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  • Name: Orlando Bloom ( Orlando Bloom )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Canterbury, United Kingdom
  • Height: 180
  • Activity: British actor
  • Marital status: divorced

    Orlando bloom: the biography

    Orlando Jonathan Blanchard bloom – that is the full name of the Hollywood star – was born in January 1977 in Canterbury – a historic British city of Kent. His parents were reputable people. My mother was born in Calcutta. In Canterbury she ran her own language school, where he studied the aliens. And she wrote books. Father Harry bloom was born in South Africa and had Jewish origins. At home he was an outstanding fighter against apartheid and even acted as the lawyer of Nelson Mandela. Because of the persecution Harry moved to England and worked as a Professor at the University of Kent.

    Father died when Orlando was 4 years old. The future actor and his older sister Samantha appear guardian Colin stone. When son turned 16, my mom admitted that he is the biological father of the boy.

    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando Bloom

    Orlando bloom already a child began to gravitate toward art that encouraged mom. From her the son inherited the love of theater and learning languages. And yet he loved horses, and eventually learned to stay in the saddle.

    In the school young bloom appeared on the stage, plays various roles in Amateur theatricals. At the age of 16 he was incredibly lucky: Orlando went to London, where for two seasons, appeared on the stage of the National youth theatre.

    For his performance he earned a grant for a year of study in the prestigious British American Academy of dramatic art. Here begins the biography of Orlando bloom. The young actor appeared in a production of «a Walk in the Vienna woods,» and made the final decision to become an actor. For this purpose, he hired his own agent.


    Like most of his colleagues, Orlando bloom made his debut in a cameo role. It was a series of «Accident», which was released in 1996. A year later, he again entrusted the episode, this time in a high-profile feature film «Wilde», where the key characters was played by the famous Jude law and Stephen fry. Bloom played a guy prostitute. But the aspiring actor is happy with that role, because he first appeared in a project with these Hollywood stars.

    Over the next 3 years Orlando bloom perfects the skill at the school of music and drama Guildhall. Last year the actor managed to successfully pass the samples on the image of Faramir in the ambitious project Peter Jackson’s «Lord of the rings». To the great joy bloom, he was given the more attractive role of the elf Legolas. Grueling the shooting took place in New Zealand and lasted more than two years. Immediately after Orlando bloom went to rest in India. When he returned home, learned the good news: he’s a Hollywood star.

    The name of the young actor entered the TOP-20 most popular queries on the Internet. And the Briton for his brilliant debut was awarded the prestigious «Empire».

    Orlando Bloom
    Orlando Bloom

    Bloom soon finally managed to gain a foothold in the kinoolimp: he starred in the war drama, Ridley Scott’s «black hawk down». This painting was rich in naturalistic filming the fierce fighting that accompanied the peacekeeping mission of U.S. soldiers in Somalia.

    In the early 2000s, Orlando bloom starred in two films of the trilogy «the Lord of the rings». Next job in drama project «the Kelly Gang», where bloom got the image of Joseph Byrne, brought the actor award from the Australian film Institute for» role of the second plan.

    In 2003-2004, the star is shot in the projects that carried him to new heights: «pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl», «man of calcium» and «Troy». The role of Paris in the latest tape adds to the army of fans of Orlando several times.

    Since the mid-2000s bloom only appears in the iconic paintings by famous Hollywood Directors. «Harbor view», «Kingdom of heaven», «Elizabethtown», «Love and other afflictions». The above picture brought a huge box office its creators and a new wave of honoring Orlando bloom.

    Personal life

    To Hollywood star focused attention of mass-media. It is known that Orlando bloom is a Buddhist. He paid much attention to environmental issues. His house in London, he provided solar panels. And the actor loves animals sheltered and saved them polutornaya the dog Sit.

    Personal life Orlando bloom is frequently discussed in the press. For 5 years he was associated with Kate Bosworth. The actors introduced them to mutual friends. The affair ended in 2006.

    The star is credited with many novels. Next to the name of bloom remember no less famous names uma Thurman, Kirsten dunst, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz and Naomi Harris. Once the paparazzi did to Orlando with Jennifer aniston in Mexico city.

    In 2010, the actor was married to the famous Australian fashion models . At the beginning of 2011, the couple gave birth to a boy, Flynn. But the son has not saved this marriage: in 2013, the couple divorced.

    Orlando bloom and Katy Perry
    Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

    The last time Orlando bloom seen with Katy Perry.


    • «The Lord of the rings»
    • «Black hawk down»
    • «The return of the king»
    • «The Kelly Gang»
    • «Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the black pearl»
    • «Man of calcium»
    • Troy
    • «The harbour»
    • «Kingdom of heaven»
    • «Elizabethtown»


    Orlando Bloom

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