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  • Name: Pasha Mikus ( Mikus Pavel )
  • Date of birth: 24 November 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 189
  • Activity: run
  • Marital status: not married

    Pasha Mikus : biography

    Pasha Mikus called atypical blogger. Its short 6-second videos (vine) are mostly good and positive.

    Paul Mikus was born in the capital in November 1988. Some sources say 1989. Unusual flank surname he inherited from his father, who has Lithuanian roots. Nevertheless, Paul considers himself to be 100 percent Russian.

    Childhood popular blogger no information. Biography Pasha Mikus to his flurry of activity in the blogosphere fit into a concise definition: «a normal life». But some scant information can still be dug up. It is known that for some time he was engaged in modeling business. Apparently, as a model. The growth of Paul 189 cm – quite model. Appearance also did not disappoint.

    But the first work that brought Pasha Mikus earnings, was selling literature in the subway. Later, the boy has managed to establish a small business – he had a point, which sold accessories for iPhones.


    Pasha Mikus your way to fame began with a short video called vine, which he uploaded in u-tube. And as Paul was among the first Weiner of Russia, it managed to become popular. Their videos he was shooting on the 5th and 6th iPhones.

    The video blog Pasha more than 1 million 200 thousand subscribers. His fans and fans of Boger calls the «macusani». The number of views miksovsky vine surpasses: it exceeds 140 million. Paul managed to upload to my channel on u-tube more than 220 videos. One of the most popular, who has the record for hits, called «Shocker». It was viewed more than 3 million people.

    I must say that bright and positive videos by Pasha Mikus is really possible to watch a few times, getting a portion of good mood and happy emotions.

    Paul has colleagues with whom he collaborates. This is Nikita Lol, Sasha Spielberg and Julia Pushman. On the Flank «micosi» signed by even an Olympic champion in figure skating Adelina Sotnikova, appreciated jokes funny videoblogger.

    With his fans-«macusani» Pasha loves to communicate via «Chat-roulette».

    Personal life

    It is known that earlier in my short modeling career, Pasha Mikus was overweight. But the guy went on a diet and resulted in a form that allowed him to star in photo shoots. But not only the restriction of food intake did Mikus handsome. He took up sports, and started running to swing a press on the home trainer. And another famous youtuber enjoys snowboarding.

    As for the criticism that Pasha Mikus, like most people, does not love her. And struggles with critics all available methods. For example, in collaboration with Sasha Spielberg, he was able to close the channel Dmitry Larin, who unflattering comments about him and some help.

    In social networks says that the youtuber has a small hookah bar, which is located in Moscow and is called «Easy Smoke».

    But personal life Pasha Mikus seems to be under a huge castle. In March 2016, he posted the u-tube video called «Pasha shows your girl.» First, he intrigued the audience, calling the girl Anna and saying that seeing her for a long time and now presenting the beautiful friends. But the denouement was unexpected: ascended curious Paul, showed only his hand.

    Of course, this specific mikulowski humor. Rumor has it that the girl blogger really is.


    Pasha Mikus

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