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  • Name: Pavel Chukhray ( Pavel Chuhray )
  • Date of birth: 14 October 1946
  • Age: 70 years
  • Place of birth: village of Bykovo, Moscow oblast
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, actor, cinematographer
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Chukhrai: the biography

    Pavel Chukhrai — Soviet and Russian film Director, people’s artist of Russia, who for services to the cinema received several dozen awards at film festivals. In addition, wins was nominated for the American awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe» and the Spanish film award «Goya».

    Pavel Chukhrai was born in the suburbs, in the village of Bykovo, in a family of legendary filmmaker Grigory Chukhrai, the author of the acclaimed military ribbon «ballad of a soldier». Mother of Paul, Iraida Penkova, taught at the school of Ukrainian language and literature.

    Pavel Chukhrai in childhood
    Pavel Chukhrai in childhood | Movie-theater

    In early childhood, Pavel Chukhrai lived with his grandparents on the paternal side in their home in the village of Kaplunivka, which is located in Kharkiv region. Only when the boy was six years old, his father joined the Kiev Dovzhenko film Studio, and the whole family is finally reunited. Paul-I used to wander around the Studio site. Due to the fact that he saw the shooting happen, duplicates, editing, the boy soon began to treat the movie as to interesting art.

    However, for a long time Pavel Chukhray continued to consider the work of the actor a sort of entertainment. Only later, when he as a teenager to get his only acting experience in the movie about summer camp, «Hello, children!», Wins understand that this is hard work.

    Pavel Chukhrai in his youth
    Paul wins youth | Movie-theater

    In 1955, Pavel Chukhrai, along with his parents moved to Moscow, where his adolescent and teenage years. He continues to be at the Studio, this time at «Mosfilm». The idea to connect his life with film fully captured by Pavel Chukhrai to high school. He decides not to continue full-time education, and is arranged in 1962 as a radio-wireman and a light source at the Studio, and finished his secondary education through evening schools.

    In 1964 Pavel Chukhray became a student of VGIK. The faculty of actor’s skill it was not even considered as a possible option, and the directing direction he was forbidden to join the father. Therefore, the choice of the young men fell on the operator’s faculty, where he graduated in 1969.

    Pavlo Chukhrai
    Pavel Chukhray | Russian state musical center

    Having worked in this profession a couple of years and then clearing as the operator of a social short drama «House of five-walls», Paul wins again sits down at the Desk and by 1974, external exams and defends the diploma of a film Director. By the way, a classmate Chukhrai was another famous master of Russian cinema, Karen Shakhnazarov.

    I must say that Paul wins not only led the process of creating movies. He often wrote scripts himself, continued to take up a film camera and also worked in television as a presenter. For example, Paul wins and led the program «Serpentine», «Kinopanorama», «Grand illusion», in which he told fans about the movie different movies. In addition, he was the special guest of the seventh and eighth seasons of entertaining TV show «Dances with stars».


    His directorial career Pavel Chukhrai started with a melodrama «You sometimes remember», followed by action adventure «Who will pay for luck?» and a film about the border, «People in the ocean.» The first big success was the youth social drama «the Cage for Canaries», which debuted the actress Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya. It was the first work of Pavel Chukhrai, who was awarded the Grand Prix at the international film festival in Czechoslovakia and shown on the «cinema Week» in Cannes. Earlier, his paintings were honored with only domestic prizes.

    Next film is «Zina-zinulya» was filmed in the genre of drama and production, despite the great acting and Eugenia Glushenko, Viktor Pavlov, was generally greeted quite calmly. But a brilliant game AI Sawin in the melodrama «Remember me like this» allowed Paul Chukhrai again be a winner at film festivals in Prague and Tokyo.

    Pavel Chukhray, Ekaterina Rednikova, Vladimir Mashkov and Mikhail Filipchuk on the film
    Pavel Chukhray, Ekaterina Rednikova, Vladimir Mashkov and Mikhail Filipchuk on the film «the Thief» | GFAclaims

    In the 90-ies of Pavel Chukhray first taken for a documentary TV project and film «Hawk», which expresses an opinion about politics Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Also in the first half of the decade, the Director switches to a commercial shoot: he creates commercials. But Paul wins wouldn’t be a Folk artist, if and to the is not came up so creatively. His clips for «RIKK-Bank» received the award «Silver lion» and «Bronze lion» in the category of advertising at the Cannes film festival.

    Another breakthrough in the domestic film took place when Pavel Chukhrai filmed the unusual film «Thief.» The painting was included in the top three highest-grossing in Russia, and was a huge success in European countries. For «the Thief» Pavel Chukhrai was awarded a special prize «for humanism» from the head of the Vatican city and also attended the ceremony awards «Oscar» and «Golden globe», where his picture was nominated in the category «Best foreign film».

    Paul wins and Igor Petrenko in the movie
    Paul wins and Igor Petrenko on the set of the film «Driver for Vera» | Movie-theater

    At the beginning of the XXI century Paul wins by special invitation, the famous Hollywood Director Steven Spielberg takes one of the five parts of the film almanac about the Holocaust, which was called «Children from the abyss». The almanac had a very good criticism, and Pavel Chukhrai was awarded the prize «man of the year» by the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia.

    Had a great response the melodrama «the Driver for Vera» and the original film adaptation of the play by Nikolai Gogol «Players», which is a version of Paul Chukhrai was called «Russian game». The latest work of the Director is a love story «Baltic tango», which previously was called «Alien», but closer to the release of the pictures on the screens changed the working title.

    Personal life

    The first wife then young Pavel Chukhrai was the actress Elena Yegorova, the daughter of the film Director Yuri Yegorov, who starred, for example, in the film «Sannikov Land», but generally better known as an actress of dubbing. In the family in 1968 had a daughter Daria. When the girl grew up, she graduated from VGIK, but eventually became a film critic and screenwriter. Elena Pavel Chukhrai has lived for several years, but the marriage broke up.

    Elena Egorova-wins, the first wife of Paul Chukhrai
    Elena Egorova-wins, the first wife of Paul Chukhrai

    Director remarried. With a new wife, kinostsenarii Maria Zvereva, he lives to this day. In 1977 they had a joint daughter Anastasia Chukhrai. The second daughter of Pavel Chukhrai also followed in his footsteps. She graduated from faculty of Economics, founded the educational website «Arzamas», and also works as a TV presenter for such channels as STS and «Home», where he leads the programme «Nest». By the way, Pavel Chukhrai has two granddaughters — Anna and Anfisa.

    Paul Chukhrai and his wife, Maria Zvereva
    Paul Chukhrai and his wife, Maria Zvereva | TV station STV

    In his spare time Pavel Chukhrai loves to travel with his family and also to go with friends on a fishing trip. The Director is a fan of classical music and bard songs by Bulat Okudzhava and Vladimir Vysotsky.


    • 1983 — Cage for Canaries
    • 1986 — Zina-Zinulya
    • 1987 — Remember me this way
    • 1992 — Key
    • 1993 — Hawk
    • 1997 — the Thief
    • 2002 — children of the abyss
    • 2004 — a Driver for Vera
    • 2007 — Russian game
    • 2016 — Baltic tango


    Pavlo Chukhrai

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