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  • Name: Paula Patton ( Paula Patton )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1975.
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, USA
  • Height: 171
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Paula Patton: a biography

    Actress Paula Maxine Patton was born in Los Angeles, in a family that had no relation to the cinema. Her father Charles Patton studied law, and mother Joyce Vanraden worked as a teacher in a secondary school. Their exotic appearance Floor owes to the fact that the father and mother belong to different races.

    Parents instilled in her daughter a love of learning, and Patton really liked the lessons, especially literature. But important role in future career Paul played the fact that the apartment their family was located next to the film Studio 20th Century Fox. The girl went on tour, and as a teenager began playing in school plays and visit the Amateur drama Studio. In high school Patton enrolled in a specialized school, «Hamilton Magnet Arts», where he continued to study acting.

    Parents tried to persuade Paul to obtain a higher humanitarian education. She agreed and enrolled in the University of California at Berkeley, where he studied English language and literature. However, a student of this University, the future actress was only one course. Then she transferred to the University of southern California cinema and plunged into the theory in the world of film and stage.

    Three months after graduation with honors a young specialist has already found a job. Though not an actress and an assistant Director of documentaries on the Discovery channel, but the Floor and this was considered a breakthrough. In parallel, she realized as the author of songs that were heard on the album «Confessions» the rapper and singer usher, and co-authored other musicians. And in 2005 Paula Patton made her film debut.


    With the first films Paula Patton has collaborated with stars of the first magnitude. For example, in the Comedy «Rules of removal: Method hitch» she starred with will Smith in the Thriller «Déjà vu» with Denzel Washington, and in the tragicomedy «sober» with Kevin costner.

    The experience the actress, as main character, showed in the horror film «Mirrors,» the romantic Comedy «the wedding Test», and paired with Tom cruise took part in creating the next part of the blockbuster «Mission: impossible-Ghost Protocol».

    By far the most well-known role Paula Patton is the female poluork Garona with colorful fantasy film Warcraft. Along with Travis Fimela, Ben foster and Dominic Cooper she was initially considered a Foundation for future paintings. Interestingly, the shooting in the «Warcraft» took Patton a little over a month, including voice, whereas for later editing and applying special effects crew took about 20 months.

    Personal life

    At school Paula Patton started Dating a guy named Robin Thicke, who later became quite a famous singer and composer. Despite the fact that the Floors a few years older than their partner, they are very easily found common language and spent a lot of time together, making plans for the future.

    In 2005, Patton officially married a TICA and has lived in this marriage exactly 10 years. In 2010, the couple had a son, Julian Fuego Thicke, but the birth of a baby is not an obstacle in order for his parents divorced. According to rumors, the cause of the rupture of relations between stars that have been together since 1993, was cheating Robin from British Lana Scolaro.


    • 2006 — My life in Idlwilde
    • 2006 — deja vu
    • 2008 — Mirror
    • 2008 — sober
    • 2011 — the Test of wedding
    • 2011 — Mission: impossible-Ghost Protocol
    • 2013 — delivery of Luggage
    • 2014 What happened last night
    • 2016 — All new
    • 2016 — Warcraft


    Paul Patton

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