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  • Name: Pavel Astakhov ( Pavel Astakhov )
  • Date of birth: 8 September 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: Russian politician, broadcaster, lawyer, writer
  • Marital status: Married to Svetlana Astakhova

    Pavel Astakhov: biography

    Pavel Astakhov is one of the most well-known Russian lawyers and political figures known all over the world far beyond their professional activities. It has the reputation as the best lawyer of Russia, which was won through successful participation in high-profile trials, representing the interests of stars of show business, famous politicians and businessmen. Since 2009 lawyer, was appointed Commissioner under the RF President on the rights of children and to this day performs his duties in this position.

    Born Astakhov Pavel 8 September 1966 in the capital of Russia in a simple family. His father was an ordinary clerk in a printing establishment, and his mother was a teacher. According to the lawyer, the pull of the law enforcement environment he inherited from his grandfather, who was a prominent chekist and has long collaborated with the organizer of Stalin’s repressions Vyacheslav Menzhinski.

    Childhood is the best lawyer of Russia was held in Zelenograd, where the students finished the secondary school № 609. He was a good student and the good in me. After school, Pavel immediately went to serve in frontier troops of KGB of the USSR and the following two years spent on the border of Finland, which was the starting point in his future career. After service he entered the Higher school of KGB on «the counter-intelligence Department, so the lawyer calls the faculty of law, after which he began his legal career, first in Spain and then at the Moscow College of advocates.

    In 2000 the students moved to America and decided to continue training in their specialty. He entered the magistracy of the University of Pittsburgh by profession a lawyer, and in 2006 in Russia, he defended his doctoral thesis and received the degree of doctor of legal Sciences.


    The career of Pavel Astakhov started with advocacy, which he successfully performed both in Russia and abroad. He became famous thanks to the loud trials by prominent individuals, which have been widely discussed in society. His clients were the founder of a financial pyramid «Vlastilina» Valentina Soloveva who has lied about 17 thousand investors for the sum more than 530 billion rubles. Then «machinators» was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, but later Astakhov helped her parole. Also to avoid criminal liability best lawyer of Russia helped the head of holding «Media-the Bridge» Vladimir Gusinsky, who was charged with theft of state property in the amount of $ 10 million. Also among the customers of Pavel Alekseevich entered the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, the publishing house «Contrasty», the Minister of culture Mikhail Shvydkoy and the stars of the national stage Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Lada Dens, Bari Alibasov, Irina Ponarovskaya, Soso Pavliashvili and many others.

    The next step in your career Astakhov was the television, at which the lawyer appeared as the presenter of the popular judges of the show. In 2006, he became an international judge in the TV show «the Hour of judgment», and also became the leading socio-political show «Three corners with Pavel Astakhov». In 2009, the lawyer has created their own projects on TV called «Astakhov Case» and the show «juvenile».

    Along with TV Pavel Astakhov actively engaged in teaching and literary work. He wrote the novel «the raider» and several books educational and legal content, and he also wrote the legal column in popular publications of «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», «Bear», «Results», «Autopilot». Also a well-known lawyer has given master classes in higher educational institutions of Moscow, sharing with the students of MGIMO, Moscow state University, RGU and the University management of their professional skills.

    The Ombudsman for children’s rights protection of the Russian Federation

    The political activities of Paul Astakhov started in 2007, which was a surprise for everyone. Then he headed the all-Russian movement «For Putin», justifying his decision to a desire to change the legal life of the state and society. Then the lawyer was included in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and of the coordination Council of supporters of party «United Russia». In 2009, the then acting President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has appointed Pavel Astakhov to the post of Commissioner for children’s rights of the Russian Federation, and in 2011, a lawyer was awarded the highest rank of civil service – he was awarded the rank of the valid state adviser of the Russian Federation 1 class. After in may 2012 at the lawyer ended manditski term children’s Ombudsman, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin extended the powers of the Pavel Alekseevich has not yet 3 years.

    For the first 6 months in his new position, he inspected more than 1000 children’s homes in all regional entities of the Russian Federation, and also made a significant contribution to the work of schools and hospitals, houses of mother and child, health and sports camps, boarding schools and children’s colonies. Thanks Astakhov, Russia has passed major reform legislation on adoption of children by foreign citizens. The official paid special attention to the fate of Russian children who live abroad.

    9 Sep 2016 Vladimir Putin dismissed Astakhov’s responsibilities, appointing in his place Anna Kuznetsov. Recently, the name Astakhov often featured in the media because of controversial statements Ombudsman and claims it from the office for countering corruption.

    Personal life

    Personal life Pavel Astakhov stable and transparent. In 1987 the then aspiring young lawyer, married and almost 30 years living in a happy marriage. Wife Astakhova Svetlana at all stages of the activities supported and helped her husband – she was General producer of several TV projects Paul A. and for many years headed the Department for public relations in «the Bar of Pavel Astakhov».

    The Russian Ombudsman for children’s rights has three sons – Anton, Artem and Arseny. The eldest and middle sons Astakhov followed in the footsteps of Paul A. and received a good College education, began to work in the government father. The younger son Astakhov was born in 2009 in nice, where today he lives with his mother.

    Astakhov family were often criticized in society as the children and wife of the Commissioner for children’s rights of the Russian Federation living abroad and owning real estate. In 2013, the family of the Ombudsman for children’s rights was forced to move from nice to Monaco, since French authorities banned Astakhov entry into the country because of the support of the official «law of Dima Yakovlev», which includes a total ban of adoption of Russian orphans by foreigners.

    The income of Pavel Astakhov the 2014, according to official data of the Declaration presented by the Russian Ombudsman for children’s rights, amounted to slightly more than 55 million rubles. Also in his possession there are three «Audi», 4 land plots with a total area of 530 square meters, garage for 2 apartment with an area of 256 square meters. While the use of the family Astakhov is residential real estate in Monaco is now live, and my wife and kids official.


    Pavlo Astakhov

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