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  • Name: Patrick Swayze ( Patrick Wayne Swayze )
  • Date of birth: 18 August 1952
  • Age: 57 years
  • Date of death: September 14, 2009
  • Place of birth: Houston, USA
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: American actor, dancer and singer-songwriter
  • Marital status: was married to Lisa Niemi

    Patrick Swayze: biography

    Patrick Wayne Swayze was born in August 1952 in Texas, in Houston. At the time of its appearance in the family already has grown up daughter Vicki Lynn. Later born younger brothers don and Sean Kyle. Little sister Bambi’s parents adopted her. Descendants of the Swayze was Irish, English, and even the Apaches.

    Patrick’s father, Jesse Wayne Swayze worked as an engineer, and my mother was known in the US as a choreographer. Eventually she founded her own ballet school, where he studied and Patrick. The boy was fond of swimming and football. He has brought sports prizes and awards, but perfectly studied. All these circumstances did not guarantee good relations with peers. Patrick Swayze was considered a Mama’s son and was often hurt. First, the son ran to his mother in tears, but when he grew up, the woman realized that the problem should be solved fundamentally. She took the boy into a martial arts school where he after some time got a black belt in kung fu. Now no one dare to offend the young Swayze. In addition to a black belt in one of martial arts, behind Patrick was two complete ballet school.

    As a dancer Patrick Swayze made his debut in a Broadway musical called «Brillianteen». He has performed on stage with the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov. Trauma to the patella in 1978 put an end to the career of a dancer. It happened when He reached a rather noticeable peaks in his career – he was a leading dancer of the troupe. Operation made his return to the ballet of the impossible. From depression saved her son’s mother. She reminded Patrick that in his childhood he well debuted at cinema, having played a few small roles in serials. Back to the set is a good option to implement ambitious intentions.


    Soon, a former dancer began to study acting. A cinematic biography of Patrick Swayze began in 1979. This year he appeared on screen in the episode of the picture «Skytown». Then followed roles in the television series «Renegades» and «mash». Particularly successful was the novice actor series «North and South».

    In the early 1980’s Patrick Swayze appears in feature films. In 1983, in «Rogue States.» After a year in the anti-Soviet film «Red dawn». Was successful the picture «Young blood». But the real, most popular actor brought the film Dirty dancing, released in 1987. Patrick woke up famous. The tape immediately became a cult classic and grossed a huge sum of $ 170 million. And Swayze finally felt that the work brings not only fun, but also glory, and a lot of money. For his work in «Dirty dancing» where he starred with Jennifer grey, the actor received 200 thousand dollars, and the award «Golden globe».

    After «Dirty dancing» offers from renowned Directors fell for Patrick Swayze in large numbers. Now he could choose which scripts those projects in which he wanted to participate. Every year went on a new film, and even a few paintings, which starred Swayze. In 1987, the screens released tape «Steel dawn». After a year of «Warsaw nicknamed Tiger». Then there was «road House» and «next of kin».

    In 1990 Patrick Swayze played another stellar role, starring in the drama film «Ghost» with a rising Hollywood star demi Moore. For the work in this drama, Patrick was awarded the prize «Saturn».

    In the early 1990s Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze starred in high profile Hollywood projects «On the crest of a wave», «City of joy» and «Desperate dad». The late 90s saw the release of the brilliant hit film «Black dog» and «Letters of the murderer».

    In his film work Patrick, a professional dancer and owner of a black belt in kung fu, never used the services of doubles. One such light-hearted courage gone bad. The actor fell off a horse filming and broke both his legs. The recovery was long, but perseverance brought success: Patrick was again able to walk and even dance. I wonder what tragic accident and severe injuries have given birth in the artist crazy passion for horses. He soon started to breed them on his California ranch. Late Patrick Swayze took part in the competition for the races, which took place in the desert of the Arab Emirates. More than that: a desperate American overcame the whole distance and was the only one of his countrymen who managed to get to the finish.

    In the early 2000s Patrick Swayze starred in Parkville Dirty dancing – the movie «Dirty dancing 2: Havana nights.» And although he played a cameo role, his fee amounted to $ 5 million.

    Last visible pictures Swayze was a tape of «king Solomon’s Mines», «keeping mum» and a soap film «the Beast.» During his career in the movie Patrick Swayze three times nominated for a Golden globe.

    Illness and death

    In March 2008, with permission of Patrick Swayze his doctor reported the cancer of the actor. This was done due to the many rumors, which spread the yellow press, and in which there were lots of lies.

    In the early summer of that year, Patrick announced that he feels much better and the growth of tumors of the pancreas, stopped. Swayze really believe that radiosurgery «Cyber-knife», which he did, very effective. At the end of 2008 Patrick Swayze shared plans next year to write his memoirs. But in January 2009, the actor allegedly hospitalized with pneumonia. In April, the doctors reported numerous metastases in the liver. Did not Patrick Swayze in mid-September 2009.

    Personal life

    18 years old Patrick fell in love with 15-year-old dancer Lisa Niemi, with whom he studied at the ballet school. After 3 years Patrick and Lisa were married. They went together to new York, where he performed in a Broadway musical. Personal life Patrick Swayze was happy. The only thing that spoils it is the lack of children.

    Lisa Niemi helped her husband to cope with alcohol dependence. Later, after learning about his illness, she has become a real guardian angel Patrick. The couple lived in love and harmony for 34 years, until Patrick’s death at the age of 57 years. Recently, the couple lived on a ranch favorite Swayze in new Mexico, which was called «Happy days». The ashes of the actor were scattered over this ranch, as he commanded.


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    Patrick Swayze

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