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  • Name: Paul Trubiner ( Pavel Trubiner )
  • Date of birth: 20 November 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: village of North, Russia
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Olga Mukhortova

    Paul Trubiner : biography

    Paul Trubiner was born in the suburban village North, in a military family. One of the ancestors of Paul participated in the capture of Berlin, the second served in special military units. In childhood, the boy was not playing the usual toys, but a real military ammunition. It before enter into the world of weapons and power sports. All went to the fact that after school, Pasha will choose one of the military universities and to continue the family tradition. But, as often happens, all decided the case.

    Once Paul Trubiner played in the school play the role of Strawberries in Gogol «auditor». And the performance itself on stage, and preparing for performances so pleased the Pasha that he thought seriously about becoming an actor. The first reaction of the public, who were teachers and students of the school, only spurred the boy to act in this direction.

    It soon became known that the senior classes in the village school of North reduced. Paul saw this as a hint and the hand of fate. He along with a classmate have filed documents to the admissions office of the University successfully passed the exams and was accepted into the Studio of Boris Golubovsky.

    Paul Trubiner: movies

    In 1995, after graduating, Paul Trubiner began to play at different stages of the Moscow theaters. One of his best roles was Tulkinghorn in a dramatization of Dickens’s novel «bleak house». However, the late nineties were a difficult time for theater actors. The theatres are poorly funded, are very rarely visited.

    The artist began an active search for roles in the movie. He tirelessly attended the auditions and were shot in all, including small roles. Biography of Paul Trubiner movie was launched in 2004. The debut can be considered the role of the shift Lieutenant in the popular TV series «Soldiers». And the first serious work of a young actor became the character Kurbatov in the criminal mini-series «Plus infinity». After the release of this project Paul became recognizable, filmmakers increasingly began to invite him to the auditions.

    In 2006, Paul Trubiner invited starred in the film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel «Demons», where he brilliantly played Gaganov. Notable were the role of a commando in the film-accident «the Shift» and Sergei in the action-novel «the Agony of fear.»

    Pavel Konstantinovich Trubiner acquired screen image courageous and more brutal hero, willing to fight for justice. This image and dictated the choice of most of the roles of the artist.

    The real success came to Trubiner in 2007 after the movie «holiday romance», where he played a charming and mysterious Sasha. The following year, the success has brought the role of Kirill Voinov, the leading investigator in the TV series «private order», after which the actor has even got its own fan group on social media.

    The admirers of Paul Trubiner celebrate his role in the tapes about the war. Probably, in them the artist feels the most organic, reminiscing about his military dynasty. Top films become war mini-series «Werewolf Hunt», where the actor played officer Nesterov’s painting «Military intelligence»(the role of climate Pavlovsky) and the mystical detective «the rook» (major Grachev).

    But Paul Trubiner is a diverse artist. It is organic in many roles and is able to convey a completely opposite characters. In the series «Diary of Dr. Zaitseva» (2012), he created an unexpected image of the head of the Romanian gynecology, bringing to this role a certain share of irony. Interesting and his performance as a German agent in the film «Kill Stalin».

    Biography of Paul Trubiner rich. Filmography of the actor includes more than six dozen movies. Among recent works actor – starring in the drama «the Widower», the historical Thriller «Wolf sun», the melodrama «Hasten to love«. All of these tapes was released in 2014.

    Paul Trubiner: personal life

    Personal life of Paul Trubiner was never a source of gossip and gossip. The artist prefers to make a name for himself laying out on the set. Trubiner not like publicity and strongly protects loved ones from pesky reporters. He is married to the repeated record holder in the pentathlon Olga Mukhortova. Wife of Paul Trubiner coach and sports referee.

    Olga and Paul grow up two sons, Paul and Alexander, who is also with child is attached to the sport. The actor regularly visits the gym in his spare time he enjoys hunting.

    Paul Trubiner: filmography

    • Soldiers
    • Plus infinity
    • The devils
    • Shifts
    • Holiday romance
    • Alexander. The battle of the Neva
    • Hot ice
    • Werewolf hunt
    • The doctor’s diary
    • To Kill Stalin
    • Black river
    • Hurry up to love

    Paul Trubiner: photo

    Paul Trubiner

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