself to the study of astrology. To earn a living he had to earn a watchman in the night, that left enough time for science lessons.


    The first horoscope Pavel Globa appeared in the early 90-ies. Then the astrologer has released his first book «He, she and… the stars» and also appeared on television with astrological lectures. In the same period, he founded the first Russian Astrological center, which now bears the name of Institute of Astrological Pavel Globa.

    A real thank to Pavel Globa came after the release of his book «what is silent Moon», which made the scientist most famous astrologer in the former Soviet space. This success allowed him to methodically build a career as a fortune teller, and his services were in great demand. Nostradamus of XXI century provided services as a private nature, and actively cooperated with periodic printed editions in the role of astrological consultant.

    Since 1997, biography Pavel Globa has acquired a stable astrological chart. Scientist began to appear regularly in various television programs where he taught and advised the population on topical issues that arose before various public events such as presidential elections or economic crisis.

    Parallel with so-called «media» Globa continued his writing. 30 years of official career, he has released more than 50 popular science books who became the «primer» for many astrologers. In addition to the literature and the estimation of the diviner worked as a TV presenter on a Russian TV channel and was leading the project «Global news». In 2011 he led a similar program «Rest», but later it was closed and transferred to the radio Retro FM.

    Also Pavel Globa noted in the movie. His first role he played in 2008 in the film «traces of the beast», after which he was piece of work in the documentary film «Russia after 2012». Recently, the astrologer is drawing up individual horoscopes, and also appears on television as a consultant in various projects.

    Forecasts Pavel Globa

    The accuracy of forecasts Pavel Globa is very high and reaches almost 80% of the matches. Among the most important accurate forecasts of the astrologer can be noted: the resignation of the former head of Russia Boris Yeltsin and the coming to power of the current Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the earthquake in Armenia in 1988. Russian Nostradamus predicted the terrorist attack in new York on 11 September 2001, the second war in Iraq in 2003, the re-election of us President Barack Obama for a second term in 2012, the split of Ukraine in 2014.

    Despite the scale of accurate forecasts Pavel Globa some critics questioning its forecasts by publishing in the media a number of unfulfilled applications of the scientist, which, according to experts, was vague and unsubstantiated. The number of unfulfilled predictions of a Russian scientist came predictions about President-elect Hillary Clinton, the election of Yulia Tymoshenko the President of Ukraine, the salvation of Saddam Hussein, the death of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

    The reason for the divergence of their predictions with reality Pavel Globa explains that only a charlatan can give a 100 percent guarantee on their predictions. According to him, even the most accurate forecast can go in another scenario, aided by a number of circumstantial reasons that are difficult to embrace. The astrologer said that any horoscope can change the man himself, as the future has a lot of choices that each in their own way.

    Personal life

    Personal life Pavel Globa – the secret behind seven seals. It is known that the astrologer was married four times, but the society knows only one of his wives Tamara. Their marriage was based on astrological creativity and professionalism, as Tamara Globa is adept of the higher school of astrology and was the co-author of several publications Russian of Nostradamus.

    Tamara Globa bore her husband two children, in 1977 by Maxim and in 1985, Irina. But no children, no joint activity has not retained the marriage of astrologers, which sold, unable to cope with a number of life difficulties. The separation of the spouses have passed difficult, but they kept respect to each other and continue to communicate as good friends.

    Astrology in the life of Paul Globa has an important role outside professional activities. He is a collector of the «death» masks that in his collection there are about 200 copies. His collection Globa believes that it is important cultural heritage for Russia, since the historical database does not have enough materials about the real characters.


    Pavlo Globa

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