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  • Name: Oscar Isaac ( Oscar Isaac Hernández Estrada )
  • Date of birth: 9 March 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Guatemala
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: actor, musician, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Oscar Isaac: biography

    Oscar Isaac was born in the capital of Guatemala, which has the same name as the name of the state. His mother, Maria Eugenia Estrada, Nicole was a native of this country, and father Oscar Gonzalo hernández was a native of Cuba. He worked as a lung specialist.

    Almost immediately after the birth of a son the parents moved to the United States and settled in Miami, Florida. The house won the Oscar for Evangelical religious education. He attended a private school, which had big problems with behavior, as they loved to entertain friends and classmates with his antics, which sometimes crossed the line. Eventually, in high school he was expelled from school.

    Even as a schoolboy, the boy learned to play the guitar, organized his own rock band «The Blinking Underdogs», which was the frontman, singer and solo guitarist. The team that played ska-punk, for some years, has become quite popular in the clubs of Miami and even acted as a warm-up team at the concerts of the famous band «Green Day». But the band broke up after Oscar Isaac made the final decision to become an actor and enrolled in one of the best American universities on the profile of the arts Juilliard in new York. There he studied until 2005, attending master classes.

    However, Isaac loves music, so later he re-gathered his own group of «NightLab». Also, the actor is often involved in mixed concerts, for example, he acted along with the star of the Guatemalan Gaby Moreno and canadian musician Alan Doyle.


    Before the end of the school Juilliard Oscar Isaac made his debut in the action Comedy «All about the Benjamins» 2002, where he appeared in a small role. In 4 years the actor starred in one episode of the cult American TV series «Law & order: Criminal intent», and got the leading role in two movies. In the epic biblical drama «the Nativity Story», he played Joseph, and in the drama-the catastrophe, «Plutonium-239» appeared in the form of a small-time gangster Shiva.

    Later he played the main role in the drama «Agora», the military drama «Balibo», for which he received the Australian film Institute award, the romantic drama «WE. Believe in love», the Director who was the Madonna, and the Thriller «the Two faces of January,» a sci-Fi movie «the car». But the main work in the career of Oscar Isaac remain at the moment two films. First, it’s a musical tragicomedy «Inside llewyn Davis», for which he received the award of film critics 4 countries and was nominated for the award «Golden globe», «Gotham», «Saturn» and «Empire». Second, the crime drama «a most violent year,» for which the actor was nominated for «Gotham» and won the prize of the National Council of film critics USA.

    In addition, he managed to play as a supporting actor in more than 15 films, most notable of which is the Thriller «body of lies», the historical drama «Robin hood», the Thriller «the Bourne supremacy» and the romantic melodrama «10 years later».

    The latest film starring Oscar Isaac was the continuation of the famous sci-Fi Saga «Star wars: the force Awakening». Now the actor is involved in the filming of the comic-action «X-Men: Apocalypse», which will portray one of the Central characters. He also signed a contract to participate in the next episode of «Star wars», which is planned for 2017.

    Personal life

    Oscar Isaac maximally hides his personal life. We only know that he has a pretty long affair with a little-known Director and producer Elvira Nana Lind, also played a few minor roles under the pseudonym Maria Miranda.

    As a hobby Oscar Isaac, who voiced one of the characters in the computer game «Disney Infinity 3.0».


    • 2006 — The History Of Christmas
    • 2006 — Plutonium-239
    • 2009 — Agora
    • 2009 — Balibo
    • 2011. Believe in love
    • 2013 — Inside Llewyn Davis
    • 2014 — the Two faces of January
    • 2014 — the Most violent year
    • 2015 — Out of the car
    • 2015 — Star wars: the force awakens


    Oscar Isaac

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