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  • Name: Nikita Orlov ( Nikita Orlov )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1996
  • Age: 20 years
  • Place of birth: Simferopol
  • Height: 196
  • Activity: dancer, photographer, Director, participant of the show «Dancing on TNT»
  • Marital status: not married

    Orlov Nikita: biography

    Nikita Orlov was born in the Crimea, in the capital of the Peninsula — Simferopol. Craving for creativity to a boy, probably congenital, since his mother was a choreographer in one of the local studios. Nikita has a younger sister.

    For the first time in a dance hall, little Nikita came when he was 9 years old. Initially, he was folk dancing in one of the children’s groups in Simferopol, but at 15, he discovered hip-hop. Guy in this style, and after about six months, even took part in competitions in street dance, which was held in Yalta.

    In the summer of 2012 an aspiring dancer takes part in dance festival «O!RANGEvoe summer», where he participated in a large number of workshops held by professional choreographers, including the famous in Ukraine teachers — Anton Ovchinnikov, Alina Isaevoj and Vyacheslav Buchko. Work out many types of dance, Nikita is slowly becoming a versatile dancer.

    In the fall of 2012 a young man moved to Kiev to improve their skills. He first engaged in the dance school «KDT Studio», which belongs to the winner of one season of the Ukrainian version of the TV show «everybody Dance» Basil will Kozaru. A year later he starred in several music videos, for example, he’s dancing in the video by KORR-A on the song «Fiyacraka» and also takes part in group show «Quest Pistols».


    In December 2013, Nikita Orlov became one of the participants of Kiev is very popular dance group «Apache Crew», who created and heads one of the finalists of the show «everybody Dance» Anatoly Sachivko. With this troupe he had achieved his first professional success. In March 2014 together with the team, he wins a prestigious dance competition «Best team in the country», and later opens the festival «Dance Film Festival», and also starred in the music videos of the singer Dmitry Monetica for the song «In the best light» and singer KATYA for the song «New File».

    In December 2014, the group «Apache Crew» presented to the public its first large-scale show «Metropolis», which goes on tour throughout the country. For this production, the troupe was awarded «discovery of the Year 2014» presented by one of the most prestigious dance organizations in Ukraine MYWAY Dance Awards.

    The team continued to participate in dance festivals. They won the main prize in the spring of 2015 at the competition «the Challenge» and also took 2nd place at the festival «the Best team in the country.» At the same time, Nikita Orlov independently participated in the festival for experimental dance «Open your mind, vol.3», which was held in St. Petersburg in April 2015. There the dancer was able to get into the Top 8, breaking a large number of rounds and stages. Also Nikita Orlov took part in the festival «Hip Hop International» in the U.S., danced at the presentation of the global hair brand MATRIX in the Swiss city of Zurich, as well as appeared in ads for PEPSI along with the goalkeeper of Donetsk football club Shakhtar and Ukraine national team Andriy Pyatov.

    The «Dancing on TNT»

    In the spring of 2015 Nikita Orlov passed the auditions conducted by the TNT channel on the eve of the second season of the reality show «Dancing». Dancer passed the preliminary stage and the final casting, which was attended by about 2 thousand people. In the result the young man was in the Top 24 show.

    His personally allocated one of the choreographers of the project Sergey Shestiperov, better known to the public under the pseudonym of Miguel. Not surprisingly, the eagles got into the team of Miguel.

    The main goal of the project «Dancing on TNT» Nikita Orlov sees self-realization and growth in dance skills. In case of victory, plans to spend the prize on the realization of their creative ideas, which he considers a dancer, will help people to develop.

    Personal life

    Today Nikita Orlov any long-term serious romantic relationship was not as completely focused on her dancing career and numerous Hobbies.

    The main fascination of a dancer is photography and videography, which he devotes almost all his spare time. Ka and photographer he has sufficiently succeeded. Eagles regularly shoots professional models and exposes their work to contests images.

    As Director of an Amateur he appeared in several films such as «BOUNDS», «DESPERATE», «DROP THE GAME», «ORDINARY THINGS» and others. But his most famous work is the video for «STROKE».

    In the fall of 2015 Nikita Orlov nominated for the Udance National Awards in the category «Best dancer».


    Eagles Mikita

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