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  • Name: Paris Hilton ( Paris Whitney Hilton )
  • Date of birth: 17 February 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: new York, USA
  • Height: 173
  • Activity: American actress, singer, model and designer
  • Marital status: Not married

    Paris Hilton: a biography

    Paris Hilton is a famous American actress, model, designer and singer-songwriter. It could become the heir to a vast Empire «Hilton», which includes luxury chain of hotels, but left myself and lost heritage. But Paris was not lost – she herself learned to make good.

    Full girl’s name is Paris Whitney Hilton. Future celebrity was born in new York in February 1981. The girl’s father doing business and mom was an actress. The great – grandfather of Paris Conrad Hilton is the founder of the famous hotel Empire «Hilton». Paris has a younger sister Nicky who became a famous model and designer, as well as brothers, Barron and Conrad.

    Paris Hilton childhood
    The singer in my childhood | tarihiolaylar

    Childhood years Paris were on the road. She had to live in new York city in Manhattan, the Hamptons and Beverly hills. The girl grew capricious and spoiled child. These children are called «Golden youth».

    Paris Hilton has changed several schools, including the prestigious new York «Dwight School». But everywhere she was expelled for chronic truancy classes. Matriculation she’s still got it, although much later than planned.

    Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie
    With friend Nicole Richie | marie claire, Etc

    In school Paris Hilton he met his current best friends Nicole Richie and Kim Kardashian, who also became Actresses.

    Modeling career

    In 2000, the beautiful and attractive Paris Hilton started modeling Agency of Donald trump’s «T Management» and managed to achieve certain success in their careers.

    Later it was replaced by several modeling agencies, the most prestigious new York «Ford Models Management», London «Agenc Models 1 and Premier Model Management» and the Agency «Nous Model Management» Los Angeles. Image of charming blonde often appears on the covers of glossy magazines. The girl leads a celebrity lifestyle and often shocking the audience with their antics. But she has her own way to fame and she reached the goal: talk about it more and make a tempting offer.

    Paris Hilton
    Model | Forum.bodybuilding

    Paris Hilton appears quite regularly in the various programs and television shows. In December 2003, viewers saw her in the rating project «the Simple life» on the channel «Fox». In this reality show the famous blonde attended along with friend Nicole Richie, daughter of famous musician Lionel Richie. The show was a huge success, but ended before the scheduled time: girls had a falling out. The producers had to close the project after the 3rd season.


    At some point, the model decided to try her hand at movies. A cinematic biography of Paris Hilton special was not successful, and of great fame, as an actress, she has not brought. However, her filmography has several projects in which she played the role of the second plan. This is the film «Nine lives,» «raising Helen» and «House of wax». For work in the last picture Paris was awarded the prize «Teen Choice award for best scream. Moreover, she even got nominated for «Breakthrough of the year». But her achievements in film over.

    Paris Hilton in the movie
    In the film «Blonde in chocolate» | fdb

    Again, Paris Hilton has appeared on screens in 2006. She got the main role in the film «Blonde in chocolate». Then he worked in the film «bottoms up» where she again entrusted the key image. But both projects have not had much success and was criticized by viewers and critics.

    However, the girl herself did not consider his career a failure. So after two years re-appeared on the big screen in «Beauty and the beast». I think this job has somewhat cooled the ardor of the blonde beauties, because for her, she received 3 anteprime «Golden raspberry». Cooled, but not forced to forget about the film forever. A year later, the actress starred in the project «Genetic Opera».


    From boring business and a modeling career, Paris Hilton has moved into another class of new and unknown: she decided to become a singer. In 2004 he started work on his debut solo album. He got the name «Paris» («Paris»). The CD was recorded over 2 years and was released in 2006.

    As it turned out, it was here that Paris was waiting for some success. Immediately after the release of the album took 6th place in the chart «Billboard 200». The producers of the steel disc Kara DioGuardi, Greg wells, Scott Stroch and Jane Wiedlin. But the album sold poorly.

    Paris Hilton on stage
    Photos of the singer | Time Fashion

    Needless to say that such trouble didn’t stop the girl who decided she was a good singer. A year later, the beauty has announced that it is starting to work on his second solo album with dance music. To write it down Paris Hilton decided to home. For this equipped professional Studio. At work, she was inspired by the famous song of Bob Sinclair. To produce this album came from Scott Stroch.

    Songs Paris Hilton that included in the album, she wrote herself. The CD was released only 6 years later and was named «TBA». But two songs included in this collection, the singer presented at the beginning of the work in 2008. They are called «Paris For President» and «My BFF».

    Other Hobbies

    In the early 2000s, the blonde found another area that had not been noted. It’s the writing. Along with Merle Ginsberg, she released the book «Revelations of heir. The most stylish and witty stuff», which received 100 thousand dollars. However, critics tore the work of Paris Hilton in the nines, but readers liked the book.

    Paris Hilton
    Proved himself as a designer | Spletnik

    In the middle of the first decade of the 2000s star showed off her design talents. She participated in the creation of a new collection of bags popular Japanese company Samantha Thavasa». Then there was the jewelry for your online store «» that also put their imagination Hilton.

    Bags and jewellery Paris is not limited and has released her own line of perfume.

    At the same time, creative blonde signed a contract with a network of Nightclubs «Paris Club», which received the right to use her name. Entertainment first appeared in Florida in Orlando. It was a great success. The second club is also opened in Florida in Jacksonville, in 2006. But a year later, the network owner Fred Khalilian broke the agreement with Paris Hilton for violating her several points. The girl often ignored in the clubs scheduled meeting.

    Paris Hilton at the club
    Resting in the club | NikLife

    Tried his hand ubiquitous and energetic Paris Hilton in advertising fast-food chain «Carl’s Jr.» and as a DJ.

    In 2003-2004, the name of Paris Hilton got into the «Forbes» magazine. She managed to earn $ 2 million. And in 2006-2007, the socialite proved his fortune to $ 8.3 million, to prove to everyone, including those who deprived her of the inheritance of the grandfather, which is able to provide itself.

    Paris Hilton became popular not only movies, songs, and designer collections. She often gets into scandals that then write and tell the media.

    Problems with the law

    For the first time the girl met with police in September 2006. Paris Hilton was arrested for driving while intoxicated. She pleaded guilty and paid a fine of fifteen thousand dollars. And gave her 36 months probation. But behave as befits a lady, Paris was difficult. At the beginning of 2007 he was again detained by traffic police. A month later, beautiful again «pleased» with the tabloids fresh scandal. She was detained for speeding. In the spring of that year, Hilton was sentenced to imprisonment for 45 days.

    Paris Hilton in court
    Was prosecuted for violating the law | Rorida

    Relatives brought the irrepressible Paris in jail immediately after handing her the MTV movie awards. But after 4 days, the good Sheriff let go of the blonde under house arrest because of poor health. The court returned the girl back. On freedom, it came in 23 days, and without serving a full term.

    In the fall of 2016, Paris Hilton was in Odessa. The socialite arrived at the opening of a new night club, where they performed their DJ set. To take a table in the club willing to pay 20 thousand UAH. In the gift the school gave the visitor a bottle of elite champagne «Cristal», the price of which more than 7000 UAH.

    Paris Hilton in Odessa
    DJ | Mile

    Celebrity settled in the best room of an expensive hotel «Bristol», ride around the city in a white Lamborghini and 4 hours late to the club.

    Personal life

    Personal life Paris Hilton is always full swing. Since 2000, guy Paris Hilton was the former husband of Pamela Anderson Rick Salomon. In 2003, shortly before the start of the show «the Simple life», the Internet suddenly there was a explicit sex video «One night with Paris» in the style of homemade porn. Between Paris and Rick delayed the trial, but not later the issue was resolved in the pretrial order.

  • Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon
    With Rick Salomon | Things-Dryukov

    From 2002 to 2003, Paris Hilton was engaged to a guy named Jason Shaw. Later, she also met with famous singer Nick Carter, shipowner Paisa Latsia, Starcom Niarhos, guitarist Benji Madden, and basketball player Doug Reinhardt.

    Paris Hilton also claims that he met with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Then boyfriend Paris was river Viiperi, in may 2013, star publicly announced that he was going over the river to get married. But in the summer of 2015 in the media appeared information that the actress is Dating millionaire Thomas gross. The paparazzi photographed a couple on the coast of Spain in June. Soon, Hilton was introduced to a new boyfriend’s parents. Rumor has it that Paris is thinking about how to become a citizen of Switzerland and to live there with gross.

    Paris Hilton and Thomas gross
    Thomas Gross | The Indian Express

    The star’s huge army of fans. Millions of girls mimic her, and carefully watch for new photos and messages to Paris Hilton in Instagram. It is noteworthy that in the fragile body – weight girls 52 kg, she has quite a growth model is 173 cm, and a large foot size – 43.


    • «Nine lives»
    • «Knights Of Los Angeles»
    • «Raising Helen»
    • «House of wax»
    • «The blonde in chocolate»
    • «Beauty and the beast»
    • «Supernatural»
    • «Elite society»


    • «Paris»
    • «TBA»


    Paris Hilton

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