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  • Name: Paul Chinarov ( Pavel Chinarev )
  • Date of birth: 23 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 186
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Paul Chinarov: biography

    Paul A. Chinarov – rising star of the Russian theatre and cinema. On the horizon he appeared recently, but did not notice it was difficult.

    Chinarov was born in St. Petersburg in may 1986. His family to the world of acting had no relationship to one, that did not prevent Him from becoming an artist.

    After high school he enrolled in the legendary St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts. Chinarov studied on the course of Lev Dodin’s famous, opened it, and gave the country not a star of cinema and stage.


    After graduating from Spbgati Paul Chinarov began to take the first steps in his career. First, it sheltered the theater «Shelter comedian», the scene is an aspiring actor made his debut in the play «Cyrano de Bergerac». It was followed by no less interesting productions, among which the most striking, «Summer, whom we had not seen at all» and «Shopping & F*king».

    From 2011 Chinarov started his collaboration with another Saint-Petersburg theatre, which is modernist and intellectual character of the productions of «Theatre Post». Viewers saw the young actor in an experimental play «Shoot/Get Treasure/Repeat» and «Closed doors», which put a talented Director Dmitry Volkostrelov.

    In recent years, the St. Petersburg actor works in Moscow. He fundamentally does not agree to enter into troupe of some of the theater, preferring to work on the contract. This leaves freedom of action and does not to grow fat». Metropolitan viewers watched the game Paul in performances «the humpbacked Horse», «the Pickwick papers» Dickens», «an Ideal husband» and «the brothers Karamazov» on the stage of the Moscow art theatre and productions of «Gargantua and Pantagruel» and «Idiot» on the stage of Theatre of Nations.


    A cinematic biography of Paul Chinarev – this is a small number of films. However, a wide range of audiences, the actor remembered it was after a bright appearance on the screen.

    Debuted Chinarov, like many of his colleagues, in episodes of popular series. The first was «the Opera: Chronicles of lethal Department», «Foundry, 4», «Tula Tokarev», «Crime and punishment» and «Cherkizon. Disposable people».

    Striking episode went to Paul in the film «Garpastum», which was released in 2005. The main role here went to the St. Petersburg colleague chinareva Daniel Kozlovsky, which gave him a new experience.

    Star role came to Paul Chinarevo in 2015 and 2016. First, the screens out the picture «Cloth Union» Michael Mestechko. As later shared by the Director, Chinareva he found that the artist who perfectly approached for the lead role – «pitching-intellectual». For this work Paul had to learn to play the accordion and master the parkour, he did great. Premier «Rag Union» was held at «Berlinale». After the final scene the audience applauded the actors and the Director a standing ovation. Soon the film was shown in Russia.

    The second picture Thriller «the Route is built,» directed by Oleg Asadulin. This is one of the few contemporary domestic horror movie. Paul Chinarevo again entrusted to play the main character. In tandem with him Svetlana Ustinova. It’s a film experiment, film the calling, which was released in March 2016.

    Personal life

    The actor sincerely and willingly speaks on all topics related to his work on the set or new projects in film. But the personal life of Paul Chinarev — the topic is closed. He considers immodest to stick out out that applies only to him.

    At the moment we only know that Paul was not married. But who next to him is a mystery.


    • «Crime and punishment»
    • «Obsessed»
    • «Retiree»
    • «Tula Tokarev»
    • «Cherkizon. Disposable people»
    • «Four-eyes»
    • «Ivan and toljan»
    • «Cloth Union»
    • «Klim»
    • «The route is built»


    Pavlo Chinarov

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