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  • Name: Pavel Datsyuk ( Pavel Datsyuk )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1978
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian hockey player, honored master of sports of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Datsyuk biography

    Pavel Valerievich Datsyuk is one of the brightest representatives of Russian hockey. Among the five most successful Russian players in the history of the National hockey League (NHL). «Wizard on ice» (nickname Pavel Datsyuk), which creates masterpieces were indeed an accurate designation that embodies the essence of the professionalism of the legendary athlete.

    Pavel Datsyuk was born July 20, 1978 in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg). It is here that launched the career of the famous Russian hockey player. Father Datsyuk has always been authority for the athlete. Once, when Pavel Datsyuk wanted to quit, that respect for the father stopped him from such a rash act.

    Pavel Datsyuk in childhood
    Baby photo

    Paul loves to return to his hometown of Yekaterinburg. Especially dear to him yard in which spent a lot of time in childhood. The highest value in the life of the famous hockey player is, of course, love for mother and father who gave him life and helped in all endeavors. Parents were there with Datsyuk in moments of defeats and victories, while I never judged him and was not charged.

    First steps in hockey

    His career as a hockey player Datsyuk also started in his hometown. He was brought to the local school «Yunost» SDYUSSHOR a boy. A young athlete coached by the famous coach Valeriy Gorohov. Skilled mentor «gave a start in life is not a famous hockey player. Her pupil was and striker Alexei Yashin, who is also considered one of the legendary Russian hockey players.

    Pavel Datsyuk and Valery Goloukhov
    With coach Valery Gorohovik | E1.RU

    Goloukhov was not just a coach for Datsyuk. Thanks to legendary coach Paul got into his first professional club «Spartak», it can be called an important step in the career of the famous striker. «Spartak» did not become a Datsyuk for a lengthy stay, but played in his life a special significance. After a year of hockey was waiting in the club «Dynamo-Energiya». Pavel Datsyuk while playing pretty average. Its small dimensions (height 178 cm) did not allow him to come quickly to advanced positions in the Russian championship.


    In 2000 Datsyuk started to play for hockey club «AK bars», which for a novice striker one of the most important stages in one’s career. It was here that he received his first and very important prize – the silver medal of the championship of Russia. Strangely enough, the statistics of the athlete was at that time not so perfect, but he still offered to go in the NHL next year.

    Pavlo Datsyuk in the NHL
    Part of the NHL championship

    Becoming part of the «Detroit Red wings» in 2001, Paul received the opportunity to work with many world stars of hockey that not only were his teammates, but were teachers of the young player. It was here that he gained invaluable game experience, and career rapidly went up.

    In 2002, Paul helped the «Red wings» (the nickname of the club » Detroit Red wings) to get the coveted Stanley Cup, scoring three decisive goals in the final confrontation. It is in «Detroit» Pavel Datsyuk was a four-time winner of the prize «Lady Bing Traffic», a three-time winner of the prize «the Frank j. Selkie Trophy».

    Pavel Datsyuk with the Stanley Cup
    With The Stanley Cup | Championship

    The team from Detroit last decade of the twentieth century steadily held leading positions in the League. This contributed not only the right policy leadership. Management team successfully worked on the draft, noting all the new talent. Pavel Datsyuk is one of the brightest examples of successful professional work of the scouts of the «Red wings». In 1998, Datsyuk was chosen in the 6th round under the General 171-m number is a club from Michigan.

    The Central striker immediately established itself from the best side. First seasons in the «Detroit» was not particularly successful. The 2004/05 season (NHL lockout) Pavel Datsyuk conducts, speaking for the Russian club «Dynamo Moscow». This break in the NHL went clearly in favor of the forward who is already in the 2005/06 season showed fantastic results – 87 points (28+59). In the following seasons, the Russians demonstrated such as successful performance, becomes the best assistant in the NHL.

    Pavel Datsyuk with the NHL team
    With the NHL | Newspaper.Gee

    Just look at the statistics of speeches known to the attacker, to understand how his transfer impacted the result of the whole team. In 2005/06 and 2006/07 Datsyuk gaining 87 points, and in the next two seasons at 97. Such amazing stability can boast not every, because the critical fall and immediate loss of effectiveness over Datsyuk was observed.

    In 2005, the citizen again leaves US and goes to Russia. Datsyuk has decided to sign a contract with Avangard Omsk, but has not played for the club no formal meeting.

    In 2008, composed of the same Red wings, Paul won his second Stanley Cup.

    Datsyuk in the Russian national team

    In the national team Paul demonstrates less successful results than the American club. Pavel Datsyuk became the bronze medalist of the Olympic games 2002. With his participation of the Russian team always goes to the forefront of the world championship, and in 2012 the national team of Russia became the first in the world.

    Pavel Datsyuk against Russia
    In the national team of Russia | Newspaper.Gee

    During the Olympic games in Sochi Pavel Datsyuk had high hopes. Long and hard there were rumors that the athlete has no plans to play for the national team, but still all these assumptions turned out to be only speculation, inventions of the gutter press. Pavel Datsyuk at the Olympics in Sochi has led the national team of Russia, which in the end would fail.

    Personal life

    When Pavel Datsyuk was 18, he met his future wife, Svetlana. Svetlana the famous hockey player met in his native Yekaterinburg. A young family often had to move from place to place, as the meteoric career of Pavel Datsyuk provided frequent change of clubs, cities and countries. The first feelings turned into a real love affair ended the wedding.

    Pavel Datsyuk daughter
    With her daughter Lisa |

    In 2002 the couple had a daughter Lisa. In 2010, unfortunately, the marriage of Pavel and Svetlana broke up. Today Svetlana Datsyuk lives with his daughter Lisa in Russia. Paul loves his daughter and tries to spend my free time with her. Lisa goes to school and begins to try himself in the music.

    Pavel Datsyuk wife
    With his wife Maria | Russia/sport

    In 2012 Pavel Datsyuk married a second time. His chosen name is Maria. The couple in 2014, a daughter Vasilisa. In his spare time, Paul is always trying to give their children special attention.

    Paved Datsyuk now

    In 2016, the management of the «Detroit Red wings» decides to exchange a contract of Datsyuk in the «Arizona Coyotes», announcing it at the NHL draft in Buffalo. In addition, the «Red wings» give «Coyotes» (the nickname of the club «Arizona coyotes») selection in the first round of the current draft, but get forward Joe Vitale and two selection in the draft.

    A lot of fans of Datsyuk all immediately accused the leadership of Detroit, stating that an experienced hockey player, who became a symbol of the club simply was not needed. In fact it is not.

    Pavlo Datsyuk
    Photo hockey championship

    Such actions show that the American club is pressed a contract with Datsyuk. Financial category of the NHL clubs have certain limitations in specific areas of payment, stabilizing the whole system of payments in the League. Have Datsyuk was still one-year contract worth $7.5 million dollars, which «Detroit» could not «withdraw from the salary cap», so the club was looking for ways to get rid of a hockey player.

    The new payroll has allowed to expand opportunities for the development of the team and select new players. Thus, the process of personnel changes in the American and canadian teams participating in the best hockey League on the planet. Many experienced players do not want to go on the ice for less fees than it was before, and clubs are not able to determine a big deal for many players the whole team.

    Pavlo Datsyuk
    SKA | R-sport

    In the summer of 2016 Alexander Medvedev, who is a member of the Board of Directors of the St. Petersburg SKA, stated that Pavel Datsyuk returns home. 28 August 2016 in the match of the regular championship of NHL Pavel Datsyuk scored the first goal for SKA in gate «Salavat Yulaev». On the 38th second of the Petrograd literally destroyed the defence Ufimtsev, assistant Datsyuk was made by the legendary forward Ilya Kovalchuk.

    In 2017 Pavel Datsyuk intends to continue to play SKA.


    Pavlo Datsyuk

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