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  • Name: Pavel Chekov ( Pavel Evlakhov )
  • Date of birth: 4 September 1971
  • Age: 45 years
  • Birth place: Kostiantynivka, Donetsk oblast
  • Activity: singer, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Chekov: a biography

    Paul Vlahov, also known under the stage name Pavel Chekov, is a singer, musician and founder of the St. Petersburg group «4ehov». He was born and raised in the Donetsk region, in the village of Konstantinovka. Music Pasha became interested in during his school years, but then it was just a fad, nothing more than a hobby.

    After the last class, Paul went to Rostov, where he studied at the Department of analysis and management of economic activities in a local Institute of national economy. And the first years of his career Evlakhov built exclusively in the framework of economy and trade: he was a sales Manager, sales agent, marketing Director and even created two private enterprises. The first of them, wholesale warehouse furniture, lasted not very long, but the second, private video Studio, brings profit to Paul until now.

    But in 2004, reaching a critical age in a man’s life, the so-called «age of Christ», Evlakhov decides to radically change his life. To do business that makes money, but not a moral and spiritual satisfaction, it becomes unbearable. And then Paul moved to St. Petersburg and begins to record his own songs and music.


    The first time the musician was in search of his personal handwriting. He has tried many styles including even a purely electronic sound. In this genre the company Snegiri, he was offered a first contract for publishing the debut album, but Evlakhov refuses, believing this way is purely commercial.

    Instead, the singer creates his own project «4ehov», this kind of creative Association, where songs of Paul are not only themselves, but other musicians, including fairly well-known. Subsequently, the artist under the pseudonym Pavel Chekov has collaborated with such stars as Sergey Zhukov from «Hands up!», Vladislav Butusov, the former vocalist of «the Nautilus Pompilius», sang a duet with the Leroy Masskva. Recently released their joint song «the Champions», which Chekhov wrote and performed paired with another St Petersburg musician Vasya Oblomov.

    New project «4ehov» more gravitated to the live sound that was very popular with the public. Thanks to the Manager Cyril Tikhonina Pavel Chekov speaks at a concert of the popular band «Leningrad» and even goes on stage together with Sergei Shnurov and his compositions fall in the rotation of different radio stations, including the capital.

    The first big hit of the project was the song «Hurt you», which the Czechs sang along with the musicians of the band «Cartel». And in 2005, the world saw the debut album «4ehov: The Best», which included tracks written by Paul in all previous years. Interestingly, the early career group «4ehov» are often confused with the Minsk group «Chekhov», which was created by Belarusian writer and TV presenter Vyacheslav Bondarenko. By the way, is still on some sites the songs of Belarusians attributed to Pavel Chekhov, and Vice versa.

    After the success of the first record Paul moved to Moscow and enters into a contract with a major label. At the capital recording Studio he’s driving songs for a second album which unfortunately was never published due to any disagreements. Instead, the Czechs with guest musicians for their account records «Pop music». The album again was a success, the song «In port» becomes a big hit, and six songs from this album into the soundtrack quite rated Comedy series «Margo». Even 4 years later was published ‘best of’ album «11 songs», but mainly a musician focused on the regular release of new videos.

    Personal life

    When Paul evlakhov with the singer Valeria Garaevoy, more known under the name of Lera Masskva, between the young people ran a spark of love. They began a romance, and in 2007, Paul and Valerie were married. A musician devoted to his wife, the song «Narukami», and together with her starred in the video for this hit.

    In October 2010, Valery and Paul are the parents, they had a son, Platon. A year before the birth of a baby Evlakhov and Gureeva moved to permanent residence in the United States, where there are still, coming to Russia soon for work.


    • 2005 — The Best
    • 2008 — Pop music
    • 2012 — 11 Songs


    Pavlo Chekhov

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