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  • Name: Patrick Dempsey ( Patrick Galen Dempsey )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1966
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Lewiston, Maine, USA
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, racing driver
  • Marital status: divorced

    Patrick Dempsey: biography

    Patrick Dempsey is an American actor, most remembered by the audience for the role of Dr. Derek shepherd in the multi-season medical drama series «grey’s Anatomy». Also Dempsey is familiar to sports fans as a professional racing driver, silver winner 2015 in the big race «24 hours Le-Mana».

    Patrick was born in the North American state of Maine. His hometown is Lewiston, but from there the family moved to the town of Turner, and then settled in Bouckville, where passed the childhood of the future actor and his two older sisters. The boy’s father, William Dempsey, was an insurance agent, and mother Amanda Casson worked as a Secretary in high school.

    No one can explain where Patrick was born the desire to speak in public. In 10 years, he has taken the first steps in this direction. However, at first the boy was interested in circus arts. He attended a special Studio, where he learned to juggle well and juggle. In 15 years, the young man even took second place at the international jugglers competition, losing only to Anthony Gatto, the future record holder of the Guinness world records and the most technical magician in the history of the United States.

    Dempsey himself said that his desire to succeed at the theatre or the circus field is due to the fact that as a child he was diagnosed with dyslexia, therefore, career in many other sectors was not available. But here Patrick was determined never to give up and to always strive for self-improvement. In 1981, he first takes on the role of youth in the formulation, then a few years continues to go on stage in different plays.


    For the first time in the movie, Patrick Dempsey starred in 1985, but in that picture his name is not even included in the credits. Gradually through the secondary role he got to the main character in the romantic stories of «can’t buy me Love». From the movies of the 80-90-ies also worth noting teenage Comedy «Happy together» and «Hero-lover», a science-fiction film «20,000 leagues under the sea» and the Thriller «outbreak.»

    In the twenty-first century career of the artist became more interesting. First, he played a schizophrenic in the TV series «once and again» and was nominated for the award «Emmy», and then there are paired with Reese Witherspoon in the Comedy «sweet home Alabama», with Amy Adams in fantasy «Enchanted» and Hilary swank in the crime drama «freedom Writers».

    But the biggest success brought medical Patrick Dempsey TV’s «grey’s Anatomy», which the domestic audience could see also called «grey’s Anatomy». The role of the beautiful and talented doctor Derek shepherd brought the actor award screen actors Guild USA, as well as several nominations for prestigious film festivals.

    In 2013, Patrick starred in the title role in the Comedy Dutch production «Ushi must marry», and in September 2016 on the screens out another part of the Saga of the lives of amazing girls «Child of Bridget Jones».

    Racing driver

    Since 2004, Patrick Dempsey acts as the professional athlete race car driver. One time he even thought about how to end his actor career and fully focus on the rally. However, combining cinema with the sport, Dempsey manages to participate in a large number of American and European races. He formed his own team, Dempsey Racing, which is highly competitive in the popular racing series tournaments «Le Mans».

    I must say that these statements can not be called unsuccessful. Career race car driver Patrick six times stood on the podium, including he won the silver medal 2015. Says the actor, on television and in the movies everything happens smoothly and on a strictly planned schedule. But in racing, he feels every second, every moment of life because at any moment everything that happens can change dramatically.

    Personal life

    The first time Patrick Dempsey got married when he was 21. His wife was an American actress rocky Parker, who was older than her husband for 27 years. Moreover, she had mother and best friend, Patrick, also actor Corey Parker. Some time rocky took on the duties of Manager of her young husband. After seven years of marriage, Dempsey and Parker divorced.

    After some time the young man met with the hairdresser and make-up artist and stylist Jill Fink, which went down the aisle a second time. In this family a daughter Tallulah and twin brothers Darby and Gaden? Clan Patrick. In 2015, the couple filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage officially broke up. But after a few months Patrick and Jill started Dating again. And although by law they are not together, the former husband and wife consider themselves a couple.

    The actor has several favorite hobby: he collects Antiques, is involved in renovation of buildings of historical value, and loves to go skiing.

    Spectacular appearance of Patrick’s many times used in advertising famous brands. At various times he was the face of the perfume lines of Versace and l’oreal, advertised sunglasses from the company «Silhouette» and even promoted an optical cable from Mexico Cablemas, and this commercial was also focused on the rudeness of her husband.


    • 1987 — can’t buy me Love
    • 1989 — Happy together
    • 1997 — 20,000 leagues under the sea
    • 2002 — sweet home Alabama
    • 2005-2015 — grey’s Anatomy
    • 2007 — Enchanted
    • 2007 — freedom Writers
    • 2008 — Friend of the bride
    • 2013 — Ushi should marry
    • 2016 — Child Of Bridget Jones


    Patrick Dempsey

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