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  • Name: Oskar Kuchera ( Evgeny Bogolyubov )
  • Date of birth: 11 August 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 180
  • Activities: actor, musician, TV presenter, radio presenter, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Oscar Kuchera: biography

    Oskar Kuchera – Russian actor, musician, host of programs on radio and television. Wide fame brought him the role of Lieutenant Porokhnia police detective in the TV series «Streets of broken lamps». He is also known as the leading entertainment program «Siesta» on the channel Muz-TV.

    Oskar Kuchera, whose real name is Yevgeny Bogolyubov, born in Moscow in a creative family. His father Alexander Bogolyubov, a famous Soviet film Director, best known for the film «the Battalions ask for fire» and the cartoon «Wizard of oz». Mother-Tatiana Kucher, has Italian roots, was an art historian and worked as chief editor in the Bureau of propaganda cinema.

    Eugene very early showed his artistry, therefore, in parallel with public school parents have identified it in the Studio of artistic expression. By the way, with him doing another star Russian actor Maxim Averin. Additionally, Zhenya went to music school, where studied to play the guitar.

    In high school Bogolyubov visited the preparatory courses of the school-Studio of MKHAT, but after graduation became a student of another University – drama school named Shchukin. However, from there he was expelled before the start of classes. In order not to lose the year, Eugene became a study in acting courses, and then entered GITIS on the acting Department, which was led by David Livni. After graduating from the theatre Institute, he worked in many Moscow theatres – the Moscow art Theater School of modern drama, the Yermolova theatre and the actor’s theatre, and subsequently focused on the entreprise.

    Radio and television

    During my Junior year of the University of Bogolyubov under the pseudonym Oskar Kuchera began to work on radio «Silver rain», where he led a variety of entertainment programs, including such programs as «Radiorelay» and «Soundtrack». In 1999 he changed the radio station and began to cooperate with «Autoradio», where his voice could be heard in the «Curly evening», created for bored people who at the moment have no one to talk to. Easy, relaxed humor of Oscar attracted the attention of listeners. Later the Coachman on the radio station «Humor FM» will carry a different Comedy shows «Perski».

    Much popularity gave Oscar Kuchera television, where he was in 2001 after a multi-level casting. He became a VJ «Siesta» on the channel Muz-TV and quickly gained popularity, and in 2002 he received the award «ovation», and a year — «award of excellence» as the best TV presenter of the entertainment program.

    Later, he led a variety of programs on the NTV channel, Russia-1, TV-3, «Carousel.» Also he was invited as a participant in programs such as the transformation show «Toch-V-Toch», battle of «Wall to wall», the 2nd season of the musical show «Two stars», where he sang together with Alsu, and to the Ukrainian analogue of the program «Star+Star», where his partner was Anastasia Stotskaya. In 2013, Oscar Kuchera had to go on the ice as a skater in season 4 of the reality show «Ice age» on the First channel. He acted in tandem with the 5-fold champion of Europe Tatiana Totmyanina and took 10th place.


    The first appearance of Oscar Kuchera on the screen took place in 1985 in a small episode of his father’s «Battalions ask fire». The following role had to wait almost 20 years. Only in 2004, after came popularity on television, he was invited to season 6 of the incredibly popular crime television series «Streets of broken lights», where he played Lieutenant Cyril E. the Banks, which in the following season he was promoted to captain. The coachman did not stop the film until 2014.

    The actor himself believes that he received from this work not only great fun, but the possibility to act in films, after the Russian success was able to choose interesting scripts. However, he deliberately refused other long TV series, except multiseries film about the life of soldiers, «Soldiers», as they take too much effort and do not give time to play on the stage of the theatre and Oscar Kuchera is very important.

    In addition, the actor often takes part in voice acting for animated films. For example, his voice tells the Zebra Marty in all parts of the fun of the cartoon «Madagascar» and the foal Kumba in «King Safari».


    This kind of art has always attracted Oscar Kuchera. He began to write lyrics and music for their own songs, including many feature films and TV series. For example, in the film «Streets of broken lamps», «Paradox», «the Trail of the Salamander» you can hear the melody.

    An old dream of the talented actor and musician had his own group. He collected school and student groups, but for various reasons they did not last long. And only recently, after meeting an old friend Timur Vedernikov, who is the producer of the festival «MAMAKABO», I was able to create a group of «COACHMAN», which performs original songs. And it’s not just the Studio staff, the guys regularly perform on stage in various clubs and have deserved success.

    Personal life

    Oskar Kuchera was married three times. His first wife was his classmate Julia. Spouses were just 20 years, probably because of the young marriage lasted only six months. The second time the actor married in 2002 on the winner of the beauty contest Maya Markova, who bore him in 2004, his son Alexander. But at the end of 2006, the family broke up.

    Third wife Julia, a lawyer he met in 2001. They split up for a while, then met again when the actor was married a second time. They re-emerged a short novel. When Oskar Kuchera divorced Maya Markova, Julia phoned him and said that raising his son, another Alexander, about which he knew nothing. They married in 2007 and soon was born the son of Daniel, and in 2010 a daughter Alicia.

    Oskar Kuchera interested in sports. He was engaged at different times snowboarding, wakeboarding, diving, and athletics became a candidate master of sports. In 2012 he became interested in hockey after a few workouts, it became one of the founders of the hockey team «Star» that was playing in the regional League. In the 2015-16 season of «Star» started new division for a higher level, and the actor claimed it as a backup striker, however, he still spent a few games on the court and even gave 3 assists.


    • 2004-2014 — Streets of broken lights
    • 2006-2010 — Soldiers
    • 2007 — the Apocalypse Code
    • 2007 — 20 cigarettes
    • 2008 — Kings game
    • 2008 — kings can do Everything
    • 2009 — the Trail of the Salamander
    • 2011 — the Man in me
    • 2011 — the New adventures of Aladdin
    • 2014 — a French spy


    Oskar Kuchera

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