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  • Name: Pavel Aksenov ( Pavel Aksenov )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Director, producer, photographer
  • Marital status: married Lyubov Aksenova

    Pavel Feldman: the biography

    About Pavel Aksenov, a creative person and, of course, the bright, speaking after his appearance alongside the rapidly rising star of the national cinema Love Aksenova. 26-year-old actress became famous after the release of the popular film «Closed school», «Survival», «Embracing the sky» and the 2nd season of «Major.» Therefore, a person whose name today is actress, attracts attention.

    Paul Aksyonov
    Not like publicity | VK

    Probably, Pavel Aksenov don’t like it, because it is kept in the shadows, never giving interviews and information about it very little.

    He probably was born in the spring of 1982 in the capital. But the reliability of the information, you can be sure, because she was taken from different sources in social networks.


    What kind of education did Paul Feldman, unfortunately, it is difficult to say, but from the interview of the actress, it becomes clear that her husband served in the army. After serving some time he worked as a driver-mechanic.

    Paul Aksyonov
    Producer, Director, photographer | VK

    But creativity is probably always present in the young man. Because the further biography of Pavel Aksenov tied to producing and directing. But this is not the movies, commercials, game development, recording music videos and even fashion design.

    All that Paul deals with their peers in a Studio called «Community 73», where he works as Executive producer.

    Personal life

    The acquaintance of this beautiful and talented couple was held in autumn 2012 in the theater. Lyuba Novikova, it was the name at that time, the actress was invited to the premiere of the film with his participation of his friend. He came not alone, but together with a friend.

    Probably, it was love at first sight. Because already after the second meeting, the couple did not break up.

    Paul Aksyonov I Love Aksonova
    Wife and Any | Around TV

    Pavel Aksenov and Love Novikova married in January 2013, after only 3 months after the first meeting. Their wedding was a humble and warm home. At the celebration were invited only relatives and closest friends. After sitting in the cosy restaurant, the young couple went to his beloved grandmother Luba, who was unable to come to the wedding.

    Paul Aksyonov I Love Aksonova
    Wife |

    Personal life of Paul Aksenova he had a happy. He has full understanding with his beloved beautiful wife. No professional jealousy of the success of Luba, he does not feel. Moreover, the actress claims that the man gives her the most valuable advice in the work. She consults with him when she sent scenarios of new projects.

    Pavel Aksenov with his wife
    Spouses and associates |

    Take the wife most of the time. Therefore, the joint trip pair most often associated with the shooting. For example, when India were shot picture of Peter Buslova «Rodina», which included Luba, Paul flew to her at the first opportunity. Similarly, Aksenov visited Paris.

    Paul Aksyonov
    Happy together |

    On holidays, the couple go into the woods, where they can be alone away from the bustle of the city. And every morning they starts with the obligatory runs.

    Yet this wonderful couple has no children, but in my dreams and future plans they already have.


    Paul Aksyonov I Love Aksonova

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