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  • Name: Paul Allen ( Paul Allen )
  • Date of birth: 21 January 1953
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Seattle, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation
  • Marital status: not married

    Paul Allen: biography

    Paul Allen was born in Seattle on January 21, 1953. Future «billionaire from Silicon valley» was born in an intellectual family. His father, Kenneth Allen at the time of the birth of his son was a soldier, but in 1960 was appointed assistant Director of the library at the University of Washington. Paul’s mother Edna faye Gardner worked as a teacher.

    Parents since childhood instilled son a love of reading, science, thirst for knowledge. Being poor, they barely make ends meet, but still had to pay for his son at a prestigious school. The family gave young Paul the faith in your strength and unconditional support.

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen | BSO

    Allen Sr. encouraged the passion of his son, prompted him to do what he really likes. Partially based on his quote «do what you love» Paul subsequently built their lives.

    Familiarity with bill gates

    Over the years of training in school, Paul Allen was fond of various branches of science, but his true passion was computer science. «Brother in spirit» he found in 1968: bill gates studied at the same school, only two classes younger. And Allen and gates liked to play poker, and that poker table, they met each other. Love technology and dream that someday every person will have their own computers, it is strongly rallied us.

    Paul Allen and bill gates in his youth
    Paul Allen and bill gates in youth | GetAnswer

    Some time after this fateful experience company Computer Center Corporation», which was close to home Allen, has announced the recruitment of assistants to test a new model of computer. Bosom buddies, and several of their friends from school without delay enrolled in the state.

    After some time, another firm «Information Service Inc.» ordered the guys writing a program in COBOL, and in return was allowed to use the computers as much as they want.

    Paul Allen and bill gates
    Paul Allen and bill gates | Incolors

    As he told Allen, adult programmers looked down on the students, but still sometimes stoop to in order to share with them the books on various programming languages. The guys studied them day and night and only after reading one book instead of receive the following. You never know what could end this story, if not for the bankruptcy of the company.

    After high school, the way Allen and gates had briefly separated. Paul went to Washington state University because his parents had no money to pay tuition son in a more prestigious University. Around the same time was invented the first ever model microprocessor «Intel 4004». This invention in perspective meant to make the computer suitable for placement in small room is more than possible.

    Bill gates and Paul Allen in his youth
    Bill gates and Paul Allen in youth | 20 minutes

    After reading the article about the Intel 4004, Allen did not hesitate to share the news with each other. He was convinced that microprocessors will become increasingly compact and sophisticated, and they would become the basis of computer. About a year after this inspiring opening friends, spending 360 dollars (a lot at the time), bought the Intel 8008 microprocessor.

    The guys decided to develop a computer that will be a new word in the traffic control. Their joint venture, gates and Allen called «Traf-O-Data», and it brought them a small profit, although in General the title of «breakthrough of the year» is clearly not pulled. Pretty soon the young programmers had to close his company, which, however, did not undermine their desire to succeed in the IT field.

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen | Nizhouse

    And there was another fateful news. In 1974, the company «MITS» announced the production of the first personal computer which was named «Altair». Inseparable friends quickly realized that the creators of the PC got a lot of work on the creation of a convenient programming language, without which their development would be of little use. In addition, bill and Paul have been preserved by practices from the activity of Traf-O-Data.


    Assessing the achievements of both developers now, it’s hard to believe that they had to demonstrate considerable tenacity and persistence to convince the MITS of the need to take them to work. But, fortunately, an agreement was reached and work started. Buddies got a full contract, according to which undertook to develop for the Altair programming language and was given its own office to be productive.

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen | The Westside Story

    The name «Microsoft» buddies first used in 1975. The corresponding line was included by them in the source code developed for an interpreter for the BASIC programming language. Allen and gates, whose contribution to computer science cannot be underestimated, have long puzzled over the name of your company, and concise Microsoft in the result seemed to them the best option. The essence of the name is clear: software development for microcomputers.

    Paul Allen and bill gates
    Paul Allen and bill gates | The Washington Post

    Gradually to engage in the production of personal computers began more and more brands, and they all turned to Microsoft since bill gates and Paul Allen already had the necessary developments. And in 1980, gifted and enterprising programmers truly «skimmed the cream», taking an order to develop the operating system for IBM, bought at a reasonable price «OSes» Q-DOS from Tim Paterson developer, reworking it in PC-DOS and reaping huge profits.

    In 1983, the Allen, the state of which at that time ended in a significant number of zeros, sold all of its shares of the company. Part of the reason was a disagreement with an old friend, partly in Hodgkin’s disease, a serious disease, against which the programmer has spent about two years.

    Paul Allen today

    Currently, Paul buys a yacht, is embedded in various media and entertainment projects, gives to charity and is even planning to build the world’s largest plane, which can be used for low-cost of launching satellites into space.

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen | Investment portal

    In addition, Allen wrote the book «the Billionaire from Silicon valley», which describes the story of his success, his services to the IT industry and told interesting facts from the life of Paul. His book is very popular, and soon after publication it was dismantled for quotes.

    Funny, Paul Allen sometimes confused with the eponymous character in the film «American psycho», played by Jared Leto. Actually the programmer has nothing to do with this character irrelevant.

    Personal life

    Gender has never been such a media person like bill gates, and therefore about his personal life much less is known. It is known that Allen loves to play chess, playing guitar, diving and reads a lot. Unfortunately, the press is not known whether Paul had a wife and kids. In any case, to date, no evidence there.

    Paul Allen
    Paul Allen | The Washington Post

    IT is the billionaire owner of basketball team Portland Trail Blazers and the soccer team «Seattle Seahawks», and also partial owner of football club «Seattle Sounders».

    The Yacht Paul Allen's Octopus
    The Yacht Paul Allen’s «Octopus» | Mononews

    As already noted, his great passion is boats. Including the Sex of the ship Octopus (this is one of the largest yachts in the world).


    Paul Allen

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