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  • Name: Paul Mike ( Pavel Maykov )
  • Date of birth: 15 October 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi, Russia
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, singer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Maria Saffo

    Paul Mike: biography

    Paul Mike was born in the Moscow region, in the small town of Mytischi, in the family of the driver Sergei Sergutina and artist on textiles Anna macavoy. In hometown boy lived for 5 years. After his parents divorced he and his mother moved to Kiev.

    The next ten years Paul lived in Kiev. During this time he graduated from music (piano and violin) and a secondary school. In 1992 he decided to enroll in drama school named after B. Shchukin. For this his mother moved to Moscow, but to do that he has failed.

    The next two years the guy has tried many professions. He worked as a salesman in the market, by courier, and even tried his hand at a profession, «the gambler. But Paul Mike had already decided his future, he knew that his calling – scene. However, the same was decided and his sister on my mother’s side — is now a famous singer Anastasia Stotskaya.

    In 1994 he began working in a mobile puppet theatre, and soon – in the theater Studio under the name «Mirror». At the same time, the aspiring artist took classes at the Moscow art theatre, because of this he was able to successfully enter the acting Department of GITIS, workshop of Paul Chomsky.

    In 1998 Mike graduated from GITIS and got a job in the theater «Sphere», where he worked for a year. At this time he also led the program «Find me» and «PANOPTICON».


    First Paul Mike appeared in the movie, when I was in my third year GITIS. It was a role in a Korean movie called «Mercenary Ivan». Work did not bring him popularity, as the tape was never broadcast at Home.

    The popular actor took part in the musical «Metro», which the audience was able to see 22 October 1999. It was the first popular musical in the post-Soviet space, it is Paul Maikova got one of the main roles.

    But the real star hour the actor was struck, when he participated in the cult series «Brigada». The role of the «Bees» in «the Brigade» brought him immense popularity. After that Paul literally rained down offers to work in many projects.

    Central role in the TV series and movies («Your honor», «Soldiers», «Two», «Unofficial assignment», «Master», «the Landing is landing», «Alibi for two») were in addition to the track record of acting.

    In 2008 Paul, along with actor Aleksey Sekirin he created the band «7 percent». At the club «B2» in 2010, was their first concert, which the audience greeted very warmly.

    The latest works of Pavel Maikov — series «Hounds: the Trap» and «the dragon Syndrome». He is also involved in the filming of the series «Infidelity».

    Personal life

    A large number of stormy romances and scandals in his personal life Paul Mike is no different. In his biography it is possible to note only the three women with whom he was in a serious relationship.

    The first is his classmate Mariana M. Berezovskaya, he was with her for about three years. She now works for radio Liberty.

    The second Maslovskaya Ekaterina, the actress, who became famous thanks to her role as a maid Marina in the TV series «thank you For everything». He met her in the course of work on the musical «Metro». In 2001 Mike made Masłowska proposal and they got married. The father of the actor was in 2003, when he was born the son of Daniel. But soon after the child’s birth, the couple broke up.

    The third important woman in the life of Pavel Maikov was Maria Saffo. According to the statements of the actor, he has long been secretly in love with Mary, but he was stopped by the fact that Saffo was the wife of each actor Mikhail Gorevoy. Despite this, the lovers finally have started to meet, and then Mary went to maykovo. Saffo became the second wife of the actor.


    • «Mercenary Ivan»
    • «The sins of the fathers»
    • «Nine days until spring»
    • «The way home»
    • «Team»
    • «And there was war»
    • «The dragon syndrome»
    • «Hounds: The Trap»
    • «Distance»
    • «Treason»


    Pavlo Mike

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