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  • Name: Owen Wilson ( Owen Cunningham Wilson )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1968
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of birth: Dallas, United States
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter and film producer
  • Marital status: not married

    Owen Wilson: a biography

    The famous American actor, producer and screenwriter Owen Wilson was born in the autumn of 1968, in Dallas (USA, Texas). His future was decided from birth. Father Robert Wilson worked in the TV Studio, mother Laura Wilson was engaged in the photos. In the family, in addition to Owen has grown by another two sons, Luke and Andrew, who later also chose the profession of actor.

    Owen Wilson grew restless, parents often do not have enough patience to endure his antics. Studies did not interest him. He constantly fought, and on the eve of final exams, the guy stole the book with solutions at the teacher of geometry and distributed the answers to classmates. For the behavior he was expelled from school. Wilson middle moved to another school, and after went to a military Academy, but it didn’t work out either.

    Fate brought the boy to the University of Texas at Austin. There he met Wes Anderson, his mentor. Young people became friends, their friendship lasted on the job.


    In 1994, Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson wrote the script of the short film «Bottle rocket» and took it off. Their friends showed a picture of James Brooks, who praised the work of the young people and gave them 5 million dollars to of short films turned full-fledged movie. In 1996, the updated «Bottle rocket» was released, being able to recover only $ 1 million.

    Guys are not melted away and went to Los Angeles. They decided to start a career in the movies. Owen Wilson is headed to Hollywood. There he was involved in comic films in secondary roles. For example, in the movie «the cable Guy» Jim Carrey beat a novice actor sitting on the head.

    First steps in television and movies has not caused a stir. But it quickly turned into a real star performer supporting roles. The career move was facilitated by a meeting with the Director Ben Stiller, who began to invite Wilson into their projects: «Zoolander,» «Night at the Museum», «Lethal couple: Starsky and Hutch,» «meet the parents». In addition, he appeared in the science fiction blockbuster «Armageddon».

    In 2000, Owen Wilson was lucky to cash projects – he co-starred with Jackie Chan in the comic film «Shanghai noon.» By the time the blond, handsome, the audience began to learn. Next were shooting in the movie «Shanghai knights» and «meet the Fockers». In the past along with him, starred Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller. In 2005, the actor played the main role in «Intruders» — the film has secured Wilson’s place among the best Hollywood comedians. The project «He and I and his friends» are already fully developed under Owen.

    Each hero actor trying to endow lively temperament, expressiveness and charm. He played a Lieutenant in the Thriller «behind enemy lines», pilot-inventor in the Comedy adventure «Around the world in 80 days», a small-time crook in the «Big theft», middle-aged family man in «Celibate week», etc.

    Wilson also participated in the filming of the movie «the Great year», «Footage», «no Exit», «Congenital», «Miss Dash». His last work was one of the main roles in the Comedy «Zoolander 2″activities.

    Owen Wilson known as a screenwriter and producer. The success he brought the film «the Family of Tenenbaum», on which he worked together with Wes Anderson. Tragicomedy scenario brought them a nomination for «Oscar».

    Personal life

    Owen Wilson doesn’t like to talk about the details of his personal life, like many of his colleagues. He had a romantic relationship with Kate Hudson. The rupture with the favourite feat of the actor on mad step – 26 August 2007, he cut his wrists and took a lot of drugs. Fortunately, he was able to save. They resumed relations after a while, but soon announced the definitive end of the novel.

    His next passion was jade, Duell. In January of 2011 they had a son named Robert Ford.

    The second time the actor became a father in January 2014. At this time, the mother of his son became a trainer Caroline Lindqvist. But this relationship did not work out, they broke up.

    Owen Wilson hopes that someday you will meet a beautiful and smart girl who’ll make him stop «party» and think. Then he will make every effort to win her and spend with her all my life. But while the actor remains a bachelor.


    • «No exit»
    • «Night at the Museum-3»
    • «Survival school»
    • «Shanghai knights»
    • «Armageddon»
    • «Lethal couple: Starsky and Hutch»
    • «Midnight in Paris»
    • «He, I and his friends»
    • «The big bounce»
    • «Devoid of life»


  • Owen Wilson
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