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  • Name: Patrick Stewart ( Patrick Stewart )
  • Date of birth: 13 July 1940
  • Age: 76 years
  • Place of birth: Mirfield, Yorkshire, England
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Patrick Stewart: biography

    Sir Patrick Stuart Hughes is a British actor, best known for the roles of captain Jean-Luc Picard in the TV series «Star trek: the Next generation» and Professor Charles Xavier in the series of films «X-Men». He is also one of the main performers of the troupe of the Royal Shakespeare company.

    Patrick was born in Yorkshire, the son of a seamstress Gladys Barricklow and British army officer Alfred Stewart. Stuart, Jr., had two older brothers Geoffrey and Trevor, and the age difference between the boys was very considerable. The family of Stewarts lived rather poorly. On poverty were imposed and depressing atmosphere in the house is Alfred, returned from the war with post-traumatic stress disorder, practiced household physical violence against his wife and children.

    Patrick Stewart in childhood and youth
    Patrick Stewart in childhood and youth

    At the age of 11 Patrick gets into secondary school, where the teacher of English literature organized a drama club. Amateur children’s theatre, and continued participation in the performances of Stuart real outlet. Four years later, a young man drops out of school and gets a job at the newspaper is the obituaries and writing notes. But in fact this profession was a cover in order to pay more attention acting. The fact that the young man was supposedly to gather material for a new article, and the whole day was at the rehearsals. A year later he was released.

    Hardly any of the fans of the English theatre scene, will judge the talented 16-year-old actor because he chose to play the characters of Shakespeare, instead of writing in a newspaper a short note about the dead citizens. Gradually, the art of transformation Patrick has reached such a level that he became the leading performer of one of the world’s best theatres — the Royal Shakespeare company. For services to the country in the field of art Stuart was awarded the order of the British Empire, and in 2010 Queen Elizabeth II has devoted it in knights.


    In the movie Patrick Stewart made his debut in the mid 60-ies, and when you consider all television projects to date, the actor has appeared in more than 150 films, most of which were serials. So the fecundity and industriousness of this man is staggering.

    First popularity came to the British in 1984 after the release of the sci-Fi film «dune.» But the main glory gave Stewart a continuation of the legendary series «Star trek: the Next generation». In 1993, the actor was even named the best TV performer of the last decade.

    Patrick Stewart in the film
    Patrick Stewart in «X-Men» | Marvelite

    In «Star trek» Patrick filmed until 2002, when was the last time played the role of captain Jean-Luc Picard in «Star trek 10: Nemesis». But to replace one legendary image came another: Stuart turned to Professor Charles Xavier from the film adaptation of the comic book «X-Men». This character still with him, as the actor plays it in other parts of the marvel blockbusters.

    Refuses Patrick Stewart and scripts written in other genres. For example, it should be noted Thriller «Conspirators,» the historical tragedy «the lion in winter», a crime-fiction series «the Eleventh hour» and television fairy tale «Spirits of Christmas».

    Personal life

    Through family pressure, since childhood has had on Patrick Stewart a serious impact, but also because of the fact that in 18 years he began to lose the hair on the head, the young man was very notorious and was acquainted with the women. However, in 1965, he married choreographer Sheila Falconer, with whom he lived for almost a quarter century and gave birth to son Daniel and daughter Sophia. By the way, his son followed in his footsteps and even starred with his father in the movie «death Train» and the TV series «Star trek».

    Patrick Stewart and his first wife Sheila Falconer
    Patrick Stewart and his first wife Sheila Falconer | NorthWorks

    In 1994, the actor has been Dating film producer Wendy Neuss, whom he met while working on a joint project. Their relationship developed steadily, with the change of status every three years: in 1997, Wendy and Patrick got engaged in 2000, married, and three years later officially divorced, having a divorce. According to one, reason for the separation was a long affair of Stewart with actress Lisa Dillon and others short, but shocking affair Patrick with actor Tom hardy.

    Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell
    Patrick Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell | Newsonia

    In 2008 the play «Macbeth» at the Brooklyn Academy of music, Stewart met an American performer of his own songs, Sunny Ozell. They dated for five years and then got married in September 2013. It is interesting that the wedding ceremony was conducted a best friend of the groom, the famous actor Ian McKellen. The couple live in their own house in Brooklyn.


    • 1984 — dune
    • 1987-2002 — Star trek
    • 1993 — Robin hood: Men in tights
    • 1997 — Conspirators
    • 1998 — Moby Dick
    • 2000-2014 — X-Men
    • 2003 — the lion in winter
    • 2005 the Game of their lives
    • 2005 — the Mysterious island
    • 2015-2016 — blunt says


    Patrick Stewart

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