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  • Name: Paul Priluchny ( Paul Del )
  • Date of birth: 5 November 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Shymkent, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married to Agata muceniece

    Paul Priluchny: biography

    Many publications and critics unanimously call him the most popular actor of the «new wave». The actor has an army of fans and although, as he admits, loves films, became famous thanks to the TV series.

    Pavlo Priluchny
    Star of TV series | Livejournal

    Biography Paul Priluchnogo starts from 5 November 1987. Childhood Paul Priluchnogo passed in Berdsk. Difficult period of the collapse of the Soviet Union were no signs of the good life. Economic crisis and political inaction reflected criminal groups operating mainly in the provincial towns. Living among criminals, Paul is not stuck in the mud and went out into the world. The romance of gang life, seasoned with the series «Brigada», a terrible force pulled the boys. Guy friends was behind bars.

    Advised the son’s parents, because he almost stepped on a slant. The parents took the leisure of Paul’s sections, as they themselves were directly related to the sport. His mother worked as a choreographer, and his father was engaged in Boxing. The brave boy listened to the advice of parents and followed in the footsteps of his father.

    Pavlo Priluchny
    Photo Paul Priluchnogo | Post-Book

    Sports Paul Priluchny combined with vocals at the school of music and dance. The lack of free time had a positive impact on education. The actor admits: he couldn’t stand the vocals, the dancing, while still not consider it as a male activity. However, educating his son, the parents were categorical.

    Pasha loved going to the fights. Skills strong guy used in my life, I have. «Empty talk Hammami did not make sense, I beat at once!» — says the actor. In 14 years the guy became a candidate master of sports in Boxing. At this stage Paul is done with passion. Frequent concussions have suggested that the head is still needed. At the same time, the family experienced a great tragedy – his father died Pasha.

    Pavlo Priluchny
    At the age of 14 started an independent life |

    Excluding Boxing, Priluchny continued to do choreography. In 16 years, the guy had to quit dancing. A mother with three children was experiencing financial difficulties, and lessons in dance school was expensive. Upon completion of training, Pasha studied at the drama school of Novosibirsk, where he moved one. After graduating he joined the troupe of the theatre «Globus». Two years Priluchny was on the stage where a brilliantly performed a few main roles.

    The Conquest Of Moscow

    On arrival in the capital Priluchny got into a fight. Trying to find rental housing at the time of exams, the young man went to the real estate office. Agreeing a price with the intermediary, he left 15 000 bail and appointed a meeting near the metro. At the appointed time at the station, no one came, he was deceived. Morning naive simpleton contacted the police, but he was comforted that even a little lost. Furious, the artist returned to Tverskaya street, trying to find the truth in the adventurous office. On a rude or sarcastic response, he made a large-scale fight.

    Paul Priluchny in the theater
    On the stage of the globe theatre | Fanparty

    In the capital, the actor entered the theater, on the course of Konstantin Raikin. The apartment did not have to search, boy got a room in the hostel. The first difficulties of the theatrical life, the actor felt at the theater when I acted in a production of «White sheep» in the first place of work in the theatre » globe. Excelled in the role of Robin Oleksa from the musical «NEP», where it was involved about 200 people.

    In 2010, he graduated from GITIS, where he completed S. Golomazov. The actor took part in productions of the Moscow theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and also played on the stage of theatre of a name of Mikhail Bulgakov and the training theatre «GITIS».


    A cinematic biography of Paul Priluchnogo began with episodes. He began appearing in movies while still in GITIS. The debut was the appearance in the TV series «School №1». This was followed by the film «Web», «Workers», «Club». The role of Paul Priluchnogo was a minor, but effective.

    Paul Priluchny in the series
    The role of Ruslan Avdeev in the TV series «the game» | the Blog about the movie

    Fame brought the main role of an action paintings «In the game». In the film Paul Sanaeva Priluchny played the role of a cool player Dock. Reincarnate was easy, the actor says. At the time the young man spent much time in gambling halls and was fond of «Counter».

    When the Director was looking for a chip for the main character, Priluchny decided to get a tattoo in the neck. Tattooed DOC, according to the actor, not so much belongs to the character, much like his image. It can be interpreted in different ways, and in this respect Paul a lot of ideas. A tattoo does not prevent him from acting, because the makeup works wonders.

    Paul Priluchny in the series
    In the role of Maxim Morozov in the series «Closed school» | full Movie.RU

    «The game» is not the only successful film project with the actor. In 2011, the screens presented a premiere of a serial «the Closed school». Hero Paul 16 – year-old son of a wealthy father. Beneath the exterior lies a spoiled sensitive, vulnerable soul. In the company of close classmates character of Paul investigates a chain of mysterious and terrible events. The series won the sympathy of millions of viewers.

    Working in the filming of the series «Closed school», the actor managed to appear in other projects. He starred in the detective series «Method Laurel», which starred Svetlana Khodchenkova, crime television series «the Life and adventures of Teddy jap», in which the main role was played by Evgeniy Tkachuk, Thriller «Gamers», continuing the story of «the game».

    Paul Priluchny in the series
    In the role of Igor Sokolovskiy in the series «Major» | TV Person

    Only subsided rave reviews about the role of Paul Priluchnogo in the TV series «Closed school», as the actor invited the main role in the detective-crime series «Major». Critics agreed on the opinion that the creators of the show turned out a fascinating story, despite the apparent from the first glance trivial subject. The series with Paul Priluchny was in the top ten, and the actor called «discovery 2014».

    Specific role of the actor in the shower. He admits that «playing anti-heroes more interesting and more fun.»

    Paul Priluchny 2016

    The actor continuing to star in a movie. Interestingly, most of it works without an understudy, because, according to Pasha, the artist should be able to do much myself.

    In November 2016, the start of the show «C 2» with Paul Priluchny in the title role. The main actors here will be as before Karina Razumovskaya, Dmitry Shevchenko, Alexander Oblasov and others. In the role of cameo appeared in the film and Vera Brezhnev.

    Perfectly show themselves in comedic roles Prilichnom managed in the film «Kilimanjaro», the shooting of which was completed in late 2016. Pasha’s partner was actress Irina Starshenbaum. Paul Priluchny, the films which attracts more and more viewers to TV screens, took part in creating the Comedy drama «Life ahead». The premiere is scheduled for 2017.

    Personal life Paul Priluchnogo

    In 2006 the private life of Paul Priluchnogo has undergone changes in its fate stepped in love. At this time Paul Priluchny finished studying the course Raikin, which invited American celebrity Nicky reed. The girl came to the school Studio to visit a friend who was getting education in a foreign exchange rate. Overseas diva was fond of Paul and has gone to his head – Priluchny love.

    Paul Priluchny and Nikki reed
    With my first love |

    After 7 days, Nicki had left the city, and the young artist lost his head. Correspondence lasted long, the lovers were planning to get married. For Nicky, the artist interrupted his studies and went to work as needed the money. Once Nicky had stopped taking calls and answering emails, it was the end of a beautiful story.

    Paul Priluchny and Agata muceniece
    With his beloved wife |

    In 2011 on the set of the TV series «Closed school» Pasha met the actress Agatha muceniece. On the screen between the characters broke out of mutual love. Then nobody suspected that in real life similar picture. Soon Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got married and gave birth to son Timothy.

    Paul Priluchny family
    With wife and son |

    Note that the hand and heart of his wife, the artist proposed on the first date, but Agatha did not appreciate it seriously. After living together for two weeks, Paul tried again, and the lover agreed. The couple decided not to delay, and 20 days after the application for the personal life of Paul Priluchnogo changed dramatically — they were married.

    Paul Priluchny with my daughter
    Happy father with his wife and daughter

    Paul’s wife Priluchnogo 3 March 2016 gave him the best gift after giving birth to daughter MIA.


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    Photo Paul Priluchnogo

    Pavlo Priluchny

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