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  • Name: Paul Mason ( Paul Mason )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1961
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Ipswich, UK
  • Activity: the postman, the famous fat man
  • Marital status: not married

    Paul Mason: biography

    Paul Mason was once considered the fattest man in the world. Six years ago this British man weighed 444 kg, which was a record of body weight. Now Mason is an example of the dedication and consistency of a man who was able to lose 2/3 of its weight.

    Paul Mason was born in the UK in 1961, in Ipswich, in the County of Suffolk. At the age of twenty years the guy was a tragedy – his father died, and mother had serious health problems. When this has been added and unrequited love, Mason decided to stabilize their emotional state with food. Over time, the habit of seizing heartache turned into a dependence on food. Floor consume several times more food than is necessary, but the volume began to exceed normal levels tenfold, and reached 20,000 calories a day. For thirty years the weight of Paul Mason has increased seven-fold, the stomach is very stretched and did not allow him to feel full power.

    Paul Mason.

    The problem with weight Paul Mason worked as a postman. When the excess weight is not to allow him to move actively, he was promoted to the post of sorter of letters. It was not until 1989, is seen in the theft of customers ‘ parcels future the fattest man in the world was fired and got six months in prison, however, this has not led to weight loss. Freed, Mason began to eat even more and soon reached an incredibly huge weights.

    Not being able to care about themselves, Paul was placed under the guardianship of the British national Health Service. They appointed aid allocated from the state budget, which went to food, clothing (often the Finance for this item was spent on food, too), wages of two nurses, the selection of suitable housing (houses with small Windows made it impossible to make the fat person from the premises in emergency situations), medical care (routine exams, medicines, operations, etc.). Only the government allocated for the maintenance of approximately 1.5 million dollars (over £ 100,000 per year), are just going to take about 70-75 pounds per day.

    Diet the big man was divided into three meals and a few snacks for Breakfast, he ate a package of bacon, four eggs, four sausages or sausage, bread and potato fritters; at dinner – four servings of fish, two skewers and a bag of chips for dinner – fast food (pizza or curry); snacks consisted of sweets and the like. As a result, the weight of Paul Mason to lose weight was 445 lbs.

    As fat to move or care for himself could not, he was helped by two nurses, who are constantly present in the house, monitored the health of every hour change the position of his body to avoid bedsores, washed it and smeared with cream. To move people could only on a special wheelchair, but soon stopped leaving the house because the doorways were too narrow for his bulky body. One day, when he aggravated his hernia, rescuers had to dismantle the window and the wall to take Mason to the hospital.

    The progressive increase in excess weight has aggravated the condition of the Floor. In the 50 years of age the doctors predicted him a short life, then Mason decided to conduct a complicated surgery gastric bypass, in which the stomach of the patient the doctors had to wear special ring, which reduces its size to a volume of chicken eggs. As a result, the saturation occurred sooner, and the weight loss was possible savicev not from the physiological situation, but from the effort of Sex. The operation was carried out that gave the fat man in the world hope for a normal future.

    Paul Mason after weight loss

    To do stomach surgery on Mason encouraged not only the fear of imminent death, but also a new love. Around the discussion of the problem of excess weight and weight loss Paul and his future sweetheart struck up a very warm and interesting correspondence, which later resulted in mutual feelings and sympathy. Mason finally felt a reason to live and decided to do everything possible to lose weight, gain healthy weight, going in the weight category up to one hundred pounds. This would lead a normal life, not to leave the house, drive a car.

    And he had almost reached his goal. For six years Paul Mason lost 305 kg — to the level of 154 kg, while lose weight rapidly, showing a tendency to a new set weight. It significantly reduced the amount of food consumed, began to eat only twice a day: at Breakfast one eats toast for lunch (or dinner) – boiled meat and vegetables or fruit. It is almost completely self-service, can get up, get out of the house.

    The only difficulty experienced by the former fat, there is excess skin, which hasn’t blown down due to the rapid weight loss, and which can be removed only surgically. Surgeons singled out Mason for a year, during which he needs to keep his weight in a stable state before operation will be possible. And while the former fattest man in the world and his lover are looking for funds for carrying out this procedure, as the British health service because of budget cuts, is not able to allocate the funds.

    Paul Mason: personal life

    One of the famous fat man of the planet is a girl named Rebecca mountain. During correspondence with his lover, Paul Mason was repeatedly convinced that this was the woman of his dreams, with which his fate had for his shortage. Believing in destiny and happy future, Mason soon wants to propose to her.

    Paul Mason: photos

    Paul Mason

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