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  • Name: Ozcan Deniz ( Ozdzhan Deniz )
  • Date of birth: 19 may 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: Turkish actor and singer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Ozcan Deniz biography

    Ozcan Deniz one of the most successful and beautiful actors of Turkey whose fame spread far beyond his native country. His brilliant career is proof that belief in yourself and perseverance can move mountains.

    Ozcan Deniz was born in Ankara in may 1972. By nationality he was a Kurd. Childhood and youth the future actor took place in the capital. The guy was versatile, gifted and had model looks. The Ozcan in childhood turned out to be a beautiful voice. He began to sing and soon this activity has consumed him entirely.

    In middle school Denise took a risky decision that I met his family hostility: he left school and said that he was going to seriously pursue art. Ignoring the lamentations of the mother, who believed that the son, ruining his future, he went on his own way.

    Biography of Ozcan Deniz began when he was 13 years old. The guy is quite professional singing. In 16 years he has toured Antalya, providing a comfortable existence for themselves and families. But at 17, he left Turkey and went to Germany. For 3 years Ozcan lived in Munich and worked on his vocal skills, perfecting performance style and working image.

    When Denise returned home, he immediately went to serve in the army. Only 3 years, after demobilization, he continued his career. But not only as the most popular performer.


    After the army Ozcan Deniz unexpectedly received an invitation to star in the film. The series «the Mansion with vines» was a debut in film career of Ozcan. Turkish fans of melodramas with great interest followed the developments on the screen and immediately noticed the beautiful and talented actor, who never met.

    Without a doubt, this show was for Denise to be a great springboard into the world of Russian cinema. The guy came fame and a new proposal from the Directors.

    I must say that, acting in film, Ozcan did not abandon his performing career. He continued to sing, he gave recitals and participated in teams that played the stars of Turkish pop music. Moreover, Denise released her debut album called «My angel». The circulation was enormous, but he was instantly snapped up by fans Ozcan. After the first album quite quickly appeared and the second is «Venus».

    After a successful film debut Denise often seen in new projects. Audiences saw him in the magnificent paintings «Now he’s a soldier», «June night» and «Where are you, Firouz?». All of these films have received high ratings at home. The rights to broadcast some of them sold to other countries.

    The greatest popularity came to Ozcan Deniz after the release of the melodrama «Dangerous love». Here he got the role of Negate, and a passionate lover boy, who managed to smuggle a wonderful feeling through dozens of incredible obstacles. This romantic film had a great success in Turkey. Ozcan has become an idol for the audience and the highest paid actor for Directors.

    As mentioned above, Ozcan Deniz – people are multifaceted and gifted. In 2011, he decided to try his hand as a Director. His debut picture «And then what?» has been quite successful. It was highly praised by critics and warmly welcomed by the audience. I must say that Denise was not only a Director but also screenwriter of the film.

    The success of the first work inspired novice Director on the second project. Romance «You’re my home» was released in 2012 and also received high ratings. Need to add that Ozcan Deniz played here the main character – a’raf.

    As an actor Denise appeared in movies and TV series «One day in the Ottoman Empire», «fire and Water», «Black rose» and «the Day my destiny is written».

    Personal life

    Actor and singer successful not only in creativity but also in his personal life. For 44-year-old hottie listed many of the novels and victories. He is credited with relations with many Turkish beauties, movie stars and singers. But the Ozcan the subject says extremely reluctantly and behaves like a real man.

    The private life of Ozcan Deniz is very rich, which is not surprising. Loving handsome extremely popular with the opposite sex. In 1991, he married actress Handan Deniz. The marriage lasted until 2000.

    Then a long time, Ozcan met with the actress Fahriye Evcen. Rumor has it, the thing surely came to the wedding. But in 2013, this beautiful couple suddenly announced the end of a relationship. The media wrote that the cause of the rupture was treason of Ozcan Deniz. Supposedly Fahriye saw a favorite photo taken by the paparazzi, which shows that Ozcan is back with a recreation of Venice alone, but with a young model named Aïcha Kuru.

    This state of Affairs is extremely unhappy with his mother – Kadriye. She delivered an ultimatum to the son, immediately to marry and to give birth to her grandchildren, because she no longer had the strength and patience to watch, as are the best years of Ozcan and his house is the only living creature remains a cat. Rumor has it that the reason for the ultimatum his mother gave him a break with the past passion of the Aichi Aisin that liked mother Denise.


    • «Now he’s a soldier»
    • «June night»
    • «Where are you, Firouz?»
    • «Destiny»
    • «Dangerous love»
    • «And then what?»
    • «Once in the Ottoman Empire»
    • «ARAF»
    • «You’re my home»
    • «The day is written in my destiny»


    Ozcan Deniz

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