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photo Pauline Sibagatullin

  • Name: Sibagatullin Polina ( Polina Sibagatullina )
  • Date of birth: 29 December 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhnevartovsk
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian actress of the satirical genre, the participant of the project «Comedy Woman»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Pauline Sibagatullin : biography

    Polina research assistant, Sibagatullin was born before the New year, 29 December 1976, in the snowy Nizhnevartovsk Tyumen region. The girl’s father worked as an oil worker, mom was a teacher. His artistic inclinations she began to show very early. She loved to be the center of attention, beautifully depicted neighbors and relatives, did not hesitate to sing and dance before any audience. When Pauline was taken to the school, they immediately noticed sociability and artistry student, immediately involving her in the initiative.

    Junior Polina Sibagatullin played small roles in school productions, and in high school already being played in the Club of cheerful and resourceful, organized by classmates and peers. Aspiring actress perfectly improvised and made their own humorous miniatures, which was up instantly.

    Artist Pauline dreamed of being at school. After graduation, she and her mother went to Saint Petersburg, but a firm decision on what University to apply the girl was not. Were two options: trade, economic and theatrical. Mom was persuaded to choose the first, arguing that «the artist will not earn much». Pauline yielded, but only halfway. Becoming a student Trade-economic College, the girl of a day not worked in the specialty. But probably the most favorite thing – the game.

    Pauline Sibagatullin: KVN

    At the Institute student Polina Sibagatullin first becomes an active member of KVN, where closely acquainted with the same fans of the game — Victor Vasiliev and Dmitry Khrustalev. I must say that at the time of the arrival of Sibagatullin University KVN was already quite well known. The team has listed several significant victories. But the arrival of Polina has significantly strengthened the team. Moreover, soon the girl becomes a recognized leader.

    With the «Team of St. Petersburg» it’s making its debut in 1999. This season, the team managed to reach the final game in the Premier League. In the same fruitful for the victory and impressions year Pauline Sibagatullin becomes «Miss KVN». In 2000 a team of University team adds to the Treasury of his winning a «Small Kivinen».

    Soon team of players from St. Petersburg, where during his student years he participated Polina Sibagatullin, becomes Vice-champion in 2002. And after three years gets to the semi-final of the Higher League of KVN. It was the last significant victory of the team of the Northern capital, then the team stopped playing.

    But the finish was not included in the plans Polina, because she just got a taste of the real game. Long before the end of the way his team Sibagatullin contact with other groups of actors of the Comedy genre. So she soon appeared in a new comic projects, but not in St. Petersburg, and Moscow. In 2003-2004-m young actress played in the «national Team of the USSR.» And not just her.

    Pauline Sibagatullin: «Comedy Woman»

    Biography Paulina Sibagatulina with the end of the KVN is not over. It began a new period. The talented artist received an invitation from Natalia, Aprikian in a new Comedy project called Made in Woman. Soon it was renamed to the more appropriate fact «Comedy Woman». Premiere comic show, viewers saw in 2008.

    Pauline Sibagatullin appeared on the screens in the image of Yugoslav poet Madame Pauline, «the secular alcoholic» from St. Petersburg. The flamboyant heroine of Sibagatullin loved to write poetry in a state of elevation, which was achieved by means of alcohol is a necessary companion for my Muse.

    By the way, Pauline Sibagatullin and really a great connoisseur of literature, especially poetry. Rather, this love was grafted to the girl mother, teacher of Russian language and literature. Most of his humorous improvisations and numbers to show Pauline is preparing yourself.

    In 2007 the artist made his debut in the theater. Her old colleagues on KVN Victor Vasilyev and Dmitry Khrustalyov was invited to play in his play «Game three» directed by Braginsky. Production lasted for three years and enjoyed great success with the audience. The band toured the country and in neighboring countries.

    Now Pauline Sibagatullin continues to play in «Comedy Woman» and wants to play in a film. She says she doesn’t want a project in which she now works, was the eternal. It is best to go on the rise. And it would be nice if it was the transition to cinema. By the way, the artist thinks about the second higher education, which must become acting.

    Pauline Sibagatullin: personal life

    Personal life Polina Sibagatullin, unlike creative, closed from prying eyes. It is known that the artist for several years been married with the former Director of Comedy Woman show

  • Dmitry Efimovich. In this Union no children, and generally Polina called it a «mistake of youth». Now the actress is free, and a new marriage not part of her plans. She is very busy and in demand profession, so for the families and children she has no time. Pauline attributed to the relationship with the partner for the performance of «Game three» Dmitry Khrustaleva, but she says that Mitya to her little home and she’s not looking at it through the eyes of a woman in love.

    From Polina Sibagatullin is a hobby she enjoys photography and achieved great skill. Sometimes even think about the fact that after the Comedy show could be a good professional photographer.

    Pauline Sibagatullin: photo

    Pauline Sibagatullin

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