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  • Name: Özge Gürel ( Ozge Gurel )
  • Date of birth: 5 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Turkish actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Özge Gürel: a biography

    Özge Gürel in Turkey, her homeland is considered one of the most beautiful and talented Actresses. She was born in February 1987 in one district of Istanbul, Silivri. There she graduated from high school and University.

    But purchased spezialnosti not very interested in the Sigs, and decided to try their hand at the acting profession, which has long been her name.


    Özge Gürel went to the casting of the new project, which learned from friends. So the aspiring actress got her first role in the melodrama «Where is my daughter?». Later she admitted she was surprised that he took out of hundreds of contenders. After all, she had not only experience in movies, but also the necessary education.

    The debut was more than successful. The image of the heroine Zeynep was a success. About Özge Gürel talking, as the rising star of Turkish cinema.

    During the long shooting process begins, the artist persistently filling the gaps in acting skills. She attended various courses, not forgetting look closely at the more experienced colleagues on the set.

    After the release of romance on the young actress was showered with offers from Directors. She starred in one of the main roles of the acclaimed TV series «magnificent century», playing a favorite one of Sehzade.

    From 2013 to 2015 Özge Gürel played Hell Sauser in the popular Turkish drama «Rush.» She was lucky to play with such experienced and well-known at home colleagues like Serenay Sarikaya and Chagatai Ulusoy.

    In Turkey Özge Gürel saw on the screens not only in projects but also in advertising. She starred in commercials for Vodafone, Doritos, Pepsi and ice cream.

    In 2015, Turkish screens came melodrama «the Cherry season» in which the IGP got the star role. The actress has played cheerful girl Oicu. First she’s in love with a guy named meta, then in place of this comes a different feeling to windy architect to Ayaz Dincer, played by Serkan Caloglu.

    The development of the relationship the love triangle in may 2016 started watching Russian TV series fans.

    Personal life

    The actress is happy to share their creative plans and discusses the characters, but it never reveals his secrets. Personal life Özge Gürel is hidden from prying eyes. Especially curious and inquisitive journalists who stick with questions about the unseen, the IGP said that a very busy career that is rapidly evolving. Shooting steal most of her free time, so about marriage Gürel hasn’t thought. But this girl leaves intrigue. She claims that she has a very impulsive nature, so it is capable of unexpected actions.

    It is known that Özge Gürel reads a lot and has choreographed. In the dreams of Actresses traveling to a far country, but now because of the huge employment it can’t afford it.

    But the main thing in the life Özge Gürel except the cinema is a charity. Her actress started long ago, after the tragic death of his sister, who died of cancer.


    • «Where’s my daughter?»
    • «Street Huzur»
    • «Magnificent century»
    • «The tide»
    • AFRA
    • «The cherry orchard»


    Özge Gürel

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