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  • Name: Pavel Artemyev ( Pavel Artemiev )
  • Date of birth: 28 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Olomouc, Czechoslovakia
  • Height: 184
  • Activity: singer, musician, the former soloist of group «Roots», the leader of the group «Artemiev»
  • Marital status: not married

    Pavel Artemyev biography

    Pavel Artemev artemyevitch was born in the Czechoslovak Olomouc in February 1983. His family is a mom, writer Galina Artemyev, the Pope Artem Artemyev, a military doctor, brother Zachary, who now works as a journalist, and sister Olga.

    After the divorce the mother married a second time. Stepfather Konstantin Lifschitz is a famous pianist. Paul grew up in a creative atmosphere, but only one went in her mother’s footsteps and chose the music literature. Apparently, its effect on the boy had a stepfather. His first song Pasha wrote at the age of 13. At that period of life when the family lived in Italy, Pavel Artemyev graduated from the Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi in Como, where he learned to play the trombone. Had to work the model: several times participated in the shows of Vivienne Westwood.

    The Institute Pavel Artemyev became interested in Japanese literature. He was reading Haruki Murakami and Japanese haiku. The desire to read all this in the original led Paul to the Moscow Institute of Asia and Africa. But the Department of Japanese language and Artemyev stayed only 2 years. The fad quickly passed, and the boy was again drawn to music.

    Group «Roots»

    Biography of Pavel Artemyev began with participation in the project «Factory of Stars-1». In 2002 Paul was cast and appeared on television. Then the country learned about him as a singer. The popularity of Artemyev came with the song «you Know», a duet with Irina Tonewall, later became the soloist of group «Factory».

    During the project the team was born «Roots», one of the soloists, which was Artemyev. Producer and author of most songs of the group was Igor Matvienko. The team lasted for several years, recording the album «forever» in 2003 and the solo albums of members of the group called «Diaries», which was released in 2005.

    Further, the «Roots» recorded several soundtracks for the series, and in the summer of 2010, the group ceased to exist. He Artemyev says that the team was producing the project, and not an Association of like-minded people. All of the boys belonged to different strata of society and had the opposite music preferences. The result of their joint creativity – 1 album, 16 singles and 11 clips.


    In the fall of 2009, when the project «Roots» was nearing its finish, Paul began performing on the stages of the famous Moscow club «Solyanka» and «Swan lake.» He has appeared as soloist cover band called «Rookie Crew». Paul not only sang, but also played the trombone and melodica. In the winter of the same year he debuted as a DJ.

    Winter 2010 Artemyev presented his new group «21GRAMM». But soon they decided to change the name to «Artemiev». In this project, have already presented two singles «Circles» and «Simptom of life». In October of that year, the team «Artemiev» made the first solo concert. The band performs lyrical rock and is the only «live».

    Theatre and cinema

    Biography of Pavel Artemiev – it’s not just music and songs. Not so long ago Artemyev has appeared as an actor. The debut was the role in the film «the Volunteer» Eduard Boyakov. The film was released in 2008. In 2009 Artemyev began performing on the stage of the theatre «Practice». In may the premiere of a new play «Life is good».

    In 2011 on the stage of «Practice» took place two premiere performances with the participation of Pavel Artemiev, «Poems about Moscow» and «Heat» on the work by Natalia mashinoy. In the winter of this same year the artist appeared on stage of Theatre Studio of IRT, where he played in the play «Till death do us part…». Along with Artemyev staged played Alexander Astashenko and Victoria lezina.

    Next year as a guest actor Pavel Artemev, appeared on the stage of the capital «Library» and the Moscow Studio Theatre IRT.

    From time to time Artemyev appears in the movie. In 2012 he played the artist in the almanac «Astra, I love you», and in 2013-m – the mage in the picture Merkulova «private parts».

    Personal life

    The singer and actor has already crossed the 30 year mark, but still not married. He is often seen accompanied by beautiful girls, but their faces change frequently. In the past there were Roman Artemyev with a graduate of «American idol» Dayneko.


    • Understand you (Pavel Artemyev, Irina Toneva)
    • Circles (The Roots)
    • This
    • Until dawn
    • Feel The Same
    • Salad
    • Listen
    • Wings
    • My city


    Pavel Artemyev

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