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  • Name: Patricia Kaas ( Patricia Kaas )
  • Date of birth: 5 December 1966.
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Forbach, France
  • Height: 165
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Patricia Kaas biography

    French singer Patricia Kaas is one of Russia’s most popular Western pop singers. The style of musical compositions performed by the singer — a mixture of jazz and pop music. The formula of success is a constant tour around the world.

    Patricia Kaas in childhood
    Patricia Kaas in childhood

    Patricia Kaas was born 5 December 1966 in France in miner’s family in which except it was more than six children. A large family of miner Joseph and Housewives, Irmgard lived in a province near the German-French border. This was a German family with French citizenship. To the school children communicated in German, which was not uncommon for Lorraine.

    In childhood, Patricia loved music and singing, the mother encouraged it. Schoolgirl repertoire consisted of songs Dalida and Mireille Mathieu. She sang and foreign hits of Liza Minnelli. His career Junior Kaas started very early age of 9 she was performing on the dance floors and festivals as part of Black Flowers, at the age of 13 enters into a contract with the cabaret-club » Rumpelkammer in saarbrücken.

    Patricia Kaas in childhood
    Patricia Kaas childhood | Puterea

    16 working in the Agency models of Metz. Her fees become the main source of income for a large family. Patricia’s childhood ended very early.


    To reach musical peaks at a young age was not possible, the second Mireille Mathieu producers were not needed. To reach Olympus, she was able at the age of 19. It was noticed by the architect Bernard Schwartz, who liked her performance at the club. Schwartz invites the girl to Paris and introduces the songwriter françois Bernheim. On his recommendation, patronage it takes himself Gerard Depardieu.

    The first single for Patricia wrote songwriter with Elizabeth – wife Depardieu. The song «Jalouse» («the jealous one») with no success. A real hit becomes a song, written by Didier Barbelivien, under the title «Mademoiselle chante le blues». In the air thing appeared in late 1987 and took fourteenth place in the ranking of hits.

    The album of the same name was released in January 1988 and was in 2nd position. From went gold, and by the time platinum in France, Belgium and Switzerland. About three million discs sold around the world. A young debutante in that period was not easy: she had a seriously ill mother, and in 1989 she was gone.

    Patricia Kaas in his youth
    Patricia Kaas in youth | Womanadvice

    After a year a French singer goes to long, 1 year and 4 month tour of the countries. Kaas invited in the Paris halls, the walls of which were made by legendary pop stars. Starts cooperation with the record company «CBS Records» coming out «Scène de vie», presented in thirteen countries, including Japan and the Soviet Union.

    In 1991 Patricia award «World Music Awards». In the competition for the title of «Best international singer», in which she was involved with Whitney Houston, Madonna, cher and Tina Turner, the Frenchwoman gets the «bronze» prize. The best album in the German-speaking world recognized as «Je te dis vous».

    Movies and music

    Tour singer cover more countries, and his fame grows. The first of the singers she is sent to Vietnam after the bloody war there. Tours cover almost the whole of Asia, including Korea, Thailand and Cambodia. In 2001, releases the compilation album «the best of the Best».

    Patricia Kaas in his youth
    Patricia Kaas in youth | Hazzen

    In the same year starred in the films of Claude Lelouch «And now, ladies and gentlemen.» Her partner on the film was Jeremy irons. Hand in hand he and Mademoiselle Patricia Kaas may 25, 2002 passed on the red carpet of the Palais des festivals in Cannes. There were rumors that they had a loving relationship, and someone even caught a couple in a lingering kiss. But the development has not received. Most likely, the affair was orchestrated by leluche to add spice to the film.

    There are new albums, millions of fans applauded Kaas concerts in France and while touring around the world. The singer ranked third in Marianne, performs with Placido Domingo, the famous tenor Alejandro fernández. There were also failures — the album «Sexe Fort» was not very popular. After presenting the CD, the singer for two years takes a time-out.

    Has toured and performed in Russia in March 2005 — concert in Irkutsk, in 2006 in Tyumen, October 18, 2009, in Barnaul. In 2008, Kaas sang with the group Umaturman. They performed the song in Russian «do Not call». The first verse sung in French. For a long time she was at the top of the charts in Russia. It was the first modern Russian song, earlier in the Russian language it was performed «dark Eyes» and «I like that you are sick not me.»

    In the same year the album «Kabaret», sold over 90 thousand copies. In France, sales amounted to more than 200 thousand copies of disks. The tour in support of it that includes a solo concert singer, was successful and took place in many countries. In February 2010, Patricia together with Russian pop star Alsou, Presnyakov, and other successful acts in the Kremlin. Stream concert took place on the First channel of Russian television on international women’s day.

    Patricia Kaas at the scene
    Patricia Kaas on stage | the Eurovision song contest

    In 2012 in Europe, the USA, Japan and Canada very popular new album and the program «Kaas sings Piaf». Concerts are held in many countries and cities. February 26 — March 2, 2013 performances in the Olympia concert hall in Paris. 3 Dec 2013 the singer performs a program in Moscow «Crocus city Hall», December 9 at the Kiev national Opera.

    In 2012, Kaas in the lead role in the film Thierry Binisti «Assassine» («Dead»). Often Russia and giving concerts in Moscow.

    Eurovision 2009

    In January 2009 it became known that Patricia Kaas will represent the country at the «Eurovision 2009». About it it asked the management of the channel France 2. The final was held in Moscow on may 16. Patricia sang «Ets’ilfallaitlefaire».

    The performance of this day was for her the most difficult, as it coincided with the date of the death of her mother. During the voting, a French singer scored 107 points and took 8th place.

    Interesting facts from the life of the singer:

    • Earns singing since 9 years old;
    • It often happens in Russia and is popular among Russian listeners;
    • A huge number of albums;
    • Active concert work and endless touring;
    • Shooting a commercial;
    • Seventh place in the Eurovision-2009.

    Personal life

    Compared with career, personal life, Patricia was not the way she wanted. An example of a successful marriage was for her own family and parents with family holidays and their quiet, simple life filled with concerns about children, and each other. In his youth the doctors said that Patricia could not have children. This was the real blow.

    Patricia Kaas and Cyril Prior
    Patricia Kaas and Cyril Prier | Provilschools

    In the early years she had feelings for Bernard Schwartz, but no answer. Then she had a relationship with her Manager, Cyril Priera, but man he never became. If we talk about the novels, they had a lot, but wedding is not reached. Among her Boyfriends were and Alain Delon, but the singer denies it, calling their relationship friendship. That might be so, but beautiful courtship, a romantic date with gorgeous bouquets of roses and Declaration of love was on everyone’s mind. At the Cannes festival on the red carpet, they also went together.

    Patrisia Kaas and Philip Bergman
    Patricia Kaas and Philip Bergman | Sight

    The last few years she had a relationship with a guy named Philip. For her sake, he, already an established composer, he moved from Belgium. The pair were going to get married, but Patricia was too focused on her career and before marriage is not reached. At parting, he said claims on the property of Kaas that was a real blow. Another passionate novel was the relationship with the chef Yannick Alleno, but they also did not end the marriage.

    Patrisia Kaas and Yank Allen
    Patricia Kaas and Yannick Alleno | TopNews

    How old is the singer, it is still good? What does now? Judging by the photos, my 50, the singer remains the same elegant, fragile and beautiful woman. And today it remains a musical icon for her many fans. The audience loves her not only for a powerful voice, but also for the power of the individual. In November 2016, she released her tenth Studio album with Warner. This album and its activities will be devoted to singer big tour.

    Patricia Kaas
    Patricia Kaas | Ranak

    Patricia Kaas not only performs songs that become hits, and starred in commercials. Company «l’etoile» invited her to become the face of the cosmetic company. Singer advertised products from March 2008 until the end of 2013. In late summer 2009 on television ads tea «Lipton» with the participation of Kaas.


    • 1987 – Mademoiselle chante le blues
    • 1990 – Scène de vie
    • 1993 – Je te dis vous
    • 1997 – Dans ma chair
    • 1999 – Le mot de passe
    • 2002 – Piano Bar
    • 2003 – Sexe fort
    • 2008 – Kabaret
    • 2009 – 19 (The best of)
    • 2012 – Patricia Kaas Chante Piaf

    Greatest hits:

    • Mademoiselle Chante le Blues,
    • Mon Mec a Moi
    • Voyage voyage
    • Dallman,
    • Il Me Dit Que Je Suis Belle
    • If You Go Away, and many others.


    Patricia Kaas

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