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  • Name: Paloma Jiménez ( Karla Paloma Jiménez Genaustin )
  • Date of birth: 22 August 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Acapulco, Mexico
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: model, actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage with VIN Diesel

    Paloma Jimenez biography

    Paloma Jimenez, a famous Mexican model, the civil wife of American actor VIN Diesel.

    Karla Paloma jiménez Genaustin was born 22 August 1983 in the Mexican city of Acapulco, near which were her childhood and adolescence. Nationality Paloma — Mexican, while at the same time refers to the mixed-white ethnic groups.

    Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez | Contactmusic

    Her profession has identified an impressive extraordinary appearance — long-legged slender figure, delicate features, full lips, great skin and a MOP of thick dark hair.

    At a very young age, Paloma has dedicated his life to modeling business. Data about the initial period of the life path of a girl is very limited. In the interview, she emphasizes that due to the strong independent nature of life used to achieve everything by herself.

    Modeling career

    For the first time Paloma Jimenez was presented as the American model Agency ID Model Management. She later signed a contract with Look Models in Mexico.

    Paloma in their adult years, participated in various Mexican TV shows. She became a sex symbol of the year in 2004 when he appeared on the show OtroRolloCon:AdalTamones. During his professional activities in the fashion business, Paloma had to go on the cover of many fashion magazines.

    Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez | The G Manifesto

    In January 2005 she became the face on the cover of the Mexican edition of Maxim, and in 2006 he graced the August edition of Max. In addition to shooting for magazines and catalogs girl is a sought – after participant in international video and television. In particular, it presents the products in advertising campaigns for such famous brands as Pantene, Coca-Cola, Honda and others.

    Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez | Blogger

    Paloma repeatedly dressed in the European fashion shows and represented clothing lines on the catwalks of Mexico for such designers as:

    • Alberto Rodriguez,
    • Nestor Osuna,
    • Guillermo Vargas,
    • Roberto Villarreal,
    • Abel Ibanez.

    In the movie Paloma played only once — at the Mexican TV series «a Different role» (Otro rollo con: AdalRamones), published in 1995 – 2007. In it she played the role in the genre cameo, appeared before the audience in a recognizable image of itself.

    Personal life

    Really famous Paloma Jimenez became after his affair with iconic Hollywood actor is VIN Diesel, the brutal star of the blockbuster «fast and furious» and «Chronicles of Riddick». Of his previous Hobbies Paloma is silent, it is obvious that VIN Diesel is her true and only love at the moment.

    Paloma Jimenez and VIN Diesel
    Paloma Jimenez and VIN Diesel | A-news

    The background of the Dating couples are known from the few interviews about his personal life. A historic meeting took place in 2007, one of the secular parties.

    According to the actor, he decided to make a slight acquaintance with the charming model, stood out among the other girls fragile figure and burning a luxurious mane of black hair. But Paloma didn’t show superhero «fast & Furious» expected favors, than only whetted his interest. Having a delicate refusal, he remained nothing how to start Dating an unapproachable beauty.

    Paloma Jimenez children
    Paloma Jimenez children | Today

    Their whirlwind romance for a long time was known only to a chosen few. During the year, the couple managed to hide their relationship until April 2008 was born their first daughter, Hania Riley.

    The rejoicing father received himself to the girl cut the umbilical cord and subsequently regretted that he was not allowed to attend the birth. Thanks to Paloma, which gave him an adorable daughter, he has completely changed. In front of the camera paparazzi appeared brutal daddy plays with emotion and pandering to the whims of his daughter.

    VIN Diesel daughter
    VIN Diesel with daughter | Assignmentx

    Baby Han showed that has become a worthy continuer of a sort. Fans of the star couple was fascinated by the photographs of four-year-old girl excitedly pressed, imitating dad and evoking sincere emotion happy family. The signature under a photo in Instagram of the actor testified that he finally has played a major role in the life of a loving father.

    Two years later, in September 2010, Paloma and VIN Diesel was born the son of Vincent Sinclair. The appearance of an heir made him doubly happy and strengthened the relationship of the spouses.

    Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez | SolaRey

    Before his son Paloma tried not to appear in public. After the birth of Vincent she became increasingly attend social events, but nevertheless it happens not so often. Mostly public, the public sees her, when she accompanies her husband that is on the red carpet during the presentation of his next movie or presentation.

    The third child was born to the couple in March 2015 – a girl called Pauline Sinclair in honor of the tragically died in a car accident one Diesel — Paul Walker. Losing someone you love was his great tragedy. He admitted that his wife’s support helped him to endure this emotional distress.

    VIN Diesel and Paul Walker
    VIN Diesel and Paul Walker | US magazine

    Due to the fact that Paloma was pregnant, the creators of the seventh series of movie «fast and furious» have had to postpone the release date of the project. The premiere of the film was scheduled for March 10 at about this time the family is expected replenishment. Given that Diesel decided to be in this moment with his wife, Studio Sony Pictures has changed the original plans, moving the time and place of the ceremony – from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles.

    Just two weeks after the birth of his daughter Paloma has already posed for reporters at the ceremony with her husband and children. Among the few movie stars VIN Diesel had the honor to leave their handprints on Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles.

    Paloma Jimenez
    Paloma Jimenez | Platinum-celebs

    The public was shocked by the great figure of his wife. Many reporters noted that Paloma has apparently branded the secret of how to gain a perfect slim figure after giving birth. After just a fortnight after the birth of her third child she looked as if she never left the gym.

    Not lost their attractiveness Paloma still continues to be a popular model, successfully combining career and family life.

    The family lives in the house of VIN Diesel in Los Angeles, where Pamela has managed to create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. And she does this solely by our own means, refusing the services of maids.

    Paloma Jimenez family
    Paloma Jimenez with family | Celebrityimages

    In the few interviews she noted that after the children, her favorite was a totally different person. He likes to spend more time with family, giving her priority over his work as an actor, Director and producer.

    Despite ten years of cohabitation and three children together, the couple never legalized their relationship. Pamela continues to be a civil wife of a famous companion, and it seems it did not grieve. The star family was an example that the important a real relationship, loving people, and not the official oath and printing.


    Paloma Jimenez

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