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  • Name: Paul Dano ( Paul Franklin Dano )
  • Date of birth: 19 June 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 185
  • Activity: American actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Paul dano biography

    This Paul Franklin, better known to us as Paul dano, was born in June 1984 in new York. In his family no one related to the world of art. The father was engaged in business and for this reason, the family often changed their place of residence.

    The Floor of This child and his younger sister Sara was in new York, but then the family moved to Connecticut. Here, in the town of new Canaan, Paul and Sara continued to go to school. But to complete their secondary education they had in the third school, which was though in the same state but in another town – Wilton.

    After receiving a diploma of secondary education, Dan is back in the city of his childhood – new York. He enrolled in the famous lang College, which operates at the New school for liberal arts.


    Passion for the theatre came from the Floor of This very early. In 10 years the guy went to the casting of one of the Broadway theatres. At age 12 he made his debut in the play «the Heir to the wind.» In this production played by such famous actors as George C. Scott and Charles Durning. Their skill made a huge impression on the young actor, forcing to think seriously about his future in the profession.

    A cinematic biography of the Floor-This started when he was barely 17. At first it was a tiny episodes in the Comedy «Smart guy». But 2 years later, in 2000, the Floor was entrusted to a prominent role in a feature film. It was a family drama «Beginners». Hero Joel performed by Dan instantly brought the novice actor to the pinnacle of popularity.

    After the «Newcomers» The Floor began to offer a major role.

    In 2001, the actor appeared on the screen in the gloomy drama «Lie.» He played a troubled teenager Howie Blitzer from long island. This image required deep thought and subtle psychology. The guy, confused about what is evil and what is good, what is suffering because of family problems, steals, Paul has played very well. For this work he was awarded the main jury prize of the Sundance film festival and the award «Independent Spirit Award» for the best newcomer. Few young artists have received such large awards.

    The next major success was the work in the adventure film «Little miss sunshine». This film was recognized as a masterpiece immediately upon its premiere in January 2006. He was even nominated for «Oscar» in the category «Best film of the year». Game Floor This has been recognized by critics and audience is impeccable.

    2007 gave This new victory. Picture of Paul Thomas Anderson’s «Oil» brought a young artist nomination for a BAFTA. But, unfortunately, half a step Floor of This bypassed his colleague Javier Bardem. However, after the premiere of this drama about the Field all. Major publications wrote that «the appearance of This Floor in the frame, like a jolt of electricity, makes the picture glaring». Other reviews were in the same spirit.

    It is noteworthy that the young and very popular artist often appears in low-budget independent projects. Those that often choose the «promoted» to newcomers. Although his popularity a Given Floor can choose the main roles in «star» Directors of our time. He explains this behavior by the fact that prefers to work with Directors whose projects interested him. Thus the main goal for an actor not to get rich faster, and professionalism.

    To evaluate the professionalism and skill of the American stars of cinema, the domestic audience will be able to do looking at the picture of Tom Harper’s «War and peace». This is another adaptation of the unforgettable novel by Leo Tolstoy. You can argue about how close the Floor played the character Pierre Bezukhov to the image drawn by the classic, but you can’t argue about the existence of talent in the young actor.

    Another notable work of the last projects of This Floor – painting «Love and mercy». It is a biographical project of William Polad about Brian Douglas Wilson, the iconic American musician, the founder of the group The Beach Boys. Paul dano played in this film the main role.

    Personal life

    In our time, the actor lives in new York, where not only working but also studying at University. In his spare time he reads modern literature. And playing in a band «Mook». Paul is the guitarist and vocalist of the band.

    Personal life of Paul This is a romantic relationship with actress Zoe Kazan. Young people often appear together at various events. But the wedding has not yet spoken. Each of them a lot of time and effort gives his beloved work.


    • «Beginners»
    • False
    • «Neighbor»
    • «Taking lives»
    • «Little miss sunshine»
    • «Fast food nation»
    • «Oil»
    • «Where the wild things are»
    • «Storming Woodstock»
    • «Love and mercy»
    • «War and Peace»


    Paul Dano

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