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  • Name: Ostap Stupka ( Ostap Stupka )
  • Date of birth: 2 September 1967
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of birth: Lviv, Ukraine
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, TV presenter, people’s artist of Ukraine
  • Marital status: married

    Ostap Stupka biography

    Ostap Stupka — Ukrainian actor and broadcaster, which in 2009 was awarded the title people’s artist of Ukraine. He is known as the host of several popular programs on the Central Ukrainian channels.

    Ostap was born in Lviv in the family of hereditary artists. His grandfather Sylvester mortar was an Opera singer, father Bohdan Stupka is an outstanding actor that has wowed audiences for roles in «Taras Bulba» and «White bird with black mark». Mother Ostap Larissa Kornienko ballerina danced in the Lviv theatre of Opera and ballet.

    Childhood guy went backstage at various theatres, which were his parents. From an early age, Bender was interested in the acting profession, and most of all he liked the makeup. Unbeknown to his parents, he adorned himself in Spartacus or some other ancient hero, drawing scars and wrinkles, and then improvised, on-the-go writing dance and action. First appearance on the big stage occurred at an early age. When the Lviv theater came on tour to Odessa, Ostap Stupka, together with children from other artists in the ballet «the Creation» depicted animals. Also, the boy developed a taste for music, learning to play the cello. He recalls the mortar that was not very fond of these lessons, but obeyed the request of his grandfather, who took him to a music school.

    When Ostap was 12 years old, the family moved to Kiev, where the teen was finally determined with the choice of profession and became involved in the theater club under the direction of Alexei Bugelnogo. The team were even invited to participate in children’s television programs. After school He entered the Kiev state theatrical Institute named after Karpenko-Kary, where until 1988 he studied at the course of Boris Stavitsky. After graduation was employed in the experimental theatre «Kean», but worked there for only two months. A year later he became the actor of Drama theatre named after Ivan Franko, where in subsequent years he was involved in more than 35 plays.

    Also Ostap Stupka appeared on television. The Ukrainian channel «1+1» he was a leading intellectual and entertaining program, «the First million», similar to the popular show «Who wants to be a millionaire?» and the transfer of «Beat master». On the channel «ICTV» led the reality show «Last hero» and documentary show «Famous criminals». Also, as participants were invited in the 3rd season of «dancing with the stars», which were paired with a dancer Daria Dovgaleva. In 2006, he received the award «Teletriumph», as the popular TV host of the year.


    Film debut of Ostap Stupka became melodramatic Comedy of Stanislav Klimenko «Grooms». After a good start, the actor has starred in over 30 films, despite the fact that for him in the first place has always remained a theatrical work. In the filmography of Bogdan Stupka allocated to large-scale historical drama «Bohdan-Zinovy Khmelnitsky», where he plays Timothy, the son of the famous Hetman; «Prayer about Hetman Mazepa», where he got the role of the right hand Mazepa — General clerk Pylyp Orlyk; «Taras Bulba» is an epic adaptation of the novel by Nikolai Gogol, in which the role of Ostap Cossack Vertihvosta. Interestingly, all these films starred his father, Bohdan Stupka.

    In 2011 he published another historical drama «the Match» based on real events, which tells the story of football «the death match» between the Soviet players and the national team of Luftwaffe anti-aircraft gunners in occupied Kiev in summer of 1942. The main role in the film was played by the actor Sergei Bezrukov and Ostap Stupka got the image of the policeman Ivan Dasani. The actor managed to make a traitor is rather ambiguous and rather comic figure.

    Now Jennifer is starring in the new Ukrainian project «Tales of the old Miller», which should be released in 2016. In the film, the tale starred a lot of famous actors that portray folklore characters. The actor got the role of the husband-henpecked, living in matriarchal family. With a children’s fairy tale story mortar works not for the first time. He has already appeared as the prototype of one of the characters of the animated series «Fairy Rus».

    Personal life

    Ostap Stupka was married three times. First time he married at age 18, when he learned that his girlfriend Tatiana, who studied with him in high school theater, pregnant. The young couple had a son Dmitry, who also became an actor.

    His second wife was fashion designer Irina, whom He met on one of the acting parties, which invited the girl’s sister, the actress Oksana Dad. This marriage lasted 15 years, the couple had a daughter Ustinja and son Bogdan.

    In the spring of 2015 Ostap married for the third time. His fiancee Daria, a student of the theatre Institute, under the age of 20 years.

    The actor loves to travel, and absolutely not visits the same place twice, preferring every time to face new experiences.

    In 2012, Ostap Stupka has developed the program of development of culture in the country and in the composition of the political party «Ukraine — forward!» ran for Parliament but lost the election and later refused to engage in political activities.


    • 2001 — a Prayer for Hetman Mazepa
    • 2008 — Bogdan-Zinoviy Khmelnitsky
    • 2008 — Buy other
    • 2009 — Taras Bulba
    • 2010 — Ivanov
    • 2010 — We are from the future 2
    • 2011 — Match
    • 2011 — Doughnut Lucy
    • 2014 — Major
    • 2016 — the Tale of the old Miller


    Ostap Stupka

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