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(biography, photo, video) by John Michael Osborne

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  • Name: Ozzy Osbourne ( John Michael Osbourne )
  • Date of birth: 3 December 1948
  • Age: 68 years
  • Place of birth: Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: singer, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Ozzy Osbourne: biography

    Ozzy Osbourne – English rock musician, one of the creators of the cult band «Black Sabbath», which is the founder of such musical styles as hard rock and heavy metal. Ozzy Osbourne is considered the «Godfather of heavy metal» and is in the Hall of fame of British rock music.

    John Osborne was born in the English city of Birmingham, in a large family. He was the 4th child, and all parents raised 6 children. The family lived in a 3 bedroom house because their parents could not afford more apartments. Father John Thomas Osborne was the master of making tools in the company «General Electric» and worked nights, and his mother Lillian at the same factory was busy during the day.

    His nickname «Ozzy» the boy was still in elementary school. It was a diminutive form of the name matched with the name of the magic land stories of which he was fond of young John.

    Due to the difficult financial situation of the family, Osborn was not able to finish school and left her at the age of 15 years. He worked as a plumber’s assistant, but was soon released. Then the young man changed a number of professions from the butcher to the slaughterhouse to grave digger in the cemetery, but never able to stay long. The difficult financial situation led him to the curve track, and John Osborne attempted to commit a burglary, was caught and spent time in prison for several months. While in custody, he did his first tattoo, which later become very famous letter «OZZY» on phalanges of the left hand.

    Freed, Ozzy decides to carry out a teenage dream of becoming a rock star. In 14 years he started to dream about the scene after he heard the smash hit «She Loves You» group «The Beatles». Osborn becomes the vocalist of the young group «Music Machine», which worked for a total of 2 gig, and then decided to create his own team «the Polka Tulk Blues Band», which gathered young musicians, by placing an ad on the stand in a music store. The band soon changed its name to «Earth», but then, upon signing up for the next contest, again renamed, as this name was already taken. The choice fell on «Black Sabbath» is just similar to the popular horror film, which was at that time in cinemas.

    The Group «Black Sabbath»

    First, the musicians played cover versions of famous hits. In 1969 they wrote the first own song, and in February of 1970, just 3 days in the recording Studio recorded their debut album, which received the same name as a group. Today this disc is classic heavy metal, but at the time, he only took 8th place in the hit parade.

    Guys don’t have a long pull with the record and released the second album in six months. The disc «Paranoid» conquered the charts of Europe and America and brought the band worldwide popularity. The album is frankly anti-war, a lot of the songs straightforwardly condemned the events in Vietnam events, so they were removed from rotation on American radio. However, «Paranoid» only in the USA was sold more than 4 million copies. Interestingly, the title track, which became one of the biggest hits in the history of «Black Sabbath», was written at the last moment, just because an album was not enough written material.

    Along with Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne worked until 1977 and recorded 5 Studio albums, then a year left the band. In 1978, he returned, took part in the work on the disk «Never Say Die!» but later due to the abuse of alcohol and drugs was finally dismissed, and his place in the team was occupied by the former lead singer of «Rainbow» by Ronnie James dio.

    Later, in 1997, Black Sabbath will reconvene the original lineup and will give several concerts, but a new album with vocals Ozzy fans had to wait until 2013, when he released the album «13».

    Solo career

    For a long time after parting ways with the band Ozzie indulged in idleness, while Sharon Arden, the daughter of his former Manager don Arden, persuaded to create their own project. Osborn assembled musicians and under his own name began to give concerts and record albums.

    First album «Blizzard of Ozz» was released in 1980 and became very popular. A special place in the history of rock music is the song «Crazy Train», that is included in this album. She never held any high places in the charts, but to this day remains the hallmark of the singer and is included in almost all collections of rock music, and ringtones made with this composition, included in the top 10 most popular ring tones for your mobile phone.

    Another song had the notoriety. Ozzy Osbourne says that he wrote the text for this composition, as an opinion about the dangers of alcohol, which had serious problems. That is why the author compared this relationship with suicide. But in 1986, 19-year-old boy has killed himself after many times listened to «Suicide Solution». Osborne appeared before the court, but the lawyers managed to prove that there is no call to suicide in the song no.

    In the spring of 1989 comes the power ballad «Close My Eyes Forever», which Ozzy sings a duet with American rock singer lita Ford. The song hits best 10 of the year in the United States, and it turns out almost all the world charts, still one of the best ballads in the history of heavy metal. Osborne often worked with other rock stars. For example, together with the famous guitarist Steve way, he recorded several songs, but only one of them («My Little Man») hit the 1995 album «Ozzmosis». Also Ozzy with a group «Therapy» sang a cover version of the hit 70-ies of the «Iron Man».

    Ozzy Osbourne has made an enormous contribution to the development of rock music. He is considered one of the founders of hard rock and has a title of godfather of this genre. In 2009 Classic Rock magazine, and after 2 years the magazine «Kerrang!» is officially the singer was awarded in the nomination «Living legend».

    The popularity of the musician confirmed this a little comical by the fact that in a sociological survey 2004 to the question, «Who is a worthy representative of mankind who would welcome aliens from the faces of the Earthmen», Ozzy Osbourne has called more than half of the respondents, and he took first place, ahead of George Bush, David Beckham and other celebrities.

    Personal life

    The first time Osbourne was married to Thelma Riley, when he was 21. The couple have a daughter, Jessica Starsign and son Louis John. Ozzy also adopted Elliot Kingsley, the son of the wife from first marriage. Ozzy and Thelma had been together for 12 years, but because of the problems of the singer with alcohol dependence, the family split up.

    A year Ozzy Osbourne again married, this time with Sharon Arden, who became his Manager and did all of the things. The couple had three children — Amy, Kelly and Jack. They also adopted Robert Marcato, whose deceased mother was a friend of the family.

    18 years old singer abused alcohol and drugs, to 40 years, he was officially diagnosed with «chronic alcoholism». He was repeatedly subjected to the treatment, tried to get rid of this passion, voluntarily visiting rehabilitation centres. But finally quit addiction only in the early 21st century.

    Ozzy Osbourne is a big fan of football since his childhood and aches for the Birmingham football club Aston Villa.


    • 1970 — Black Sabbath
    • 1970 — Paranoid
    • 1973 — Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
    • 1975 — Sabotage
    • 1976 — Technical Ecstasy
    • 1980 — Blizzard of Ozz
    • 1983 — Bark at the Moon
    • 1988 — No Rest for the Wicked
    • 1991 — No More Tears
    • 1995 — Ozzmosis
    • 2007 — Black Rain


    Ozzy Osbourne

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