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  • Name: Pavel Derevyanko ( Pavel Derevyanko )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Taganrog, Rostov region, USSR
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: Not married

    Pavel Derevyanko: the biography

    Paul Derevianko is a Russian theater and film actor, known to viewers for her role as Kolka Snegirev in the film «we Drove two drivers». In contemporary cinema he has played in many popular films and serials, in particular, the actor can be seen in his famous paintings «the Thaw», «side of the moon», «shadow Boxing».

    Born Pavel Derevyanko 2 Jul 1976 in Taganrog in a family of factory workers. Parents of the future actor, Yuri Pavlovich and Tatyana, all his life worked at the local factory «Red boilermaker» in the family Paul has an elder brother Alexander.

    In childhood the young Pasha was a boy with diverse interests. He was engaged in various kinds of sports and dancing, with no specific positions regarding their future career. In school a guy brought a lot of trouble to their parents and teachers, he had problems with behavior and learning. In eighth grade Derevyanko even decided to leave in the second year for academic failure, but he decided not to continue teaching in the school and dumped her. After that in the life of a guy passed a few years in search of his path – he was accepted into medical school, and in cooking, but never able to prove himself. Paul then attended courses of the hairdresser and decided to obtain a certificate of complete secondary education in evening school, but it lasted less than a month.

    Along with this, the guy was actively involved in athletics and decided to become a bodybuilder, but here the naughty guy ever managed to stay. Literally after 6 months, Paul realized that sports is too boring. Then he decided to prove himself as an actor and enrolled in the local drama «Ladder». Derevyanko was struggling with any roles in different plays, so he decided to go to Moscow and enroll in the Metropolitan College theater. However, there he was not taken seriously and not given the chance. Paul’s disappointment was boundless, and desperate, he left the capital, going to Sochi as part of the show-ballet «Phone», and began to earn a living as a Striptease.

    But the dream never left him and he decided to return to his hometown in the drama «Ladder». A year later, the boy again went to Moscow with the hope to arrive in theatrical Institute, and fortune smiled on him. The guy accepted to GITIS workshop K. E. Heifetz in the acting group, despite the fact that the applicant Derevyanko wrote the dictation on the deuce. Paul enrolled in the University on a contract basis, and the first course Derevyanko took charge.

    Movies and theatre

    The career of Pavel Derevyanko began in his student years. Already in the second year, the novice actor said Nina Chusova and invited to a role of Volodi Teleskopowa in the production of «the Overstocked packaging barrels». This was followed by several roles in productions of «the Overcoat» and «Roberto Tucci».

    After GITIS, in 2000, the actor Pavel Derevyanko played at several theaters, participating in many famous theatre companies. The successful work of a novice actor could be seen in productions of «the Master and Margarita», «Wii», «Imago. Pigmalionum», «Portrait», «roller coaster». In 2007, He joined the troupe of the theater.City Council and became one of the leading actors. He was invited to their production of serious filmmakers like Andrei Konchalovsky and Nina Chusova.

    The debut movie from Pavel Derevyanko took place in 2001. Then the young actor was involved in the project Menshikov’s «Kitchen» from which the young man was abandoned in favor of the invitation of the famous Director Alexander Kott to play a major role in the film «we Drove two drivers». Legendary image Kolka Snegirev brought Derevyanko popularity among filmmakers and viewers.

    Then showered with offers an actor a tremendous rate. Most often, Paul was offered an interesting role in the series, and despite the fact that the actor believes serial fame not for himself, he gladly accepted them, as could not refuse to work in the cast with legendary actors of the national cinema. Thus, the next work was the role of Paul in the TV series «Plot», where his colleagues were Vladimir Menshov, Alexey Buldakov, Andrey Krasko, Sergey Bezrukov, Valery Zolotukhin, Aleksey Guskov. However, this «star» team was eclipsed by a young actor who is remembered by the audience in the image of Vadik.

    Almost all movies with Pavel Derevyanko had a tremendous success that made him one of the most popular actors of modern cinema. For his acting career popular Russian actor has played in 70 films and TV shows. The most successful works of Paul were «Yesenin», «Hitler kaput!», «Burnt by the sun 2», «Enchanted land», «side of the moon», «Heavenly family».

    In 2014, he published the series «Mixed feelings», in which the main role was played by Pavel Derevyanko, Alexander Revva. According to rumors, in the beginning of the filming of the Comedy Revva and Derevyanko was in a very tense and conflicted relationship that almost brought them to blows. But the stars of the television were still able to agree on the set, and soon the creative Duo has grown into a strong friendship.

    In 2015 one of the most prominent roles can be considered to be Peter III in the series «the Great,» in which actor starred in the lead role along with Yuliya Snigir. In March 2016 premiere of the film «Superbboy» with Paul Derevianko and Oksana Akinshina in the lead roles.

    Personal life

    Despite the constant employment in film, the private life of Paul Derevianko filled with lots of romance novels. About loving actor is legendary, but until now, Lovelace was not able to find the one that he wanted to spend the rest of my life.

    In 2010, Pavel Derevyanko was born the daughter of a barbarian from the common-law wife Daria Malisevo. The birth of a daughter is not sedated at the time 34-year-old Derevyanko, who just a few months after the appearance of Varvara plunged into a new love adventure.

    According to friends of the actor, he is called Pablo, star of modern cinema loves his daughter, but to find a common language with her mom can’t. Recent high-profile novels of Pavel Derevyanko, are actively discussed in society, can be called a love affair with a young actress Olga Dymskoy, after which his next passion was the model of Faith Happen. Then there was a stormy affair with the singer Lena knyazevoy and employee of beauty shop Hope Saltanovoj.

    Despite the variability of such loving men, without exception, women of Pavel Derevyanko speak of him as the best companion in my life. In 2012, the popular actor began to appear in public with the former civil wife and mother of his daughter Barbara, Daria, that gave cause for reflection. According to media reports, currently the couple lives together and raising two children.


    • «We drove two drivers»
    • «Ice age»
    • «Plot»
    • «Shtrafbat»
    • «Shadow Boxing»
    • «Yesenin»
    • «Nine lives of Nestor Makhno»
    • «Anna»
    • «Tumbler»
    • «Gromovy. The house of hope»
    • «Love in the big city-2»
    • «Burnt by the sun 2»
    • «The other side of the moon»
    • «Mixed feelings»


    Pavel Derevyanko

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