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  • Name: Paul Lushnikov ( Pavel Lychnikoff )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Paul Luchnikov: biography

    Paul Luchnikov — American and Russian actor of theatre and cinema. One of his most significant works — the role of the Telegraph Besenova in the American television series «Deadwood». Domestic audience Paul is familiar with the 3rd season of the TV series «Fizruk» and Thriller «homeland.»

    He was born and raised in Moscow. After school the young man has applied to all College theater of the capital and was accepted as a famous ACTOR. Studied Luchnikov with inspiration and full dedication, and while still a student, managed to debut on the stage in productions of Russian classics — Gogol «auditor» and «Crime and punishment» based on the novel by f M Dostoevsky.

    But the diploma of a professional actor Paul Lushnikov received in a very difficult time for the country. The Soviet Union ceased to exist and the work could not even find the famous, this popular artists. Tired of knocking on closed doors, the guy decided on a desperate step: in the last money he buys a plane ticket and five dollars in his pocket and with knowledge of English on the everyday level, travels to the United States.

    To some extent he was lucky. Quickly he met with a professional boxer Jonathan banks, who aspires to be a kid friendly support. Luchnikov got a job, and in his free time he took private lessons with renowned teacher Gary Austin. Gradually Russian actor became an American citizen and made his way to Hollywood.

    Now Paul is in demand not only in movies but also in theatre. He plays in the play «Refuge» on stage Los Angeles theater «Odyssey» and together with the company was 5 times nominated for popular award «the ovation».


    Through training in Gary Austin Paul Luchnikov managed to get to the film Studio 20th Century Fox and debut in the TV series «NYPD». Then his account was serial films «Dark skies,» «Nash bridges,» «Buffy the vampire Slayer», «the big Bang Theory» and many others.

    Removed a lot an actor in feature films. It should be noted Thriller «playing God», the psychological drama of «Slavery» fantastic picture «Cloverfield», adventure film «Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull», action «die hard: a Good day to die», a sci-Fi film «Star trek». The greatest success of the actor himself considers the role of the Telegraph Besenova in the television series «Deadwood».

    For his American career Paul Luchnikov, or as it is called in Hollywood Pasha, Lychnikoff, has worked with such stars as Harrison Ford, Colin Farrell, Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie, David Duchovny, Bruce Willis and many other prominent artists.

    The last time Paul began to appear in the domestic sets. He starred in the Russian Thriller «homeland» in the role of a guy named «Space», and in the new season rating of the series «Fizruk» Luchnikov depicts one of the hero Dmitry Nagiyev. His character Michael, nicknamed «Buddhist» appears to be a good, decent man with a well-established Eastern philosophy.

    Personal life

    Paul Luchnikov a very humble person, not a spoiled numerous interviews. He says almost nothing about his secret life, although the ubiquitous journalists managed to find out that the actor is married and has a son.

    Arriving in Russia, Paul not only visited remained in Moscow mother, but not necessarily toured, and Christian churches. The most favorite temple he has Novodevichy convent.


    • 1997 — Playing God
    • 2002 — Spy
    • 2005-2006 — Deadwood
    • 2007 — Slavery
    • 2008 — Cloverfield
    • 2008 — Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the crystal skull
    • 2013 — the big Bang Theory
    • 2014 — Tokarev
    • 2015 — Fatherland
    • 2016 — PE


    Pavlo Luchnikov

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