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  • Name: Paul Bartak ( Pavel Barshak )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Pavel Barshak: a biography

    Paul Bartak was born in Moscow. He grew up in an ordinary family of electrical engineers. As a child Pasha mentally trying on different unusual profession dreamed of becoming an astronaut, a garbage truck driver. The choice was made thanks to his older brother Alexander, who from an early age was fond of theatrical art. In the end, Paul decided to attend the same acting classes, and big brother.

    Pavlo Bartak s brother Oleksandr
    Brother Alexander | Things-Dryukov

    Soon the boy couldn’t imagine myself in any other profession. That is why, having matriculation, he from the first attempt arrived in the Russian Academy of theatre arts, selecting the Director’s office. Pavel Barshak was incredibly lucky: he was enrolled in the workshop of Peter Fomenko.

    Already in his student years, Paul Barshak managed to show their best side. Teachers remembered him as a diligent student and a promising actor.

    Pavel Barshak and Evgenii Tsyganov
    With Evgeny Tsyganov

    In his spare time, Paul fled to the rehearsal of the punk rock band «Toast», in which one of the soloists was his best friend Yevgeny Tsyganov. Because music is another passion of the artist, which he had in his youth.


    In 2001, after graduating from the directing Department, Pavel Barshak enlisted in troupe of the Moscow theater «Pyotr Fomenko Workshop». Here, the young actor has worked for several years, playing many interesting roles. The most famous works Barshak on the stage of the theater were roles in «Mad of Chaillot», «the House of broken hearts» and «Egyptian nights».

    In addition, the actor has participated in antrepriznyh the setting of Alexander Abdulov called «Family idyll».

    Paul Bartak at the theater
    At the theater | Workshop P. Fomenko

    Paul Bartak has not given up the theatre and then, when it came to popularity in cinema. He cherishes their theatrical roles and the «live» energy that is exchanged with the audience whenever he is on stage.

    Artist and can be seen today on the stage. But unlike the movie, where Paul Bartak is often played heroes-lovers in the theater, he gets diverse roles.


    A cinematic biography of Pavel Barshak started in the early 2000s. Debuted aspiring actor in the wonderful two-part film, Dmitry Astrakhan «Lady for a day». Here he got a small role, but on the set of this Comedy, Paul met such masters as Marina Neyolova, Oleg Tabakov, Aleksandr Filippenko and Alexander Kalyagin. The picture was published in 2002 and proved to be an excellent start for the novice actor.

    Pavlo Barshak in FLM
    In the movie «a Walk» | rock film

    And in 2003-m in the career of the young artist had a breakthrough, after which he regularly received offers from the Directors. Paul Bartak starred in the films «Time is money» and «Tartarin of Tarascon». But not for these projects, and the famous drama by Alexei Uchitel «Walk» did the actor recognizable. He starred together with his classmates and friends Irina Pegawai and Eugene Tsyganov.

    This work has earned high praise from film critics and was warmly received by the audience. All three young actors showed great skill. «Walk» is now considered modern classics.

    Paul Bartak in the series
    In the series «Adjutants of love» | the Fan Party

    Not spared Pavel Barshak party and TV shows, the popularity of which, starting from the 2000s, increased. The actor starred in several seasons of the project «Soldiers», then appeared in the TV series «Big walk», «emergency instinct» and «Adjutants of love». But the most striking works of the young actor to call his role in the black Comedy «Night seller» and the melodrama «the snow maiden for an adult son.»

    These projects not turned Pavel Barshak in the star of the national cinema, but the recognition and invaluable experience brought. The following work allows critics to speak of the increased skill of the artist, his maturity. I come to this conclusion and attentive audience, who are watching with interest the development of the work of this artist.

    Pavlo Bartak
    Photo artist | Livejournal

    In a multiseries melodrama «Love is not what it seems», «the Game» and the dramatic film «the Pharmacist» in which Paul Bartak starred Svetlana Khodchenkova, Sergei Puskepalis, actor plays more confidently. Every movement and facial expression – thoughtful and intelligent.

    In the second decade of the 2000s, the screens out the new movies of Pavel Barshak, who found its way to the hearts of the audience. Series «Process», «Legend for detective», «I’m around», «love Under the gun» received high ratings and a warm welcome. But the highest grossing project was a remake of the famous painting of «the Three Musketeers». The tape was released in 2013. Magic Paul Bartak appeared here in the form of a romantic Aramis.

    Mr. Bartak in the role of Aramis
    In the role of Aramis | Movie-Theater.RU

    Later it was produced the series in which viewers saw the actor in the same way. Great company Pasha built the Rinal Mukhametov, Alexey Makarov, Vasily Lanovoy and Ekaterina Vilkova.

    Of the most recent paintings, seen by the audience in recent years, it is necessary to highlight the melodrama «the Right to love,» in which Paul Barshak plays a major role, as well as projects for «the Alchemist. Elixir Faust», «the other side of the moon-2» and «election Day-2». In the filmography of the actor more leading roles.

    Pavlo Bartak
    Became an actor thanks to his brother |

    Paul Bartak maintains warm relations with his older brother, Alexander Barshak, through which in his youth made the right choice and became an actor. Sasha is a film Director. Paul has starred in several of his paintings: the short films «the call» and «His island» and the last, the most famous project of Alexander – Comedy «election Day-2».

    Personal life

    In his spare time, Paul Bartak enjoys playing the guitar together with Yevgeny Tsyganov. Their group of «Croutons» as the student friendship that exists today. In this «old» companies often appears Irina Pegova. The artists are United not only by memories of student years and the first successful operation on the screen – in picture Teacher «Walk», but a sincere desire to communicate and share new experiences.

    Pavlo Bartak z sin Fedor
    With his son Feodor | Around TV

    Personal life Pavel Barshak is not the favorite topic of conversation. The artist is reluctant to answer the questions of journalists eager to dig up anything juicy. Perhaps that’s why you said so many mysteries and secrets. It is known that Barshak married for a second time. In my first marriage with a girl named Anna Politkovskaya he was born Theodore. Why the couple broke up, and now ex-wife – is unknown. But the son of Fyodor stayed with her father.

    Paul Barshak with his wife Eugenia
    With his wife Eugenia |

    Later Paul Bartak married a charming girl named Eugenia who was younger than her husband for 6 years. In this marriage a second son of actor – Thomas. Eugene designer. The actor rarely appears with his wife and children at various film festivals and in public places. It seems the couple prefer comfort and don’t like to attract unwanted attention.

    Paul Bartak is a wonderful father. He tries to be an example for sons and gives them as much time as remains from working in film and theater. Together with the boys he plays football or computer games.

    Pavlo Bartak , Olena Radevich
    Elena Radevich | Husbands and wives stars

    Long time fans believed that he had the perfect marriage and a strong family. Maybe it is, and rumors about the novel Pavel Barshak with a colleague Elena Radevich – only inventions of journalists of the yellow journals. The actors met on the set of the melodrama «Flying butterfly».

    Since then, the media and social networks say about a romantic relationship of this couple. In a press there were few joint photo taken by the paparazzi. Rumor has it that Barshak left his wife, though not divorced her officially. Evidence of these rumors are there, so fans of Paul continue to hope that the family with the beautiful Zhenya he’s all right.


    • 2003 – «Walk»
    • 2005 – «Adjutants of love»
    • 2005 – «Big walk»
    • 2006 – «destructive power-6»
    • 2007 – «maiden for an adult son»
    • 2009 – «Love is not what it seems»
    • 2012 – «Flying butterfly»
    • 2013 – «the Three Musketeers»
    • 2014 – «Right to love»
    • 2016 – «election Day-2»


    Pavlo Bartak

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